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Old 06-22-21, 04:06 PM  
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Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
I miss my coconut almond milk. Hate coconut milk. Hate almond milk. Yet somehow, the combination of coconut and almond milk is fantastic to me. I can only find it at one store in my area, of any brand.
Do you have Wegmans near you? They have Silk and Califia brand.
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Old 06-22-21, 04:25 PM  
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We've recently discovered Oat Milk. We prefer the taste to almond or soy, but primarily use it as a coffee creamer. Some of the non dairy products seem to have some spot shortages around here.
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Old 06-22-21, 05:38 PM  
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To answer the OP question, yes. I have noticed that the stores by me are not selling it. I can still get it at one store but itís on the bottom shelf and often very few. It has me worried.
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Old 06-22-21, 05:54 PM  
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I was concerned with these type shortages when pandemic started in March 2020 and purchased the Almond Cow plant milk maker. I donít like soy milk and do not know if soy milk can be made with this, however, the other plant based milks have turned out well. Maybe reach out to the Almond Cow manufacturer about soy milk. I will also admit that I do not use this as frequently since I have not seen any recent shortages for plant milks.
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Old 06-22-21, 06:06 PM  
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I cannot find bananas that are not already totally ripe. I already have a ton frozen for smoothies. Hopefully this is a temporary thing.
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Old 06-22-21, 07:10 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I didn't want to put the name of the item in the heading of my post as it might make things worse. There are a few articles mentioning it online.

I am having a hard time finding soy milk - anywhere! I've looked in several local stores (Trader Joe's, Walmart, Stater Brothers, etc.) and there is not much to be found. In the cold section or in the shelf-stable section.

I ordered some Silk at a good price from Amazon last week, but checked it again today and it is not available. Some of the prices now on Amazon are 4x the usual plus shipping.

Has anyone else noticed this? I hope it is just temporary as regular milk and most other milk-substitutes make me gag.
I noticed a soy milk shortage but it was like a year or two ago. I would have to go to two or three stores sometimes to find it and then when I did find it, I would buy at least 3 or 4 half gallons at a time if possible (though I always left one behind for the person after me). I felt terrible about buying so many at one time during the shortage but I was never sure when I would come across it again. I'm pretty sure Silk discontinued their "Light" soy milk around the same time as the shortage I experienced in my area.

For at least the past 6 months or so though, the refrigerated Silk soy milk has been well-stocked at Target, Jewel, Mariano's, and Woodman's. (Though Target is giving it less shelf space.)

BTW, so glad we now have a Woodman's right by where I has ALL THE THINGS!!! We no longer have to go to the Asian grocery for one-off things. Plus it's got the taco sauce I like that's normally just distributed in the SW states. It's got the toilet paper I like and unsalted top saltines and my favorite brand of vegetarian refried beans (the Target by me stopped carrying these things...actually think Target never carried the toilet paper). And the cheese aisle is crazy. They also just put in a dozen Tesla charging stations on the side since it's Teslas galore around here. If only Woodman's weren't so huge. Pretty sure it's bigger than a Sam's Club or Costco.

Originally Posted by buffmama View Post
I noticed a while ago that the other plant based milks seem to have more shelf space. I did have trouble at one point but only tried to get it once.
I've noticed the same trend regarding the shrinking shelf and refrigerator space given to soy milk.
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Old 06-22-21, 07:15 PM  
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I have noticed that the big thing now is oat milk and there are a few different btands for sale. I don't buy so milk but I have noticed less of it carried in stores now. Almond was really big and then other nut milks. Sorry you have been having trouble getting the soy.

Everything has gone up in price and it has been a bit startling. Rice, beans, lentils were always cheap pantry staples an dI was surprised at how much the cost lately.
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Old 06-22-21, 08:03 PM  
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Originally Posted by sherry7899 View Post
Do you have Wegmans near you? They have Silk and Califia brand.
It's 25 minutes away . So close, but not worth the drive for me. If I'm going to drive 25 minutes away, I'll go an extra 5 minutes and hit the base for cheaper prices.
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i just got back from shopping and both markets near me have plenty
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Old 06-22-21, 09:14 PM  
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That's odd because we don't seem to have any shortage or any unusual price hike here.

Groceries are getting more expensive in some areas but not in the plant milks that I have noticed.
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soy milk

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