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Old 10-18-21, 07:32 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Originally Posted by Tugger31 View Post
I'd like to see more floor work or something that is metabolic but not so shoulder intensive.

Not sure she would do another Cross Train Express or not, but would be good too. She did have the weights & cardio rotation in her X-Train book that she specifically mentioned that it a rotation patterned after the CTX series.
I agree...not so shoulder intensive. More back, posture, and stabilization with the weight work. She does NOT need to do another metabolic workout!
Edited to add, that I read you post quickly and thought you were saying no more metabolic workouts. I would not have posted about not needing another metabolic workout while quoting you so emphatically if I had read your post correctly...LOL!
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Old 10-18-21, 07:40 PM  
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Originally Posted by Joni O View Post
Can I trade-in my band workouts for them?
Haha - I wish. I really wanted to like the band workouts but I just don't.
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Old 10-18-21, 08:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by Jane P. View Post
I often feel that so many of her weight workouts end up being endurance workouts with all the finishers or bonus burns that she adds on. I would really like a straight weight workout, no fancy stuff for me, and she doesn't need to work the biceps to death either. Also, slow down her ab workouts. Its easy for momentum to take over on many of them.

I think it's hard to really work the back without a power tower (which I don't have) or something similar.

THIS! I want something like the PS Series. Just weights. No metabolic stuff, just weights. Like something I'd do going to the gym and lifting.
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Old 10-18-21, 10:12 PM  
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I am excited, but my wallet is not! I thought I was done on buying new workouts until next year at least.


Hey Cathe, in case you are reading, I would love so very much you release a workout system based on the LOOK GREAT IN 8 concept published so many years back. Weight workouts with different reps range and muscle splits for four different weeks, which are then repeated another four weeks... A girl can dream, isn't it?!
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Old 10-21-21, 08:03 PM  
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I'm pretty sure they will incorporate more of the new products she now carries. I really think one of them will be for the small fitness ball. She had a live workout using it and it had that formula to it that most of her studio to DVD workouts have. I'm excited for that!
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Old 10-22-21, 03:38 AM  
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Thumbs up

I'm hoping for focused weights/muscle work like Cathe designed when it was just Cathe on LIVE. I quite enjoyed those, with time to exhale and re-focus between sets/groups. That's how my muscles gain without a cognitive overload of trying to get on to the next set/group to catch up with everyone else.
I also would greatly appreciate a standing core + balance bonus!! If they now need to have a product sales+placement component (BOSS Ball) to producing new workouts, then the small pilates ball would even work in a standing core + balance bonus.

Having said all that, if they are planning on remaining with the check-out process the way it was for Boss Loops where us international customers have no option but slower and more expensive UPS, I'll be just waiting to buy after the release and not the pre-sale. Just two Dvds were not a good pre-sale price at all.
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Old 10-22-21, 04:30 PM  
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Originally Posted by AsSweetAsSugar View Post
I am excited, but my wallet is not! I thought I was done on buying new workouts until next year at least.
It's already late October; I'm sure it won't be shipping til next year . *enabling you*
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Old 10-23-21, 06:36 PM  
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I am hoping for a heavy weight training series in the 30 minutes to 45 minutes range, including warm up and cool down. A four day split in the 30 minutes range would make me happy.
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Old 10-24-21, 09:58 PM  
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Tentatively excited for these ones!

However, I'm really hoping that the boss bands/loops are at least used for a small portion of whatever workout type these are going to be.

With international shipping the 2 DVDs/Loops and Bands pre-order cost me $178, so it would be good to get more use out of them!

FWIW I do especially enjoy the glutes and core workout as really feel these target my lazy stabiliser muscles.

A dream would be another spin with a tacked on core/Lower body using the boss bands and loops.
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Old 10-25-21, 08:25 AM  
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I too would love to see another slow and heavy series! I agree with the 30-45 minute workout length as well. I also think some static holds could be incorporated into these.
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