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Old 11-02-22, 01:37 PM  
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Margaret Richard Body Electric Streaming Flash Sale

Margaret has extended the flash sale for her streaming through Friday November 4th. The code is FLASH40+. If that doesn't work, which it didn't for me, try just FLASH40 (that worked). It's 40% off her streaming.

I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm a big Margaret fan. I really like the music she uses in her show, which isn't available on her DVDs, all of which I own. I'm a bit on the fence because of the cost and the issues that she has had with her streaming company, and because I do own all of her DVDs.

I'm leaning toward doing a 6 month subscription, which is $77.08. The music really makes a big difference for me. I've been working out with Margaret since the 80s, and I've always loved her musical choices. So, all that said, I think I'm probably going to subscribe, but if someone gives me a convincing argument not to, I might be swayed. I need something to get me motivated to do some weight work, and I think Margaret's quirky personality and her music will be just the ticket. I did one of the workouts she posted to get people through the streaming snafu, and I enjoyed it so much.
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Old 11-02-22, 06:22 PM  
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questions - I probably won't subscribe - i too have a lot of Margaret DVDs and 1 digital that i bought this past May 2022.

...but I had some questions:

have you used her streaming service before or would this be your first time?
does her streaming versions use the better music that she used on TV?
is the $77.08 net of the 40% discount?
finally, do you have a link? i tried going to her site but I don't see any announcement or link to the sale.

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margaret richard

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