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Old 01-12-22, 10:14 AM  
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Location: Connecticut
Hi friends, I haven't done anything the last two days - it's been one of those "everything is going wrong" phases, from health to car to arguments to work. I'll try to get back on track today!

Diane we hit low negatives yesterday. That was part of my car troubles. No doubt you had it way worse.

Good morning Donna, Summer Breeze, and soak up some of those rays for us Pam!
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Old 01-12-22, 10:59 AM  
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Location: West coast of Canada, eh. ;)
Good morning!

Yesterdays offerings:
~ETV: Lauren Finkelsteinís 30 min live
~PT exercises (monster walks)
~Moon Salutations (Five Parks Yoga YT)
~500 meter swim with hand paddles
~Walkabout, 15,000+ steps

Pat - So sorry youíve had a rough few days. Sending you (((hugs))).

Diane - I really like MR, but I have found a few of her exercises to feel awkward & ineffective. Iím chuckling about you admiring Stantonís tight buns.

Waves to Donna & summer breeze!

Certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor - March 2021

Hatha YTT - 2011

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down.....

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
Jim Rohn

"Itís not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.Ē - Tony Robbins

Check out my Instagram account, @fitness.ficti0n.inspirati0n
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Old 01-13-22, 08:18 AM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone,

This week is turning out to be stressful - we have the on-going home repairs and a busy time at work - ugh.

I think I forgot to check in yesterday, so let's see if I can remember what I did:

- Jessica Smith - 1 Mile Upper Body Circuit Walk
- Jessica Valent - Beginners Weight Workout - Upper Body
- Yoga w/ Kassandra - Wed Morning Yoga - Twists (this is part of her 7 day Morning Yoga and Meditation Series - I admit that I skip the meditation - too fidgety in the morning - I should try to do it in the evening - it is only 5 minutes....)

Today has been:

- Jessica Valent - All Level HIIT - she recommended doing this 2X today but I don't like repeating workouts like that and I also felt it would be overkill on the lunges and squats

- Caroline Jordan - Good Digestion Cardio Workout - I thought this would be a good sub and HIIT-ish and it was - with different exercises.

- Yoga w/ Kassandra - Thursday Morning Yoga for Balance


Pat - I'm sorry you are having a rough time! I think Mercury is in retrograde....I have had an off-start to the year - I'm hoping next month will be better. My DD is also probably going to switch to Community College for next semester - she ultimately wants to transfer to U of Maryland and study Animal Science and she is worried that the classes she is taking at her small liberal arts college will not transfer well. Whereas the community college classes will transfer, in fact, they have a cheat sheet that shows you what each class is equivalent too in a state university....but, upheaval - and drama - mostly mine, LOL! Sorry to go on - I hope things settle. I am really enjoying Kassandra and am thinking about re-subscribing.

Diane - We warmed up into the 40's yesterday. It is relatively mild here even though I complain about the cold all the time. LOL!. It may snow this weekend though - how much, we don't know yet.

Summer Breeze - I hope you are feeling better. I swapped out office chairs and my back seems a bit happier, still too much sitting for my own good.

Waves, Pam!

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Old 01-13-22, 09:34 AM  
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Join Date: May 2002
Location: Connecticut
Good morning girls! Thank you for the hugs. Things seem to be looking up, or at least my attitude is adjusting. I plan to stay in nurturing land as far as exercise through the weekend though, we'll be back in the negatives and heading for a storm next week. Oh well, it's winter in New England! Anyway, yesterday I accomplished:

~ Jessica Valant Pilates Back Pain Relief Exercises
~ YWK Monday Morning Gentle Stretch plus daily meditation from her new yoga/meditation series
~ 4,264 steps

Pam your paddle swim sounds like a fun fitness incorporation. That's a good cardio and upper body workout, too.

Donna, I have to thank you for the Jessica Valant. That little 10 minute routine really helped! I wouldn't be surprised about Mercury. Does that planet ever go OUT of retrograde? Best wishes to you and your DD about the ongoing college decisions - that does sound like a good plan if she wants to study Animal Science.

Good morning Diane and Summer Breeze! Watch out for Mercury, LOL.
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Old 01-13-22, 10:28 AM  
summer breeze
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Hi everyone!

Stopping in to say hi. I'm very cautiously optimistic that I'm seeing some improvement in this sciatica pain. I'm still not exercising so that will be the true test if this is really on the mend. I kind of got out of the exercise habit after these past few months so I need to get myself to slowly ease back in. This is probably a total coincidence but I started taking a Vitamin D supplement again last week in addition to the vitamin D I get in my regular multivitamin and that's when the pain started to subside.
I'm not sure what the connection could be,or even if there really is a connection, but I like it. lol

PAT, I'm glad your workouts helped get you some relief. Not looking forward to another storm but it is winter as you say. I'll keep an eye out for Mercury!

DONNA, I hope you can end this week on a high note but it sounds like a tough one.
Good workouts through it all though as always. Sounds like a sensible plan for your DD but I would be stressed out about it too.
lol. Sitting is a definite no go for me too. What kind of chairs do you find more comfortable for your back?

DIANE, MR's workouts with no equipment don't do it for me either. I noticed some of those in her 2000 series, that's why I prefer 1900. You and those doggies stay warm up there.

PAM, what can I say but enjoy for all of us!! LOL Oh I wanted to say I read your explanation of the tuck used in CS on GD and you gave a really great visual that really clicked for me so thanks.

Have a great day everyone!
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Old 01-14-22, 08:26 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone

Today was: Ellen - Skinny Sculpt. I doubt I will have time for more today - painters are here......

I'm on a roll with this so I'm contemplating getting estimates for my bathrooms I know it is expensive, but it I want to get it done b/c a) we're still living here and b) when we sell, I think it will help. And I don't want to end up fixing things just to sell, you know what I mean? I want to at least enjoy it.

Summer Breeze - I'm glad you are seeing improvements! I did finish my work project last night and I think it turned out well so I'm happy about that.

Pat - I hear you about "nurturing land" - I feel that the start of this year has been meh - not just for me personally - but for a lot of people. I think some of it is COVID fatigue and a sense of despair that it will ever end. But, much march forward.....we are also looking at cold temps and maybe snow for the weekend.

Sarah Beth Yoga is offering $1 for 1 month on her paid site. I may try it out. I think Kassandra is my new yoga love, but for a $1, what do I have to lose and I have enjoyed some of Sarah Beth's yoga in the past. Her paid subscription is too much at $29/month.

Hope everyone has a good day - Happy Friday!!

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Old 01-14-22, 11:07 AM  
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Location: Connecticut
Good morning and TGIF! Yesterday featured:

~ Ellen Barrett WW 10 Minute Walk
~ Sarah Beth Full Body Stretch Standing Yoga
~ YWK Morning Yin Yoga for Hips plus daily meditation
~ 5,610 steps

Very happy I noticed this new offering from Sarah Beth Yoga, I loved it! The Kassandra is day 2 from the seven day yoga/meditation and it was sweet. For the meditation I chose supported fish pose with the mini ball.

Summer Breeze, good news! Maybe the Vitamin D helped you, let's hope it's part of the solution. There might be something to it. My former naturopath and PCP always test my D levels and make sure I'm taking it.

Good luck with your home improvements Donna. You may as well get it done while you're on a roll - materials are only going to get scarcer and more expensive. Let us know how you like Sarah Beth's app if you decide to try it.

Good morning Pam and Diane!
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Old 01-15-22, 08:11 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone-

The painters are here today - and they started early - so no workout yet. If they leave early enough today i'll try to get something in.

In spite of all the upheaval I'm glad to be getting this done and I do think I'm going to go ahead and get bathroom estimates - I may as well just make this the year of doing stuff and dealing with it. Working from home does make it tons easier.

Pat - I did subscribe to Sarah Beth's site and will be checking it out today as I hide out from the painters - may try a practice this afternoon if they leave early enough.

My DD and I are also going to the animal shelter to volunteer, so we'll be out of the house for a bit.

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Old 01-15-22, 11:00 AM  
summer breeze
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Hi all !!

Yesterday was:

Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs Sculpting
Push-Ups and Planks

Wow, it's been awhile. I thought I would test the waters with some Winsor B&T. It worked out decently. I did feel some soreness during the workout and afterwards but it seems ok today. Not 100% by any means but no worse for wear at least. I did have to cut the plank short as my back wasn't liking it. I would do a short walk today but it's pretty frigid out there so I may just rest for a change

DONNA, I'm sure you'll feel great once all the projects are done. That is a good plan to do it now while you can enjoy it even though it is so disruptive and expensive.
I'm at the point where it's not worth doing all the repairs because I really think I'll probably be selling sooner rather than later and it's just too expensive. I know I'll get less for the house but they are in hot demand here so it should work out. Glad the work project is well done.

PAT, your yoga and meditation always sound so soothing. My doctor never checks for Vitamin D, I'll have to remember when I go for my next exam. They are the worst, I have to bring up every little thing.


Have a wonderful day!
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Old 01-15-22, 11:29 AM  
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Location: Connecticut
Good morning! Brrrr is it cold. I arranged my plans so as to not need to leave the house today. I feel a little reading binge coming on. Anyway, yesterday featured:

~ My own yin and PT blend
~ GYM for 20/20 treadmill and recumbent bike
~ 7,284 steps

My back started killing me at Costco and it's still sore so I must have done something or slept funny. I might do restorative yoga today.

Summer Breeze, good luck! Sounds positive!

Good luck with the painters today Donna. Bless you and DD for volunteering.

Waves to Pam and Diane.
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gall bladder, heartburn, margaret richard, standing yoga

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