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Old 12-13-21, 09:20 PM  
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AnMrsDe I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad. You and your family are in my prayers and I hope your mom is coping Just take care of yourself now and know that you carry his spirit inside of you

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Old 12-14-21, 07:34 AM  
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AnMrsDe - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
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Old 12-15-21, 07:56 PM  
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I'm so very sorry to read the news of your Dad's passing. Accept my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. It cannot be easy anytime of course, but this time of year making it a little harder. Whenever you can, just let us know how you've been doing.

Originally Posted by AnMrsDe View Post
He was a great father and always had a great sense of humor. He led a good, long life and I know he is now rejoicing in heaven with a perfect mind and spirit!
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Old 12-17-21, 10:01 AM  
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AMD - So sorry for the loss of your dad. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Old 12-18-21, 12:12 PM  
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Thank you so much, ASAS, T2B, Jane, Donna, Elsie & April for your sweet messages!!! And thanks for dropping by, Jane & April - that was so nice! See you next month! Thanks also for your pm's! I appreciate it more than y'all know!!

It felt soooo good to really move today! I have to say, I did really need this recovery week, though, with not feeling like doing much else than yard work. I know I complain a lot about my messy trees, LOL, but it really does help mentally as well as keeping me active and allowing me to get some fresh air during winter time.

Thanks again, you guys are the BEST!
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Old 12-21-21, 09:12 AM  
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AnMrsDe, I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs to you ((AMD))

Hi, ladies. I have continued to have breathing issues including a lung scan last week. I just did my own short weights workout, because cardio is totally off the table right now. I'm going to the Dr tomorrow to see if it's okay to fly to OH next week. I can't get to my workouts because we have the family room packed up - the carpet that was supposed to be here before Thanksgiving is coming tomorrow.
I'm going to go finish some Secret Santa shopping that didn't get done for our church, and I discovered that I didn't buy enough fabric for my son's pajama pants, so gotta go pick that up too. Lots of fun when my fabric is all packed up all over the house lol

Chrys Dayley
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Old 12-22-21, 08:34 AM  
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Chrys, thank you so very much for the hugs! I hope you get the ok to fly to see your family.

T2B, so glad you're ok (from the storm on the 11th!!). We were lucky with not much happening here other than pokey balls strewn all over the yard. I will def take that if it's going to mean no severe weather!!! It is so sad about the ppl in IL & KY. I also got my booster last far no symptoms but they didn't happen until about a month later last time....

ASAS, great job on the Extreme premix of Clean Max!

Hope everyone is ready for Saturday! We're actually celebrating at DD's new place on CE, so I'm really excited about that ~ even though I'm bringing half of the meal, LOL! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Old 12-22-21, 08:01 PM  
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AnMrsDe - how are you doing and how is your mom? DD & I both had reactions to this last jab. I felt jittery and wired and achey all day long, with a never ending headache. I probably shouldn’t have worked out but I figured it would be better than just lying on the couch all day. Better today, just a slightly sore arm.

Enjoy your CE at your DD’s. Ah, so sweet, that you are bringing most of the food.

Chrys - sorry that you’re still having breathing issues. What were the results of the lung scan? Healing vibes. Hope your doctor gave you the all clear to fly.

AsSweet - Hi!

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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Old 12-23-21, 07:14 PM  
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keep getting 'error resending' these last days so here I go again .....

Chrys, very sorry to hear about your continued lung issues and hoping you get good news from your doctor. In these parts at least, the airports are not safe for travel, so be cautious and take good care.
AMDe, sending some hugs. So, what's BOP? I still have not gotten to Cathe Live mobility which you make sound excellent. Been having a slow month for exercise, but have to get to that one!!
ASAS, Love your Clean Max Extreme Premix!! Lol. Well done!!
allgirlsinaz, oh that hike sounds so nice!
T2B, sounds very, very scary with the tornadoes coming through like that. Glad that you are okay. Good to have a basement right? For tornadoes .... But not so much for flooding.

Great job everyone this month on your consistently, rotations etc!! It's a challenge to stick to things in December.
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Old 12-24-21, 02:13 AM  
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AMD & Elsie, LOL thanks! It was a hardcore workout!

AMD, I want a Holy Hiit t-shirt too! then I had to read twice your "FUN kick butt workout" comment, I don't know why I first read another word! Have a great family time on Saturday!!

T2B, I agree with Elsie, that sounded very scary, I am so glad to know you are doing well. We got some windy days last two weekends, some trees felt down, but nothing too serious, thankfully. Take care! PS: I have never done Zumba Sentao, I will have to give it a try.

Chrys, sending healing vibes your way.

Take care everyone!
"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them!"

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just the workouts

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