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Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Canada

01- Rest Day.
02- Essentrics: Full Body Toning (~virgin 56 min.). FBT was a good workout, she did forget 4 stationary wind mills on the left, and she sometimes paused to explain, I did get a couple of extra reps while she explained, hate when instructors let you hanging like that (Mary Winsor... I am looking at you! I still love her wos though).
03- Rejuvenation Walk & Stretch: Indoor Walking Workout + Stretch & Flex. I was lazy today, but still managed to get my workout done.
04- Unplanned Rest Day.
05- Walk Strong 6WTTS: Total Body Training (~virgin) + Essentrics' S&SiM: Upper Body & Hamstrings (~virgin). TBT was more challenging than I Expected, I liked it. The Essentrics Stretch was a bit tiring while doing the Upper Body, it was very dynamic, but it actually felt great at the end, I loved the lower body stretches.
06- SanFran Fitness: 25-Minute Rebounding Workout to Boost Circulation & Lymph (YouTube) + Madi Morrison: 15-Minute Full Body Stretch (YouTube). I am sure I burned all the Christmas cakes I ate the last two weeks with that rebounding workout!
07- Unplanned Rest Day. Tired & Sore.
08- SanFran Fitness: 25-Minute Low Impact Rebounding w/Weights Workout(YouTube) + Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1: Full Body Deep Stretch (~virgin 30 min.). I loved both workouts! I ended getting some more Essentrics DVDs during the last day of their sale, the Stretch Series was one of them, I loved it, it felt really good. I also got CS Season 8, which was only $20!
09- SanFran Fitness: 15-Minute Rebounding Workout w/Stability Ball (YouTube) + Katami 4x4: Repair Rope. I enjoyed both workouts! I used my stretch strap with loops this time, I liked it better.
10- CSVC Vol. 2: Full Body Workout Vol. II (~virgin 55 min.). Great workout, it had some tough exercises like single leg squat with the other leg to the side few reps, leg work on the floor was challenging as well, I loved the stretch at the end, good total body workout.
11- Reebok Step: The Video (~virgin 50 min.) + CSS8: 801 Stretch All 600 Muscles (~virgin aprox. 23 min.). Reebok Step was very basic, but not easy, I liked it and I got a great sweat even at -21°C, next time I will use my weighted bracelets. I also enjoyed the CS Stretch, I skipped the tricep dips, since I did three sets of eigh at the end of RS, I did static tricep stretch instead.
12- Rest. Stomachache.
13- Prevention Walk Off Weight: Strength Workout (~virgin 54 min.) + Si6: Slim & Limber. SW was fun, different and dread free, just what I needed today. Based on the sweat factor, I got a great workout! It wasn't too hard, not too easy either, there were a couple of moves I was struggling with, the core segment was interesting, I also liked the balance work, and that she targeted the rotator cuff muscles.
14- Masala Bhangra: Bollywood Diva + Si6: Slim & Limber. BD is a fun workout, I need to do those bhangra workouts more often.
15- Essentrics Barre Workout: Standing-Barre Stretch (30 min.). I almost skipped my workout today, I was totally lazy, but I'm so glad I didn't, so I picked something familiar, instead of trying a virgin. Nice premix, the standing portion was challenging and got me sweating, the stretch with the chair is great, glad to have several pre mix options.
16- Rest day.
17- Essentrics: Class of 2012 (~virgin around 60 min.). Great total body workout, and the time went by quickly.
18- Wii Game: Hip Hop Experience (~virgin 1h 30 min.) + Si6: Slim & Limber. HHE was so much fun! I did the first 20 min. with the family, I then kept going since I planned to do about an hour of cardio today, but I was having so much fun that I kept going even longer, I didn't want to stop! The cool setting: ceiling lights off, colored led lights on and home cinema speakers on, added to the fun!
19- Prevention Walk Off Weight: Strength Workout (54 min.) + Quick Stretch (My Own). I was able to do the exercises I was struggling with last time! I still found them challenging, but way more doable. Yay, I love seeing progress!
20- CSVC Vol. 2: 30 Minute Express Workouts - Poolside Garden (~virgin) + Essentrics' S&SiM: Hips & Hamstrings Stretch (~virgin 25 min.). I liked PG a lot, I felt a nice burn in my shoulders, abs work were mostly variations of crunches, and then floor leg work and stretch, nice total body workout. H&H Stretch was great! It started with some stretches for the Upper body, then feet strengthening exercises, and Barre stretch, good stuff!
21- Active Rest Day. Shopping walk (2 hours).
22- Christi Taylor's Pure Spice Cinnamon (~virgin 55 min.) + Si6: Slim & Limber. Inspired by T2B I decided to give PSC a try, overall I liked, but it wasn't instant love, for some tracks I felt like I had two left feet, others I found fun and easier to catch, the format is like a Zumba workout, which I liked it, but I would have loved the option for verbal cues, I always choose that. I think I will enjoy it more the next time, since I was bit tired that day. My DD joined me for the first 20 minutes which was fun to do together, she loved the Egyptian inspired track, and so I did.
23- Rest Day.
24- Unplanned Rest Day.
25- Just Dance 2022 with my DD (1h 30 min.) + My Own Stretches.
26- Unplanned Rest Day. I slept 3 hours or so.
27- Essentrics: Full Body Workout Vol. 3 (~virgin 62 min.). Good workout, I really liked the feet and ankle strengthening exercises, probably because I need it so much, my left foot (toes and arch) has been hurting for months sporadically, I specifically feel it when I do lunges, if I take the time to flex my toes back and forth and stretch my arch it does go away, I don't know what it is. This workout gives you the option (from the menu) of doing the whole 60 minutes workout, 30 minutes standing, 15 minutes floor and 15 minutes barre. Nice total body workout, there were some new to me exercises.
28- Unplanned Rest Day.
29- BalanceBall Core Cross Train: Lower, Upper, Core and Bonus Stretch Workout (aprox. 68 min.). It has been a while since I have done this workout, I enjoyed it, I had trouble with some balance stuff, the bonus stretch was a virgin, I not even remember if I knew there was one, it is no written in the case at all, I liked it, but I would have preferred something with more static stretches.
30- Nada. Tired and lazy.
31- Dance with Lisa 5DLDS: Cha Cha (dust bunny) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series: Ultimate Leg Sculptor (~virgin 30 min.). Wow Lisa warm up was a workout on its own, then the workout started and I was scratching my head, I had to go check the tutorial a bit and then came back, I did it! I think it is the first time I do it completely without feeling frustrated, I wasn't as grateful for sure, but I enjoyed it. ULS was pretty good and tough, I definitely got a nice leg burn, it is filmed in a lovely beach, 2 thumbs up!
"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them!"

LMP - Grad/Aug 13 * TheRack - Grad/Nov 13 * PowerFit H - Grad/Jan 14 * FIF: SB - Grad/ Feb 14 * Cage/Box/KB 6WR - Comp/Mar 14 * Ugi/Kb/Pilates 6WR - Comp/May 14 * ThunderBell - Comp/Sep 14 * Obsidian - Comp/Jan 15 * JNL - DO/Sept 15 * D2S - Grad/Feb 16 * KbKb/TBS - Grad/Jun 16 * FusionMixx - Com/Aug 16 * F8F - Grad/Oct 16

Sonríe a la vida y ella te sonreíra siempre!
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Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001

1 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Gentle Home Workouts: Barre + Essentrics Full Body Barre Workout - Barre Tone
2 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for Depression - Practice 1
3 - Tracie Long Grand Total Vol 1
4 - Tanja Djelevic Cardio Burn Sculpt
5 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Bodyweight Basics: Cardio Scuplt + Essentrics Full Body Barre Workout - Barre Stretch
6 - Scott Cole Chair Strength and Stretch
7 - Tracie Long Grand Total Vol 2
8 - Ellen Barrett Barefoot Cardio
10 - Kathy Smith's Project: You! - Upper Body/Abs + Lower Body/Abs
11 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Hotel Series: Inner Thighs + Kathy Smith's Project: You! - Foundations
12 - KCM 30 MTF Power Splits - Workout #1 (upper body) + Essentrics Full Body Toning - Standing
13 - KCM 30 MTF Power Splits - Workout #2 (lower body) + Essentrics Full Body Toning - Floor
14 - KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit - Workout #2 + Essentrics Class 0f 2012 - Standing
15 - KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit - Workout #1 + Essentrics Class 0f 2012 - Floor & Barre
16 - Mark Lauren Mobility RX - Workout #1
17 - Ellen Barrett Flat Belly Workout: Walk Off Belly Fat - All + KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit - RAW Bonus Workout
18 - KCM 30 MTF Power Splits - RAW Bonus Workout + Ellen Barrett Live Sleek Sculpt Express
19 - Mark Lauren Mobility RX - Workout #2
24 - Kathy Smith's Project: You! - Full Body Circuit
25 - Kathy Smith's Project: You! - Power Push + Linda Stejskal Barlates Hotel Series: Upper Body
26 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Slide and Burn: With Weights
27 - Annette Fletcher Save Your Back
28 - Tracie Long Grand Total Vol 3
29 - Kathy Smith's Project: You! - Long Lean + Yoga Flex
30 - Linda Stejskal Barlates HIIT Series: Combinations + Essentrics Full Body Barre Workout - Floor Stretch
31 - Annette Fletcher Stretch and Joint Mobility Therapy
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VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia, CA

1 - Bodyline Pilates pilates Ball workout; two sets of weighted Poliquin Step-ups; Housework Max
2 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB workout One using Cathe LI Trisets warm-up + my own Shoulder mobility
3 - Brief, brisk Outdoor walk; Yoga Ranger Studio stretch for Upper Back/Neck; my own outer hip stretching
4 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB workout Two; Shovel Max
5 - Shovel Meltdown Express which drained me; my own thoracic mobility
6 - Shovel Max; Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Three. Shoulders are completely burnt from all the shoveling with lifting this week Ow!!
7 - Outdoor Walk; 2xsets elevated Calf raises; Yin Yoga w Matt 20 min Wake up Yin
9 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Four; Short Outdoor walk; Well+Good UB Stretching
10 - Just a little Pelvic Mobility
12 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Five. Ended up spasming my very low back. I should know better by now that I cannot try these on-the-floor lower ab type moves. Duh.
13 - Short outdoor Walk: my own gentle weighted Core routine; Cathe STS extended stretch
14 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Six (week 2 Complete!), using warm-up fr Cathe FSp Push Day which I didn't like much
16 - Short Walk; Yard Work; Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Seven; Lively Ladies 30 min TB Cardio
18 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Eight
20 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Nine; Pallof Presses
21 - Brisk Outdoor walk; Lively Ladies Increase Your Steps
23 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Ten; Moderate Outdoor Walk where I ran into a couple of frisky raccoons. Lol.
25 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Eleven; Brisk Outdoor Walk
28 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Twelve ..Week 4 Complete, 2 more to go!
29 - Moderate Outdoor Walk X 2
30 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB Thirteen; Short Outdoor Walk
31 - Low impact packing-boxes-Max
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Join Date: Mar 2004
January! Happy and Healthy New Year 2022!!

2. Leslie Walk Radio Remixes, Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga Stretch 1
3. walk outside, Karen Voight Yoga Stretch
4. walk outside, Cathe LITE upper stacked, Jessica stretch neck shoulders
5. Get Moving walk, Jessica 1 mile, 15 min total stretch
6. Kathy Smith project you full body circuit, Jessica stretch
8. Kathy Smith project you full body circuit, Jessica stretch
9. walk
10. Leslie All Times Favorites 3 mile, Jessica stretch
11. walk
12. walk
13. walk
15. Kathy project you full body circuit, jessica stretch
16. walk
17. walk
18. walk
19. Kathy project you full body circuit, Jessica stretch
20. Leslie 3 mile, Jessica stretch
23. Kathy project you full body circuit, jessica stretch
25. Kathy project you full body circuit
29. walk
30. walk
31. walk
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Join Date: Sep 2009

I haven't used my dvds in a few months. Hoping to jump back in for 2022 and stay consistent all year.

1. Mark Lauren YAYOG Novice DVD - Circuit Training
2. Essentrics Ultimate Stretch - Muscle Release
3. 5 games of pickleball with 12yo DS (about 40 mins in my fat burning zone according to my fitbit) and Mark Lauren YAYOG Intermediate - Timed Sets (DS decided to join me for this one and really liked it so I am hopeful for a workout partner)
4. 3 games of pickleball (20 mins in fat burning zone)
5. Mountain bike ride with DS and a few others (95 mins in cardio and fat burning zone). We stop to take breaks often so it's hard to figure out how to measure the bike rides. I forgot to turn on the mileage tracking app a couple of times but I think we rode between 12 - 15 miles. I haven't been on trails in about a month so my legs were killing me all night. And, Mark Lauren Mobility RX W/O 1 at night.
6. Rest Day
7. Seasun's Stepping Up
8. Essentrics Body Sculpting - Arm Blast & Posture Boost
9. Mark Lauren YAYOG Intermediate - Ladders with DS again. So happy I found an instructor he likes.
10. Unexpected Rest Day
11. 4 games of pickleball (35 mins in fat burning zone)
12. Mark Lauren YAYOG Intermediate - Circuit Training
13 - 16. Rest - just feeling really tired and off
17. 5 games of pickleball (45 mins in fat burning zone) - While playing and after, I realized I am still not feeling well. I am not sick but definitely feeling way off from normal so will probably rest the next few days.
18. Rest
19. Rest
20. Mark Lauren YAYOG II Novice - Timed Supersets
21. 1 hour walk
22. short nature hikes while we were camping
23. Mountain bike ride - only made it 5 miles before it felt too hard to breathe and I started getting dizzy. Don't know if it was the colder temperatures or just still recovering but I didn't fall so I will take it. LOL
24. Mark Lauren YAYOG II Novice - Ladders
25. Mark Lauren YAYOG II Novice - Circuit Training
26. Rest
27. 8 Pickleball games (40 mins in fat burning zone) and 30 minute walk
28. Rest
29. Mountain bike ride
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Location: Severna Park, Maryland, USA
Count me in....
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Location: Severna Park, Maryland, USA
Started the year off with a half-hour session on our AMT. Hope to get a bike ride in provided the rain doesn't interfere.
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Dancing Queen
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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Post Joyful in January!

Cardio Total: 28.4 min/day (last month 24.6 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 9.4 min/day (last month 6.8 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 21.2 min/day (last month 22.4 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: FUN!

1 4 min PT, 8 min meditation
2 Rockin' Body (Party Express), Body Groove Complete Collection (Pilates Groove), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation
3 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Minnesota), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Water Core)
4 Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Cardio Step Jam), Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Pilates and Yoga), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation
5 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 1 - Day 1), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Creative Roots)
6 17 min dance party, 4 min PT, 40 min meditation
7 Jessica Burn Fat and Have Fun (Stride and Step), 10 min PT, 13 min meditation, Body Groove Complete Collection (Yoga Groove)
8 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Texas), SHAPE Butt, Hips, and Thighs (Total Body Blitz, Lower Body Barre), 4 min PT, 15 min meditation
9 Jessica 10-Minute Quick Walk Mix (2-Mile Walk), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
10 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Idaho), 10 min PT, 8 min meditation, Sara Ivanhoe Yoga Body Makeover (On the Ball Yoga)
11 Jessica Dance Walk (Latin Dance Walk), Do More Pilates Standing (Core / Balance / Arms), SHAPE Butt, Hips, and Thighs (Lower Body Pilates), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation
12 37 min outdoor walking, 4 min PT, 24 min meditation
13 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Montana), SHAPE Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown (Butt and Thighs), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
14 Jessica Tone Your Trouble Zones (Flat Abs Walk), 57 min water aerobics, 10 min PT, 21 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Fire Core)
15 4 min PT, 20 min meditation
16 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
17 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 1 - Day 2), Jessica 5 Mix and Match Miles (Brain Training), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Agni Namaskar)
18 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (South Dakota), Great Weighted Workout (Upper Body), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
19 47 min outdoor walking, 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
20 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Wyoming), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation
21 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 1 - Day 3), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Spontaneous Core, Creative Upper Body)
22 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Ohio), Jessica Barre Fitness (Barre Burn), 10MS Slim and Sculpt Pilates (Total Body, Flexibility), 10 min PT, 18 min meditation
23 Jessica 15-Minute Fast Blasts (Power Pickup, Dance Party), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti (Forward Bends and Twists; Savasana)
24 Body Groove Elevate Your Fitness (Week 1 - Day 4), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Shiva Rea Core Yoga (Creative Lower Body, Savasana)
25 Disco Abs (Shape Your Groove Thing Cardio), Jessica Barre Fitness (Cardio Barre), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation
26 Cathe LITE Cardio Party (Timesaver 3), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
27 Jenny Ford Step Across America (Vermont), Jessica Barre Fitness (Floor Barre), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation
28 Jessica Strength and Balance (Barefoot Fusion Walk), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti (Surya A and B, Standing Pose Basic Flow)
29 Jenny Ford Step Across America (New Hampshire), CRUNCH Super Slimdown Pilates - Yoga Blend, 10 min PT, 48 min meditation
30 Jessica 5 Mix and Match Miles (Jog and Jive, Waistline Work), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti (Classical Sun Salutations, Standing Pose Flow 1)
31 Jessica Cardio Abs (Cardio Abs), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti (Rhythmic Vinyasa, Standing Pose Flow 2)
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Location: Northeast
Is there room for one more?

I feel like I need to be part of a group right now, and JTW seems to be right up my alley. I am NOT a "talker" but think I might appreciate the camaraderie.

I have to warn you all, though -- I am quite boring in my WOs. It's just ALL Cathe ALL the time.

Had a bumpy first week of the year SO, for me, January starts on the 10th this year.
(I did get in a WO on Jan 1st and the 2nd, but the empty space between then and now is just too sad for me to see down on the screen. So the 10th it is!)

10 - CL Pumped Up Upper Body (360), 45 mins. First WO back after a week "off", and it was like my body had never exercised before! Oh, it wasn't all that bad, but I found this challenging today. Well, at least, more so than it should have been. Though, I noted that it was tougher than I had been expecting the other time I did it, as well. Plus, I went heavier than C & crew, so...
It felt SO good to be back at it! Ah, WOs, how I have missed thee!
Hoping to be getting back to a more consistent WO routine, even if it's just 4 days a week. I'll take whatever I can get!

11 - DVD Cathe's Greatest Hits Bonus Circuit WO, 45 mins. You all are already having such a good influence on me! I was SO tired today, and I almost didn't do ANYTHING. I couldn't face the thought of FINALLY logging in a WO @ JTW after over a week, then nothing for the very next day. Plus, I can always do a Cathe.
And this one is nice and easy. Not long, just 1 riser under the step, nothing intense and went by quickly for me. It was perfect to just raise the HR a bit and get my body moving.
And what a fun surprise at the end with Cathe's infamous sit up-PU combo. I had forgotten it was on this WO. I know it isn't popular here on VF mostly due to the speed in which Cathe does them, it seems. Though, I am not always a fan of it, today I was digging it. I kept pace with C&C and busted out some decent PUs, esp. considering my pec soreness today from yesterday's WO. (All day, every time I washed my hands, I was reminded of last night's chest fly sets as my pecs protested my use of them. )
This WO went by quickly, and, as usual, I was glad I had pushed through and got my sweat on.
Like Cathe, used the same poundage for all the "weights" portions of the WO. With just 4 moves using very light weights and done for so few reps, I really can't believe SNM called it a "circuit" WO. Two of the moves were metabolic, the other two, not even that. Not an issue for me, as I was just coming at this as a cardio WO, but WTH SNM?

12 - CL Legs & Glutes (65), 55 mins. Really liked this WO tonight! (I made no mention of my feelings about it in any of my previous WO notes. The last time I did it was over 3 years ago!!) This WO was such a fun mix of modalities and moves -- some weighted, some bodyweight, some cardio, standing, floorwork, and all fairly high rep. It was different than her standard LB WOs which was nice. And, I always love getting to use my high step.

13 - DVD LITE Metabolic Blast Premix # 7 (Main + CC + abs + Stretch), 70 mins. This was a good WO tonight. I went in to it pretty tired, but the song in the WU was awesome; it totally pumped me up. From the clip, I knew this would be shoulder centric, but, geez, Cathe! She IS aware that there are other muscle groups in the body, right? She should have just called this Shoulder Shredder. The stretch was a lot of swan diving but had some good glute stretches.
I liked this WO. A little metabolic work, a short cardio section, some abs and a decent stretch. Everything went by pretty quickly, and I liked that no one section was too long.

14 - semi-planned rest day.

15-16 - Saturday rolled around, and I thought, "Great. Early onset dementia has started to set in." I had gone just ONE day without a WO, but, it felt like a WEEK.
These were both "rest" days, unplanned. NO idea what happened. Well, both days, I was WAY below my daily water intake which both makes me feel cr*ppy and negatively affects my WOs. I just could NOT get my belly to agree to drink, though.

17 - Back on the horse! CL Toasted Trisets: Upper Body (196), 54 mins.. I SO needed this tonight. I was looking for a GREAT WO and some heavy lifting, and this ticked off both boxes. I can’t believe It’s been over 1½ years since I last did this! I was REALLY trying to max myself out on this. Overall, just what I needed.

Been feeling SO beat up lately. I don't know the cause, but I have just been feeling WORN DOWN and TIRED. I keep waiting for a day when I DON'T feel so tired, but it hasn't happened yet. I am hoping that, as time goes on, I become more acclimated to recent life changes, both mentally and physically, and that my body adjusts its energy levels accordingly so that I am no longer feeling so spent.

18 - <sigh>

19 - CL Smokin’ LB (128), 48 mins. Needed a WO today.
The moo-er was in full force today, so much so that aside from my stomach being in knots, I was uncomfortable being alone in the part of the house where he is loudest (ie: my WO area), so I recruited my poor SO to hang out with me while I exercised. I wanted to stretch longer than I did, but, the mooing. While CL was running, I couldn't hear him at all, so I had a pretty good WO. I also wanted to tack on some core, but, again, the mooing. Plus, it WAS getting late.
Legs and glutes were feeling pretty strong today. My grip was a limiting factor in my WO, not being able to adequately hold the weights that properly challenged my LB. I had to stop periodically during the WO to thaw out my forearms and hands! I thought my grip would get stronger over time from holding those heavy DBs, but it doesn't seem to be happening! LOL

20 - CL Metabolic Burn (170), 48 mins. Fantastic WO for me today. I do wish I had had enough time afterwards to do some dedicated core work, but it was pretty late. And, at this point in time, I am just happy to be getting ANY WO in.
**Cathe moves FAST in this WO and has NON-existent cuing. She gives you almost NO warning before ANY move and just tells you AS she is already doing it. Thanks, Cathe. I needed to do some rewinding because of that but I also, genuinely, needed the breathers. Legs sore from yesterday and a little bit tight, as well, so some moves I was fighting to get deep into them. Plus, my UB was actually fatigued from yesterday’s WO, as well, so I was definitely feeling lots of muscle groups more intensely. Definitely feeling my glutes today, as well. They were still fired up from yesterday’s WO.
I'm a weirdo that actually LIKES doing push ups so the more the better for me. This WO had a couple of sets of them, so I was happy just for that. (Push ups used to be SUPER hard for me, and I was NOT good at them. I have worked really hard to get better at them, and I'm really proud of how far I have come in that regard. I feel so strong and powerful when I do push ups now. I'm nowhere near Cathe level LOL but I am pleased with my progress and am always striving to get even better at them.)

21 - CL Warrior Kickboxing 2 (378), 52 mins. I was SO hungry before my WO. I just wanted to have a meal, put my pjs on and go to bed, and I was SO tempted to do just that. And, I did NOT want to do this WO. I had FS Metabolic Conditioning on the schedule, but, the metabolic portion looked IDENTICAL to yesterday’s WO. I had no other alternative on my calendar so I had to scramble and find something to do. I didn’t want to waste too much time searching for a WO to do (that journey can be like a black hole) so I settled on the first WO that fit my criteria (cardio emphasis, not a lot of weight work since tomorrow is going to be a TB WO). The thought of this WO did NOT fill me with excitement, and, in fact, I was approaching it like one does when one has to swallow a spoonful of medicine – just looking to get it over with. This, thankfully, was much more enjoyable than I was expecting. Plus, I love getting to use my heavy bag. This was JUST the right length for me because just when I started wanting it to be over, we were on to core work!
Looking forward to my WO for tomorrow. I have the most recent CL on the docket, and I am super pumped because I ordered Cathe’s step mat which is due to be delivered tomorrow. I’ll get to try it out almost as soon as it arrives! Yippee!
(My glutes and hammies are STILL sore from Wednesday's WO, which is just UNHEARD of for me. I almost NEVER get sore. Certainly not for 2 days in a row!)

22 - Bah!!!

23 - CL Supersets Circuit (379), 57 mins. 3 risers under step, LOVED the core work in this. Interesting WO. Almost didn't do it because it was LATE, but I knew I would both regret not doing it and feel better afterwards. My skin kept getting SO irritated during this. So much so that it was distracting me for a large part of the WO so I think it affected my feelings of it. I'll have to do this again soon and see how I feel about it then.

24 - Unplanned nothing day.

25 - DVD 4 Day Split UB Premix, 78 mins. So, kind of LOVED this WO, OMG. No, no “kind of”, DEFINITELY. Definitely loved this WO. During, I was thinking I might have to skip shoulders because this was a LONG WO, and I was pretty toasted by the time they rolled around (I put them last, on purpose). Everything went by so quickly, though, and with the smart, creative way Cathe put it together, I was fairly easily able to get through them. It was TOUGH and challenging, but definitely doable.

I love the way Cathe structured the WOs – they were ALL different but all so fantastic. She had a push pull going on for chest and back, a push pull supersetting giant set thing going on for bis and tris and giant setting going on for shoulders. This is like my DREAM WO – heavy weights, low reps, moderate weight work to give you a break from heavy weights, ALL kinds of set works, burn outs with the band. I want to W O like this every day! Such a great WO. (Although, I dare anyone to make a strength WO I don't enjoy!)

I have never done this premix before or ANY of the 4DS WOs, so I had to make up the weight sheet tonight right before I did the WO (which took WAY more time than I wanted to spare and ate in to my WO time). And, since I HAVE never done any of the WOs before, I was kind of going in blind, not knowing WHAT to expect or knowing how the WO would build. I did a pretty excellent job of selecting my weights, though, and only had to adjust a couple during the WO. One, I never got QUITE right, so I’ll have to play around with it, NT.

26 -

27 -

28 -

29 -

30 -

31 -
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Look at us, all off the a firey start of the Year!!!

Liz, welcome aboard and always feel free to be as chatty or quiet as you wish!
allgirlsinaz, sorry your new work schedule is messing with the timely flow of exercising. I've had that trouble too with working shifts. Hoping it improves next month for you!
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just the workouts, kcm power splits

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