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Old 10-24-21, 02:53 PM  
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Karla - I'd do a check-in! Tho I'm not regular keeping up; usually post every 3-4 days.
ďLife should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!Ē -- Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 10-25-21, 09:43 AM  
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I did/am still doing a "visible results in 10 workouts" challenge with my daughters. We got interrupted due to Covid and then a death in the family, so the challenge was postponed.
Went through all the classics and now am doing another challenge where we are focusing on the strength ones only. I used to love v4, for example, but now it's a bit too fast for me, so focusing on V1, 3, 5, 6 and whoa those are still as tough as ever, even v5. We are enjoying it and keeping each other accountable. One DD does a firm each day. I cannot. I do shoot for every other day or 3x a week although I'm happy with 2. I do my treadmill work on alternate days.
It's been fun.
Because the FIRM incorporates both weights and can choose which to focus on..I choose strength, as they are a teeny-tiny bit slower and less jumping around. Your may prefer the cardio focused ones and still get your strength/weights in. The FIRM is still GREAT!
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Old 10-25-21, 12:11 PM  
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Originally Posted by FirmDancer View Post
Karla - I'd do a check-in! Tho I'm not regular keeping up; usually post every 3-4 days.
No problem! Hopefully, others will participate

I'm thinking of switching workout types each month. One month of The Firm, then a month of yoga, a month of barre, fusion, and so on...

I'm wanting to shake thing up a bit to see what results I get doing a particular method each month. A month should give a good indication of how it will work + it might help to prevent overuse injuries from always doing the same types of workouts year in/out.

I recently joined a Yoga Burn FB group and some members have been getting great results just doing yoga. I've only done yoga mixed with other workouts. So I thought why not try that (and other yoga) for a month too?

I look forward to seeing your check-in posts!
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Old 10-25-21, 01:07 PM  
Jane P.
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I started my exercise journey with Firm 1 many years ago, and I've been thinking of dusting off my Firm workouts again. However I will still work Pilates into the mix somehow. If there's a checkin, I'll give it a go.
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Leo Tolstoy
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Old 10-25-21, 01:23 PM  
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I think alternating a FIRM day w/ a Pilates day would be a great choice!

I am mulling over my options - I like the idea of the PowerFits b/c they are short and FIRM-like-lite....

The Basics are longer workouts - as I recall they are 45 min or so...

Another option I have been thinking about is doing the 12 min time crunch workouts - just as add ons for now and then building to combining two segments, then three, etc. And/or mix and match them w/ the short segments from Kickbutt/FitPrime

I'm dealing with an SI/Hip/Low Back issue right now - so I'm probably going to wait until December or January to try anything FIRM-Like.

I'm doing mainly fusion (Ellen), Pilates (Jessica Valent - mainly her PT practices) and walking for right now.

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Old 10-25-21, 11:08 PM  
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I started back to the Firm a few months ago. I was feeling the need for familiar workouts. Anyway, I ordered their streaming through PivotShare and Fitness Favorites and Iím glad I did. I found a 35 minute cardio compilation that might have been released on dvd a while back but now is out of print. There are FitPrime compilations as well that are shorter and these mini workouts helped keep me consistent. Iíve been Firming again now for 3 solid months

You have to make a mess, sometimes, to clean it up.

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Old 10-26-21, 12:11 AM  
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Originally Posted by Karla25 View Post
I have also been wanting to get back to The Firm workouts. I even purchased some additional DVDs, then had a shoulder injury. Iíve been doing light weight workouts and my shoulder is almost healed now. Iím thinking it would be fun to have a November, The Firm check-in with a minimum of three Firm workouts per week.

We can also do other types of workouts. Iím afraid to start too quickly into The Firm workouts until I see how my shoulder reacts. If anyone is interested in doing a check-in for the month of November, please let me know and I will start it on the 1st.

I will probably start with The Firm pinks. The ones that I have donít have as many push-ups. Going to ease into things :-)
I'd join a check-in for November. I've been wanting to do some Firm workouts. I think I could do three Firm workouts a week
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Old 10-26-21, 08:32 AM  
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Old 10-26-21, 01:13 PM  
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I found a joint friendly 90DR Firm rotation. I am just starting out with it. For the mobility/stretch/yoga days, I am going to insert Ellen Barrett. For cardio, I am either subbing Leslie or Ellen. Keeping this rotation feeling good, fresh, and as low of impact as I can.

I am looking forward to this, and hope that sticking to a rotation will be easier for me with the mix of instructors and methods.

I would probably participate in a check in if there is one.
Dawn, married to 1 and mom to 9.
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Old 10-26-21, 02:00 PM  
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I would consider a lite FIRM (Power Fit, Harmony, Pink FIRM) rotation. I'm thinking about alternating days with Leslie Sansone for the month of November, so would participate in a check-in, if there's enough interest.

June iFIT Road Trip:USA Challenge

8 Walking and 8 Hiking treadmill workouts!

Outdoor Hikes Tues/Thurs

Jessica Strong + Centered Rotation
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firm, firm rotation, revisiting the firm, the firm

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