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Old 05-05-22, 09:43 PM  
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Rave: Let's Get Physical Book

I'm just about finished with a book that was mentioned here a couple of weeks ago in one of the threads. It's called "Let's Get Physical" by Danielle Friedman. It's not an exercise book, but it's a history of popular women's exercise in the US, and how women's exercise has changed along with attitudes about women. It has information about Jane Fonda, Tamilee Webb, Buns of Steel, and so on and puts a lot of the video classics in sort of a historical perspective. There's a good chapter about yoga too. It's very easy to read. I highly recommend it.
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Old 05-05-22, 11:30 PM  
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It’s interesting to see how perspectives on women’s fitness have changed on film. My husband and I were watching an old show and it showed that machine we call the booty buffer that looks like an old public bathroom hand towel flipped and enlarged to encompass a derrière. My husband laughed on how people thought the booty buffer would make them fit. I bet this book would be fun to read! Thanks for posting the title!

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Old 05-06-22, 06:40 AM  
Joni O
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Thanks. Just found it on Amazon and ordered a hard copy. I'll have it tomorrow.
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Old 05-06-22, 12:10 PM  
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Thank you! I'm adding this to my list.
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book, fitness history, let's get physical

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