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Old 05-21-22, 08:59 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Snowman Land :) MN
Can anyone tell me how much their frozen blueberries are? I buy those, cherry berry blend, cherries and berry blend to put on my pancakes and in oatmeal and they are so expensive at HyVee and Walmart!

The only time I ever go to Aldi is when Sherry posts about a fitness item or someone tells me there's smthg specific there I want that is a special item (like pumpkin bagels and cream cheese!).
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Old 05-21-22, 09:10 AM  
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Location: Midwest
I love Aldi’s tortilla chips, I think they taste better than Tostitos.
I always stock up on fruits and veggies but you do have to sift through the items, some things seem old.
In the refrigerated area, their pre-made meats are really good. The chicken fajitas, the coconut chicken thighs, pulled pork and chicken.
Their raw pre-seasoned pork roasts are cheap and easy to prepare (literally just throwing them into the slow cooker) they have a bbq flavor and carnitas that is excellent for tacos and burritos.
The organic cheese puffs taste like Pirate’s Booty but cost way less.
My kids love their cinnamon French toast sticks and I alway buy tater tots there for much cheaper.
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Old 05-21-22, 09:14 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
My son loves the chocolate chip brioche bread. It makes delicious French toast.
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Old 05-21-22, 12:16 PM  
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We love Aldi and go every weekend. Went this morning. We get some of the staples mentioned on other lists (grape tomatoes, Indian sauces, chocolate, bagged spinach, etc.) but here are some of our staples:

sea salted peanuts
kitchen trash bags
sliced mushrooms
sliced mozzarella
Specialty Select Garlic Naan (so good!)
paper napkins
tea bags
bag of lemons (if they look good and are the right size)
frozen veggies - broccoli stir fry (excellent!) and also peas
Winking Owl Pinot Grigio for cooking (super cheap and great for cooking)
ghee (but it's out of stock right now)
coconut oil
Jasmine rice
paper towels

I'm sure there's more. That's just off the TOMH.

We find that most anything with the Specialty Select label we like - fresh, frozen, canned, jarred, bagged - doesn't really matter. Most of their Specialty Select items are really good. Hubby has gotten and liked their croutons, artichoke hearts, etc. for salads. He likes their pizza and chips. Canned veggies and pasta are pretty good. They used to have a really good SS black bean and corn salsa but discontinued it.

We love going down their seasonal/extra isle to see what they have. Probably one of our best purchases were kitchen knives. We have several sets of different knives and love them! Use them all of the time, which was really surprising to both hubby and I, but they are excellent knives. I've gotten a yoga/workout mat there and some resistance tubing, playground ball - so some workout stuff. We bought a back and neck heating pad, that looks like a vest that you put on your back and wraps around your neck.

There are all kinds of goodies at Aldi. We usually take an extra bag for the extra stuff we find. And you can't beat the prices on most of their items. But don't forget your quarter and bags.

Let us know if you go, VVFer and what you bought!
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Old 05-22-22, 01:53 PM  
Erica H.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Do they have peanut butter? If they do, is it good? I just ordered Jif for dd, who is coming home from college, and the order was canceled due to the recall.

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Old 05-22-22, 06:09 PM  
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Originally Posted by Erica H. View Post
Do they have peanut butter? If they do, is it good? I just ordered Jif for dd, who is coming home from college, and the order was canceled due to the recall.

I think their brand is pretty good. I get the Peanut Delight no-stir, but they also have a Simple Nature Organic version that is good, too! I find the Organic one to be a little more liquidy than I like, but it stays in the fridge so it's okay.

Jif is what I grew up with, but I find it's a bit too sweet for my taste compared to Skippy. ;-)

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Old 05-23-22, 05:28 AM  
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I don't live in the States anymore, but at the U.S. Aldi we really liked the three-packs of tuna steaks in the frozen section. They were a little more than $4, and one pack was just enough for dinner for our three-person family. I also used to like their plain Greek yogurt.

Other people said they liked the tortilla chips, but we didn't like them at all. Also their version of just-add-water and microwave mac and cheese was a big fail, in my DD's opinion. But she really liked their ice cream sandwiches.

Their hummus and packaged salads were good and decently priced. Also the spices, black pepper, etc. were a lot cheaper than at regular grocery stores.
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Old 05-28-22, 02:05 PM  
Sue B
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I'm kind of mad at Aldi because their seafood cat food in the small cans was the *only* one our cat liked, and since they reformulated it, added more chicken and put it in pull-top plastic containers, he won't touch it! We tried the seafood flavor in the larger cans and he doesn't like it either. (For the cat folks on here, any suggestions of wet cat food with a high fish/seafood/shrimp content and low-to-no chicken or filler? Poor Tony is having to make do with Meow Mix.)

I do like the soft pretzels, liverwurst, chocolate and frozen mussels from Aldi. But now that a Lidl has opened in town, we go there more often.
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Old 05-28-22, 10:52 PM  
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Location: New Jersey
I buy the following:

Moser Roth Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt (other flavor available but this is my favorite)
Schogetten Dark Chocolate (they have milk and other flavors)
Greek Yogurt (plain whole milk) - I haven't bought this in awhile since I discovered Fage plain lactose free yogurt elsewhere
Liquid Egg Whites - quart container for about $2 which is much less expensive than other brands.
Large eggs
Restaurant Tortilla Chips (less salt that Tostitos)
Pita Bread
Mini-naan bread -Like Sherry mentioned they freeze well and I like them toasted.

There produce varies-sometimes it is great other times not so much but the prices can't be beat. My main complaint is that you can't buy loose items in many cases-peppers, lemons, limes etc. and thus are often wrapped in plastic which I am not crazy about. I think it is to cut down on weighing things at the counter. Their sacks of oranges, grapefruit and clementines are usually pretty good and the prices are great-I often share the excess with my friends and neighbors since there is so much in one bag.
They don't have everything you can get in other supermarkets- e.g. they never have parsley but only cilantro. They never have arugula. So if I want those things I have to go to another market.

I can't think of anything else right now but will add to this later if I do.
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Old 05-28-22, 11:00 PM  
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Originally Posted by sherry7899 View Post
It may be $2.89? I need to check. I miss their organic skim milk. I have not found it there in months. I do not think they even have a spot for it anymore.

This is a weird thing to list, but I love their animal crackers. They have that slight lemon flavor like the ones McDonald's had in the 1970s
Ooh, I love animal crackers and also like anything lemon flavored. Will have to try (though I shouldn't-too easy for me to over-eat)
I forgot to mention that one of my staples are their bags of baby spinach.
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aldi, aldis

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