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Old 11-26-21, 07:55 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2016
Speaking of KCM..

I admit that for a long time Kelly was hit or miss with me. Now I really enjoy most of what she offers. So Ive been collecting all her dvds. Im wondering if anyone has a complete list of her dvds? Her website has a lot but Im not sure its everything. Does anyone of my fellow vidiots have a list? TIA
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Old 11-26-21, 09:27 PM  
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Missing a few:

Complete Cardio Sculpting/Shape of Things to Come
NYC body Sculpting Workout (New Body Coming)
Cardio Sculpt Fitness

30 Minutes to Fitness:
Muscle Definition
Cardio Blast
Body Training
Circuit Burn
Train Like A Contender
Split Sessions
Step Boxing
Start Here
Your Best Body
Cardio Quick Fix
Plateau Buster
Total Body Kickbox
Shape Up
Your Healthy Back
Body Shop
Trim Down
Abs & Core
Muscle Up LIFT 2B Fit
Home Gym Intervals
Athletic Conditioning Vol 1
Athletic Conditioning Vol 2
Slim Sculpting
Lean Body Circuits
Cardio Pump
Body Design
Amped-Up Cardio
Strength & Stamina
Build & Burn Cardio Core/Upper Body Super Sets
B & B Kettle Bell/Kickbox Fusion/Lower Body Tabata
Build & Burn Trim & Tone Intervals
Sculpting Rx
Step Boxing 2
Strong & Lean
Cardio Sculpt Overload
Super Sculpt
Raw Fitness Ladder 2
Power Splits
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Old 11-27-21, 04:10 AM  
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There are 3 different DVDs that have variations of the compound word "Step Boxing" - excerpt from our VF reviews section:

30 Minutes to Fitness: Stepboxing, 2011 (2 reviews)
Cardio Kick Step-Boxing, 2008 (2 reviews)
Step-Boxing, 2006 (5 reviews) addition to Step Boxing 2 (released 2019) that Softshoe had posted about.

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Old 11-27-21, 08:37 AM  
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Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!
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Old 11-27-21, 08:49 PM  
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FYI- Kelly has a New Year's sale where most of her DVDs are $10 except for newer releases.
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