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Old 12-01-21, 07:08 PM  
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Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
I don't. I log into my check in's and that's it. I honestly don't really care what I do. I just know at the end of the day I feel good if I did some form of exercise or workout or just kept busy with yard work etc.
Same here. I keep track on check ins only. I sometimes mention what I liked and didn’t like about the workout.
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Old 12-01-21, 07:38 PM  
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my smart fitness watch keeps tracking of everything for me
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Old 12-01-21, 07:38 PM  
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Originally Posted by ardnas View Post
For years I used the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal Monthly Calendar.
Not sure why they stopped making them?
It was so easy to color code & journal workouts, food, calories, etc. I suppose one could make up their own system on any calendar, but I really liked how theirs was put together.
Now I just record what I do on my computer.
I miss Streaming Colors. It was so much fun to color in my workouts,eating etc.
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Old 12-02-21, 09:32 AM  
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I buy a small calender every year just for that purpose. I record each workout. I save the calenders and have them going back to 1990.
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Old 12-02-21, 10:06 AM  
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I just record my workouts on a pretty planner calendar. I also track other things like the books I read, or anything else that strikes me as something I may want to note or remember. I find if I try to do anything too formal or "organized", I don't keep up with it. It's so easy to just write down what I do and add any extra notes on the workout, hike, or whatever, as I see fit. No pressure tracking is really the only thing that works for me.
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Old 12-02-21, 01:04 PM  
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I keep an excel file with all my workouts listed by type. I track a lot of things in the file such as what segments or premixes I did, the date, the last time I did the workout, what weights I used, if I got DOMS and notes. I also use the file for rotation purposes. If I do not like a workout after 1 or 2 rotations, I will get rid of the workout.
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Old 12-02-21, 01:06 PM  
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I have kept a calendar and a spreadsheet for years. And I've saved them all!

The calendars I use to plan out my monthly rotations (I use Word).

The Excel spreadsheet has every workout I've owned since I started keeping the ss. Years and years. At least since 2008. I have several sheets for all the workouts alphabetically. Then I sort them by type, my Favs, dates done. I even color code the dates done.
That's also where I keep more detailed notes about what I liked and didn't like, weights used, etc.
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Old 12-02-21, 05:44 PM  
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i keep a daily log of my morning and afternoon workout- just the title. I keep the calendar that I use -usually Sierra Club - for a couple years to track my journey. I did keep one from 2005, the year I had my thyroid removed. I was really really strong and able back then!! written with a wistful sense of time gone by!
I think I have been doing this for over 20 years!!!

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Old 12-02-21, 06:44 PM  
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I used to keep a record of my workouts in spiral notebooks; in 2007 I switched to pretty journals. More recently I've added to my journaling, but it's still all in the same journal with my workouts. I write down the name of the DVD and which workout/premix (or if not a DVD, the type of workout e.g. own yoga, class, walk), the length (minutes), and if it's a weight workout, weights used - although if there's a separate tracking sheet then I keep those and don't write the weights in the journal. For weight workouts on DVD, I put a postit in the DVD case with dates done, so I can look up what weights I used. If there's anything I want to add - modifications, how I felt, whether I liked the workout - then I do so.
- Laura

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Old 12-03-21, 01:12 PM  
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Jane, just wanted to let you know I tried to respond to your PM, but I keep getting 500 internal error. Ugh! Anyway, you are so welcome and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
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logging, tracking workouts, workout log, workout logs

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