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Old 09-12-11, 09:45 AM  
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Originally Posted by suegy3 View Post
Yeah that! It's not big, fat and shapeless, it's high and tight! I was shocked at the shape of my butt after a few months if kettlebells. It looked amazing!!!
And this is why I'm starting a kettlebell/barre rotation today! I want a high tight and firm butt
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Old 09-12-11, 11:25 AM  
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I haven't read the whole thread, but I think different bodies respond to different exercises differently. So if you find barre works best (and have tried several other genres), then it probably does.
I think barre is great for butt shape and strength, but I also think that the results can be achieved without committing to a barre rotation. Maintenance is different from achieving initial results. I bet that doing 10-15min 3x a week of barre butt exercises would be enough to maintain good results. You can do this by, say, doing the pretzel and foldover seat work on Squeeze, doing 1 10min butt chapter on one of the segmented core fusion dvds, doing 1 section of butt-targeted floor work from one of Itrain's IBallet segments, or a butt-targeted segment from Ballet Body. So my suggestion would be to do what you want, but to add on 3 10min barre-butt workouts a week.
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