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Old 12-11-21, 04:39 PM  
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Chaptered workouts on YouTube - Heather Robinson

Has anyone noticed that some of the fitness channels on YouTube are producing chaptered workouts?

I did Heather Robinson's Fierce Lower Body Workout this week and noticed that it's chaptered. You can use your up/down arrows during the workout to see the chapters, and skip back and forth.

She does have some commericals interspersed throughout, but still - it's nice to see DVD technology making it to YT finally!

We'll never get premixes back though, LOL.

Are there any other fitness presenters who offer chaptered workouts on YT?
Dawn P.
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Old 12-12-21, 02:50 PM  
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Chapters automatically generated by YT

Answered my own question, LOL. Apparently this is a rollout by YT where they are automatically chaptering videos using AI.

They started this feature on select vids last Spring, maybe this is just the first time I've used a chaptered video.

Kinda cool, let's me skip around easily.

I did a "Fit by Larie" workout this AM and the chapter titles were one chapter behind.

Still, nice functionality. Content creators can change the chapter titles or remove the feature altogether (and viewers can opt out in their settings).
Dawn P.
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Old 12-12-21, 06:39 PM  
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Sweet! I don't do enough online workouts but it's really nice to know that this is an option.
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Old 12-12-21, 06:45 PM  
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Fierce looks like an awesome program!
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Old 12-15-21, 01:03 PM  
Sue B
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I was noticing that about some videos, too! This workout from Well+Good is chaptered. I couldn't get my keyboard arrows to work but if you click on where it says "Chapters>" at the bottom of the video, a chapter menu comes up on the right and you can click on whichever one you want. It looks like a good workout with an instructor who cues well.
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chaptering, heather robertson, youtube workouts

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