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Arrow Just The Workouts~~DECEMBER 2021~~*Everyone Is Welcome!*

December, 2021

This month I will stick with Yvette Fit, Cathe Live, Barre 3 (B3) - subscribed at the last second for the Black Friday deal!, yoga and whatever else to keep consistent during this busy month. Trying to get back to tracking my food - got away from that last month...but no tracking on Christmas Eve/Christmas day! Still staying consistent with daily meditations...

29- Yvette Fit #151 60 min. Cardio/Boot Camp/Strength Workout = 64 min.); Mady's BPR stretches
30- Yvette Fit (w/u); Barre 3 Flow With Katie (30 min.); 30 Min. Yard Work

1 - Yvette Fit #147 (60 Min. Cardio/Shoulders/Legs Blast); B3 (Stretch with Christa Joy-15 min.) Loved this Yvette! I used 8's-12's, FW band (+ I used my fabric band above knees), stability ball for cardio, core, and as a bench. Some of the stability ball moves were very creative - some I haven't seen in my 40+ years of working out! It sure makes a difference having a smaller stab. ball and my low ceilings - could do them all!! Best purchase of Cathe's! This class was definitely a shoulder burner and using both bands during the FW band segment cooked my legs. Favorited! Christa's stretch was ok..I liked the 2nd half better than the first half...during a few of the exercises that I didn't like, I did Cathe's Mobility stretches.
2 - B3 (Signature with Andrew-47 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief (BPR) Stretches; 2 hours Yard Work I was so glad to see Andrew is still with B3, but I didn't see my favorite stretch of his on the! This class didn't really seem like I did much until I went to walk up the stairs!! Great workout that hits total body but focus on the LB. It uses the B3 ball, one 3# (I could go 5#-8# next time) weight. Nice to see the modifier using a chair on those terrible wrist days of mine on all 4's. There wasn't very many today, so I didn't have to use the chair. Good to do something lighter today, as I have to pick up leaves in the back yard (that just started to fall off the tree!). At least this week has been perfect temps - close to 60* today!)
3 - Cathe's Mobility (all); YT 2 Birds Yoga (60 min. Challenging 'Wrist Free' Vinyasa Flow) Scouting around YT for wrist-free yoga, this channel popped up. I loved this class! Lots of balance and posture work then a great floor stretch around the 50 min. mark and not one DDog/plank (just Dolphin). Fiona includes an IT band stretch that I haven't seen before (felt great!). I had to get used to her voice but by the middle of the class, it almost seemed hypnotic and relaxing/calming. I subscribed to her channel as she has lots of content with various lengths of classes. Side note: my lower body has major DOMS - I'm sure b/c I did something completely different in B3!
4 - Cathe Live #366 PHA Supersets 2 (45 min.); YT 2 Birds Yoga (45 min. 'Wrist Free' Vinyasa Flow); Mady's BPR stretch; 1.75 hours Yard Work Cathe's workout is the PHA method, but 2 UB exercises followed by 2 LB exercises throughout until 1/4 of the class is left, then she does UB/core combinations. I liked the format but Cathe takes so many breaks and has downtime often, so to me, it didn't really have that "cardio effect" as most of the PHA's, but there again, I wasn't going super heavy either. (I think Cathe is playing it safe with the weights for her eye issue, and I don't blame her!) I term this a "PHA-Lite"'s still good but often, I put in fillers until she started the next exercise. I didn't like Fiona's class as well as yesterday's didn't seem as "flowy" to me with more held posture work. It had great balance work, though, but not enough floor stretching for my liking at the end so I added on Mady's stretch to really stretch out my lower back and legs. Side note: I'm still sore in I'm thinking it could not only be due to B3 but also due to these yoga classes!! I know never to say I'm done with yard work; there's still leaves on the tree but I ran the mower out of I'm done, right??
5 - Rest Day

6 - 1 Hour Yard Work (ok, now I'm done!); B3 Strength Training with Dustin (30 min.); Mady's BPR stretches Last day for leaf p/u and thank goodness, since the last of the leaves fell yesterday./I like Dustin as an instructor and this class was sweaty. It uses a med. fabric band above knees to provide more intensity while doing UB/LB combination moves with a heavier and lighter set of weights. Lots of reps so it added up! Added on Mady's stretch.
7 - Yvette Fit #135 (60 min. Moderate Impact Weights & Cardio W/o); Mady's BPR stretches I got a rotten night's sleep (nothing like Elsie's disturbances, though!), so I was low on energy and stopped at the 40 min. mark of Y's workout and FF'd to the stretch. She uses a long stretchie band and does great stretches but doesn't hold them long enough for me so added on Mady's stretch. (Felt so good not have to do yard work today! Although there are plenty of "pokey balls" out there that dropped off the tree in the past couple days due to colder temps. Ugh.)
8 - Cathe Live #220 (LB/UB Dumbbell Challenge-59 min.); Mady's BPR stretches This Live is another favorite Total Body workout of hers. Just love this one! Although this time around I was wiser and lifted lighter for the LB work so I wasn't wiped out time the UB rolled around...worked great and I could go heavier for the UB - esp. those crazy eights and regular bicep curls. Cathe usually does 16 reps, although there's a few with less and sometimes I did less with heavier weights. This hits it all since there's a core segment at the end and all done lying on your back. :0) That and the fact that there's not very many BW exercises in this - a few p/u's is all, so maybe that's why I like it so well! It'd also be a good one to cut in half if just wanting to do LB or UB alone, since they're both worked so well! Added on Mady's stretch and some more UB stretches for good measure. Great weight workout!!
9 - 2 Birds Yoga (30 Min. Active Morning Vinyasa Flow); Cathe's Mobility Nice practice to get the blood pumpin'.
10- Yvette Fit #131 (60 min. BOSU/Boxing/KB Combos); 2 Birds Yoga (Seated Easy Vinyasa Yoga Flow - 15 min.); Mady's BPR stretch Found another GEM on Y's site! And to my delight - my favorite w/o combination with BOSU, Kickboxing and Kettlebells!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this one! My HR was up for most of it and she nicely sequences the tough moves followed by an easier move throughout. It has some repetition, but I didn't mind b/c I loved all the combos. The BOSU lay-overs into a wide squat are no problemo any longer (again, Cathe's mobility workout to commend! ). The KB moves are swings, snatches, upright rows, sumos, etc. I tried not to go too low for the D/L's. Then there's a sequence with the BOSU upside down with plank work and held out in front with wide squats. There is also (too many) j.jacks throughout but I always sub with jump ropes or fast feet touches to the BOSU. Fiona's class was not voice - over (much prefer her v/o's!, and I didn't feel my hips/lower back were stretched out enough especially from all the swings and burpees), so I added on Mady's stretch. Great, FUN workout day!! 589 cal burn after all the stretches!
11- B3 (Signature with Michele (45 min.); Mady's BPR stretches Super, super sore in quads as the night progressed!
12- Rest Day 45 min. Yard Work (therapeutic--- Dad passed away today.) :-(

13- Strong & Sweaty Boot Camp (Mish Mosh Scrambled #2=44 min.; Stretches while listening to a Travis meditation about grief (double Meditation today!); 1 Hour Yard Work (again, therapeutic)
14- Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Power Walk & Cardio For Weight Loss); Mady's BPR stretches Doing this one previously, I knew I liked it and didn't have to think much.
15- Rest Day Funeral - went really well and 66* weather...
16- 30 Min. Yard Work Didn't feel like doing much more than that but I'm finding this recovery week was really needed.
17- Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Intense & Sweaty Indoor Walking Workout); 1.5 hours Yard Work Done barefoot and upstairs...perfect. I keep wondering where in the heck all these stinking leaves come from?? I swear my yard is a magnet--esp. around my back yard fence!! I got 2 big tall lawn bags full of leaves and pokey balls...that makes 5 bags in my garage now. :/ But it was therapeutic for my mind and I got some fresh air. No wind = all the difference.
18- Yvette Fit #154 (70 min. HiiT/Step with Biceps Workout); Mady's BPR stretches Too funny - Yvette is wearing a "Holy HiiT" T-shirt during this! I told her in my comments that I'm stealing that!!! Love it! What a FUN kick-butt workout! She uses 3 risers but I used my BOSU which worked great but did have to change up some of the moves. I used 10's & 12's for bicep work (+ my 2# wrist weights for all) and she includes some sliding moves for legs while curling. There's a steady state step segment at the end and those were mostly the moves I needed to change up but I still came out with a 554 cal burn. Fantastic leg workout. I really needed this today...mentally and physically and I could expel my pent-up energy! I love how I can make her workouts work for my joints and still get my sweat on!!!
19- YT 60 Min. Power Yoga "Vitality" with Travis This class is taken from his new PY108 program and is very similar to his other Vitality classes, if not a little easier. It includes Kapalabhati breathing in chair pose which is similar to Breath of Fire, and TBH, I'm not really sure the difference? If anyone has any insight about this type of breathing, please share. There isn't much balance work in this (which I did miss). The floor stretching starts around the 40 min. mark which includes camel pose, plough pose (haven't done that pose in forever!), and spinal twists at the end. I loved the knee circles before the spinal twists...they felt great. Really feeling good right's been some time since I did a 60 min. class with Travis!

20- Cathe Live #353 Metabolic Conditioning 2 (49 min.); Cathe's Mobility (20 min. TS) This was one of the Lives I purchased...I would say this is easier with compound exercises with 5's-15's (I used up to 25#). It has very little cardio which on some days I relish and love using weights to keep up my HR. She does take several water breaks and rests but next time, I can keep going with the previous exercise to keep amping it up, if desired. It's good to have easier ones in my collection, though, too! I never tried the original Metabolic Conditioning (I don't think) so not sure how they compare. This isn't necessarily one of my favorite metabolic workouts of hers.
21- Yvette Fit #102 (45 Min. All Out Cardio Kickboxing); B3 Flow with Dana (30 min.); 2 Birds Yoga (30 min. Soothing & Relaxing Bedtime Yoga) I can always talk myself into this Yvette - so many kicks and better music make this so much fun with no equipment - just my 2# wrist weights. It is such a great core fryer - feeling it today (22nd). I didn't enjoy the B3 workout--I was watching the clock and so bored and lately, it seems I'm dreading finding ones that challenge me...may be canceling. LOVED 2 Birds yoga (done before bed) --appropriately titled and was so relaxing; I bookmarked it. Her voice is just hypnotic! [Side note: I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but I slept really well tonight!!] ;0)
22- YT Michelle Briehler (27 min. Barre Sculpt Workout/Day 8 of 10/Under 30 min./Low Impact); Mady's (15 Min. Leg Stretch/Flexibility Routine for Hamstrings, Butt, & Hips/Post Running Stretch); 2 Birds Yoga (30 min. Soothing & Relaxing Bedtime Yoga-later- yes, again!) I couldn't believe it when Michelle's workout was just sailed by! Nothing like yesterday's barre workout!! I used my 5's-10's and found it challenging for a great barre fusion workout done barefoot (although the class wear shoes but not Michelle). I even got my big round mat out for this today. Found another gem of Mady's lower body cow face pose and how great this class is as a hip opener.
23- 2 Birds Yoga (60 min. Balancing Vinyasa Yoga Flow); Yoga30For30 (Balance) 2 Birds class was very nice - I was hoping for a little more balance work throughout but it went at a nice pace with 1/2 moon, tree, etc. Sometimes (a lot, it seemed today) that she cued the wrong side so I had to keep looking at the TV to mirror her. :/ I had extra time today and was craving more balance work, so drum roll.....Lauren's Balance came to mind. This one is always my nemesis when it comes to perfecting these poses. (Last time I did this one was in 3/19!!!!) Well, happy to report, it was a lot easier and I could keep up with the chair/plough/chair/plough the many times she cues that!! Yay! [Still working on the BOP, however]. But this was an awesome add-on and my balance was good today. Lots of chair, tree, 1/2 moon, chair twists, side planks, ploughs, shoulder stands, standing splits, etc. Lauren/Travis still take the #1 spot for cueing perfection.... Great yoga today!!
24- KCM Sculpting Rx (Workout 1 & 2 Combined=63 min.); Mady's (15 Min. Leg Stretch...) Just love this KCM! I used mostly 8's and 12's and 10's a couple times. Great superset challenge in w/o 1 and for w/o 2, I used all 8's. Doing these two workouts combined really adds a cardio effect with W/o 2 . I changed up some of the core work but overall, I just love this dvd so much! Ended with a 382 cal burn after the stretch.
25- Yvette Fit #156 (60 Min. Moderate Impact Cardio Boxing/Step Class); Mady's BPR stretches Yvette uses 2 risers on her step and I used my BOSU and got a great workout. It took a little creativity during the 2nd half where she does more wide legged choreo on the step but I put in fillers when I couldn't follow her. My HR was up during the whole class, it seemed. For the core segment at the end, Yvette uses a med ball and partners rolling it back and forth and adding in core exercises. I used my BOSU by lying over it and touching the med ball behind me on the floor, etc. Easy to modify. I really like using my BOSU which has more "give" and is easier on my knees than the step. Fun step workout! 429 cal burn
26- YT Yoga Detox 30 (Bend Don't Break - Travis - 62 min.) Oh, I really liked this class! My body was so stiff this morning from sitting so much yesterday and this felt heavenly when done. Very flowy with transitions, slower at first then the flow starts--love his flows and they seem to fly by! And all his different transitions included twists that you didn't even realize you were twisting! I could actually do the bind in this front lunge, wrapping arm underneath leg and grabbing ankle while simultaneously with the other hand grabbing same ankle...yes I can do that one! Travis' warm up series are always interesting with certain poses - none of those sun sals that go on forever (unless it's a Sun Salutations class, haha). This practice has a great sequence and is well grounded by hitting every muscle group and detoxing in the process. Certain poses included wild thing pose, horse stance, & frog pose to name a few. I could modify everything for my wrist (one side needing it in wild thing moreso, though) but not a whole lot needed to be modified elsewhere...only the DDog pose while having the tops of your feet touching the mat---which will never happen with my arthritic toes--ouchie!! But other than that, it was superb and still feeling great all day; my body really needed this today!

27- Rest Day Wasn't feeling well and internet issues. I did accomplish taking down most of my Christmas decorations, however, with lots of trips up/down the stairs.
28- Cathe Live #173 Compound HiiT (37 min.); 2 Birds Yoga (30 Min. Vinyasa Flow-Strength and Mobility for your Spine & Side Body); a few back stretches and spinal twists I needed my new 'Holy HiiT' T-shirt for this one!! I don't know why I haven't done this one for so is such a good one for a short, kick-butt HiiT workout! This class is a mix of HiiT training with compound dumbbell training (8's-15's) and on a few, I went heavier than Cathe. It is very metabolic and my HR was up all the way through this one...usually doing the cardio (w/ FW band around ankles for quite a few) jumping on my rebounder. (Gotta take caution getting on the JS with the band on, though!). Where's all the water breaks? I could've used them today, LOL! LOVE this one so much for a shortie but goodie!! Fiona's class was a good strength focused class but a little harder than I was intending to work! I just wanted a nice, relaxing stretch but the floor work didn't start until the end. My wrist was feeling it by the end. I added on some back stretches and spinal twists. Ended with a 434 cal burn. ETA: 30 min. Scraping Mix It’s already melted practically but not before I got it shoveled! :/ I ran some errands too…just wet and messy.
29- KCM Super Sculpt (Workout 3 w/ Step Ups *Special Premix=34 min.); YT Michelle Briehler (Booty Shaping With Band Workout/Day 2 of 10/No Repeat=24 min.); Mady's BPR stretches I used 12's for the weights and 2#'s for the boxing moves in Kelly's workout. Like how the LB is the focus in this one, with the FW band segment and all the weighted step ups. Michelle's class is all floor work and uses a wide band above knees for the whole workout. (I used my pink band but later had to switch to Cathe's orange band). I'm glad I was warmed up for this - not much of a w/u, as she goes right into the glute bridge variations. Hits the hips and glutes good!
30- YT LIVE 45 Min. "Slow Flow Yoga" w/ Travis; Cathe's Mobility (20 min. TS) This was a nice pace to slow everything down class. I did FF thru some of his breathing exercises to add on Cathe's Mobility.
31- LITE Pyramid Pump (Upper Body premix=45 min.); extra UB stretches I used 8's, 10's, 12's, 15's + my 2# wrist weights (which quite often I forgot I was wearing until I hit failure with the 15's)! Also, instead of using my lightest weights, I stuck with my medium & heavy weights for almost all the sets (2 sets with medium/1 set with heavy), so my arms are now f-r-i-e-d!! Kinda negates the pyramid idea, but hey, Cathe says to make the workout work for me, so that's what I did, LOL!

Total workout/meditation/yard work/shovel max minutes 2021: 30,039

On to 2022 and a better year!!!! Thank you, check-in buddies, for sticking with our check-in for another year!!!!
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I will be following Kaleigh Cohen's Fit for the Holidays 6 week program.

1. Power Ride 30 min ride; 8 min Abs
2. Rhythmic Ride 20 min; UB Push & Core
3. Legs
4. ride #63 45 min
5. nothing
6. Full Body
7. Hiit Hiit Boom 25 min ride
8. 1.75 mile walk; Rhythmic ride 30 min; Pull UB and Abs
9. nothing
10. nothing
11. Hard and Heavy Hiit 20 min ride; Legs
12. Seated beginner ride 20 min; Full Body Strength
13. Build It 20 min ride
14. Hiit the Beat 20 min ride; Full Body Strength
15. 2.25 mile walk
16. Up Beat on the Beat 25 min ride
17. nothing
19. Nice or Naughty 50 min ride
20. nothing
21. nothing
22. nothing
23. 5.68 mile hike
24. UB Pyramid
25. Around the World Again 30 min ride
26. AMRAP Legs
27. nothing
28. nothing
29. nothing
30. Spicy Sprints 20 min ride
31. SSoD Happy Birthday Bash 60 min ride
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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~~~ DECEMBER ~~~

“As we look to the new year, hold on to what is good. Let go of what is bad. It really is that simple.”
Mandy Hale

1 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day 5 - Best Yoga to Wake Up; 5,057 steps.

2 - yes2next 10 Minute Indoor Walking Workout for Seniors; LWR's new Winter Wonderland Workout; LWR 7 Minute Lower Body Workout; Yoga With Bird Yoga for Lower Back Pain; 7,542 steps.

3 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 1, 15 Minute Walking Workout; Yoga With Bird Challenge Day 1, Everyday Morning Yoga Stretch; 5,697 steps.

4 - LWR Advent Day 2, 7 Minute Toned Arms; GYM for 60 minutes mashup of weight machines, recumbent and arc trainer; Yoga With Bird Challenge Day 2, 15 Minute Every Day Yoga for Beginners; 7,455 steps.

5 - GYM for 20/10 of treadmill and recumbent; YWK 45 Full Body Yin With Bolster; 5,261 steps.

6 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day 6 - Sunrise Yoga for Energy; Bernie Clark free yin class; 3,767 steps.

7 - Yoga With Bird Every Day 3, Full Body Stretch; 5,598 steps.

8 - LWR Advent Day 3, Full Body Workout - 20 Calorie Burning Moves; Yoga With Bird Everyday Challenge Day 4, Everyday Morning Yoga; 8,217 steps.

9 - YWK newest Morning Yin - Hips & Hamstrings; Shakti Warrior Lesson 9, Undulate and Integrate; Bird Everyday #4, 5 Minute Morning Full Body Stretch; 5,979 steps.

10 - LWR's Advent Calender Day 4, 7 Minute Lower Body Workout; 5,127 steps.

11 - Rest day; 4,621 steps.

12 - Nothing formal; 4,679 steps.

13 - YWK Morning Yin Full Body Stretch; LWR Advent Calendar Days 5 and 6, a 20 minute "outdoor" walk and 7 minute back workout; Mirabai Holland Moving Free Flexibility 1; 6,664 steps.

14 - Lunch walk; LWR Advent Calendar Day 7, 20 Minute HIIT Inch Loss Workout; YWK Yin Yoga for Back Flexibility; 7,395 steps.

15 - Unplugged 1907; 4,178 steps.

16 - Lee Holden Qigong for Healthy Joints and Bones; LWR Advent Calendar Day 8, 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout; fitbymik Standing Booty Band Beach Workout; YWK Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Health; 6,476 steps.

17 - One miler at osprey trail; GYM for 20/20/10 of recumbent bike, treadmill and arc trainer; 7,795 steps.

18 - YWK Yin Yoga for Back Bends & Spine Flexibility; GYM for 15 recumbent plus 35 blast through some weight machines and dumbbells; 5,979 steps.

19 - Nothing formal; 5,013 steps.

20 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 9, 20 Minute HIIT Workout; YWK Evening Yoga Challenge Day 3 - Stretches Before Bed; 5,689 steps.

21 - YogiBethC Solstice Sleep Story; 4,425 steps.

22 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 10, 10 Minute Leg & Thigh Workout; YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin; 4,716 steps.

23 - YWK Evening Yoga Challenge Day 4, Yoga for Deep Sleep; 3,923 steps.

24 - GYM for 15/15/15 treadmill/recumbent/elliptical; Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Core Strength & Flexibility; 7,623 steps.

25 - High Desert Yogi, Evening Yoga Stretch with Christmas Music; 3,409 steps.

26 - A nice morning meditation and gratitudes practice, plus reading, rest, rest and more reading! 2,141 steps.

27 - GYM for 15 minutes arc trainer and 45 minutes weight machines; Yoga with Kassandra's newest, Yoga for Flexibility Deep Stretch Vinyasa; 5,900 steps.

28 - Walk around parking lot at work; LWR Advent Day Calendar Day 11, Low Impact Workout; Day 12, Standing Abs Workout; YWK Evening Yoga Challenge Day 5 - Relaxing Yoga Stretches; 7,705 steps.

29 - LWR Advent Day 13, Beginners Running Workout; Day 14, 10 Minute Arms; YWK 10 Minute Upper Body Yoga; my own yin series for psoas, hips and low back; 6,515 steps.

30 - LWR Advent Day 15, 8 Minute Total Body Sculpt; YWK 20 Minute Yin Yoga for Sleep in Bed; YWK Bedtime Positive Affirmations for Sleep; 5,667 steps.

31 - Nothing formal - day of rest, binge watching the Twilight Zone and Godzilla marathons in conjunction with a reading marathon; 1,452 steps.
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December 2021

2 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Glutes-Hams & Abs, used warm-up of Cathe ICE BootCamp
3 Neighbourhood Walk; lots of dynamic Stretches
4 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Back-Shoulders, used warm-up of Cathe Ramped Up ub; long Walk
5 Long Walk outside; Yard work + housework which completely drained me
6 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Biceps-Chest, using warm-up of Cathe ICE Cl UB
7 (Couldn't sleep so....) Just a short walk
9 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Legs-Triceps; short Walk
10 Happy bDay 2 me
12 HIIT/Fan Bike for a little while
13 Long Walk & Yard work which felt like a slog
15 Cathe LIVE Low-I Blast Off Circuit adding on more sets of (banded) RDLs + Stretching
17 Neighbourhood Walk; Short tabata on Fan Bike
18 Neighbourhood Walk
19 Cathe S&S PHA TS#4 (1st time doing this ... sweat quite a bit, but didn't really feel my muscles were worked enough, so I'll do the full one next time); Short Neighbourhood Walk
20 Long but slow Walk to grocery store + back; Millionaire Hoy 30 mins of a 35 min endurance 'Run' ... (moves were just too complicated for me to follow so didn't get in the cardio effect plus I'm just grumpy about cardio lately.)
22 Neighbourhood Walk; my own rotational work
23 Cathe LIVE Metabolic Circuit (a new fave!!!) Plus a very quick floorwork session of my own with tubing
26 Low Impact Snow Shovel; Cathe LIVE Cardio Leg Party
28 Long Beach Walk
30 Morning Outside Snow Walk; Shovel Max; Lively Ladies Winter Warm-up Walk workout
31 Long Walk; Snow Shovel Express burn

...... And that's 2021.
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Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001

1 - Tracie Long Stronger Longer Vol. 2
3 - Tracie Long Focus: Break Through + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1229
4 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Gentle Home Workout: Combinations
5 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips - Low Back Therapy and Hips Therapy
6 - Gilad Sculpt and Tone
7 - Lisa Wheeler Shape Your Butt, Hips & Thighs - Cardio + Essentrics: Toning for Beginners - Floor Work
8 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Lazy Days: Mat + Desire Rumbaugh Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders
9 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders - Upper Back and Neck Therapy and Neck and Shoulder Therapy
10 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Lazy Days: Walk Sculpt
12 - Tracie Long Defined Lines + Lisa Wheeler Shape: Make Over Your Butt, Hips & Thighs - Bonus Total Body Workout
13 - Cathe Friedrich Drill Max - Cardio Blast Premix
14 - Linda Stejskal Gentle Home Workouts:Cardio Sculpt + Essentrics: Toning for Beginners - Barre Work
15 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips - Strength and Stability + Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders - Strength and Stability
16 - Tracie Long Leaning Out
17 - Kristin Kagen Step This Way 2 - First Step Section
18 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Lazy Days: Weights + Strength & Stretch in Motion - Strength: Full Body Workout
19 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for Anxiety - Practice 1
20 - Tracie Long Staying Power + Lisa Wheeler Shape: Make Over Your Butt, Hips & Thighs - Yoga and Pilates Lower Body Bonus
21 - Kristin Kagen Step This Way 2 - Second Step Section + Strength & Stretch in Motion - Stretch: Hips & Hamstrings
22 - Linda Stejskal Gentle Home Workouts: Walking + Strength & Stretch in Motion - Strength: Core & Legs
23 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for Depression - Practice 2
26 - Tracie Long Defining Shape + Lisa Wheeler Shape: Make Over Your Butt, Hips & Thighs - Ballet Sculpt Bonus
27 - Patricia Moreno Kickbox Core Cross-Train
28 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Lazy Days: Sculpt Stretch + Essentrics Strength & Stretch in Motion - Stretch: Shoulders, Upper Back & Hamstrings
29 - Tracie Long Reboot Vol 1
30 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for Anxiety - Practice 2
31 - Patricia Moreno Dance Core Cross-Train
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1 Walk - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Lower Body Pilates Flow - 15 minutes
2 Unplanned Rest Day - worked late
3 Unplanned Rest Day
4 Jessica Smith - Walk Strong - Total Body - 30 minutes; Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacey Lei 12/1/21 - 30 minutes
5 Trifecta Pilates - Morning Pilates Flow - 20 minutes, Standing Posture Flow - 10 minutes, Evening Unwind Pilates - 15 minutes & Back Mobility Routine - 15 minutes
6 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Adita 11/26/21 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Supple Spine Pilates Flow - 15 minutes
7 Jessica Smith - YouTube - Walk 'n Talk - Motivation - 18 minutes; Senior Shape - Strength with Weights - 33 minutes
8 Senior Shape - Christmas Dance - 22 minutes; Flow with Mira - Pre-Pilates Flow #1 - 17 minutes
9 Jessica Smith - Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss: Tread & Shred - 30 minutes
10 Jessica Smith - Walk On 21 Day Weight Loss: Low Impact HIIT Walk - 30 minutes; Flow with Mira - Hip Strength - 16 minutes
11 Unplanned Rest Day - outside Christmas decorations
12 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 12/1/21 - 30 minutes
13 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 11/30/21 - 30 minutes; Barre Fitness - Day 3 - Abs & Booty - 10 minutes
14 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 10/27/21 - 30 minutes; Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs - Level 1 Pilates - 10 minutes
15 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 12/14/21 - 30 minutes
16 Silver & Fit - Advanced Mixed Format with Keli 11/29/21 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Core Small Ball Class - Level 1 - 10 minutes
17 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacey Lei - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Balance Routine - Level 1 - 16 minutes
18 Senior Shape - Barre Toning - 38 minutes
19 Senior Shape - Pilates Mini Ball Workout - 27 minutes & Gentle Exercises & Stretches for Back Pain - 16 minutes
20 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine -11/24/21; Trifecta Pilates - Feel Good Pilates Flow (Beginner Level) - 10 minutes
21 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita - 12/21/21 - 30 minutes
22 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Penny 12/2/21 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners
23 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacey Lei 12/22/21 - 30 minutes
24 Trifecta Pilates - Slow Flow Pilates Live (Beginner Level) - 45 minutes
25 Rest Day
26 Get You Healthy TV - Chair Strength - 30 minutes; Kait Coats - Strengthen Your Abs, Butt & Thighs - 20 minutes
27 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine -12/8/21; Kait Coats - Absolute Beginner Pilates - 22 minutes
28 Kait Coats - Side Lying Workout for the Whole Body - 22 minutes
29 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Penny 11/26/21 - 30 minutes
30 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format Workout with Stacey Lei - 10/20/21 - 30 minutes
31 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Penny 12/30/21 - 30 minutes

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A Month of Ellen

December 1 - Quick Cardio
December 2 - Sleek Side Body
December 3
December 4 - Power Express

December 5 - Cardio Core
December 6 - Sweet 15
December 7 - Power 15
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11 - Feel Good Fusion

December 12 - Sleek Side Body
December 13
December 14 - Power Express
December 15 - Sunset Stretch
December 16 - Inner and Outer Thighs
December 17 - Power 15
December 18

December 19 - Liift4 Chest + Barre Fitness Day 2
December 20
December 21
December 22 - Liift4 Triceps + Sleek Side Body
December 23 - Liift4 Back + Callanetics
December 24
December 25

December 26 - Les Mills Pump Challenge
December 27
December 28 - Les Mills Pump Challenge
December 29 - Feel Good Fusion
December 30 - Les Mills Pump Challenge
December 31 - New Year's Eve
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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December already! Hoping to be a bit more consistent this month.

01- Nada. Busy day.
02- Essentrics: Barre Workout (~virgin 64 min.). I have tried the 15 min. workouts they posted for free on YouTube, and I loved them, I am glad to own the DVD finally and be able to do the whole routine, I also love that it has some nice pre-mixes!
03- Classical Stretch: Core Workout (~virgin 56 min.). This one is rated advanced, and I agree, but I loved it, nice workout and $7 well spent, I wasn't planning to buy anything during the Black Friday, but their prices were so low I couldn't pass them on, I hope it doesn't mean they will discontinue them, there are still some others I'd love to pick up maybe next sale. My quads are a bit sore from yesterday's workout.
04- DWTS: Cardio Dance (~virgin, all segments minus the challenge 50 min.) + CSS10: 1029 Deep Full Body Stretch. I liked Cardio Dance, specially the Paso Doble section, with so many lunges is disguised, I didn't love it, I thought the music was a bit boring, but overall it was a decent workout. I like that the DVD are programmable.
05- A.M. & P.M. Stretch: P.M. Stretch (35 min.).
06- Essentrics: Strength & Stretch in Motion (~virgin 50 min.). Both strength workouts Full Body, and Core & Legs. Nice! I enjoyed both workouts, C&L was more challenging than FB, it is incredible how you feel the burn with so few reps.
07- CSS10: 1030 Stress Release. This was my least favorite episode so far. Not stretchy enough and not toning, if was just ok, for better than nothing days as today, lol. On a side note, the little pain that I have had on my left hamstring (felt like a little cut in the muscle) for several weeks, is totally gone, it was a little uncomfortable every time I would do deadlifts or hamstring stretches. I don't know which CS did it or how, but I realised last Sunday that it was totally gone! Yay!!
08- Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Vol.1: Full Body Volume 1 (~virging 51 min.). Happy Panama Mother's Day to me! I ordered this as a gift to myself, and they arrived just in time! They were supposed to arrive tomorrow. So, I did one today, and I loved it, it doesn't look dated at all, and the workout was wonderful, it is incredible how Miranda hasn't change much in 20 years, her aging backwards stuff seem to work well for her! I can't wait to try the rest.
09- Rest day.
10- Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Vol.1: Athletes Intense Stretch (~virging 45 min.).
11- Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Vol.1: Arms & Abs (~virging 26 min.). Nice, but the abs was more challenging than arms, that was also pretty good.
12- Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Vol.1: Legs & Butt (~virging 27 min.). Ouch, I really felt this one, even the stretch at the end of the floor section was painful.
13- YouV2: Move Your Body + KS' PWWL: Cool Down Stretch.
14- Rest day.
15- CSS10: 1018 Full Body Toning + Si6: Slim & Limber.
16- Nada. Busy & stressful day.
17- Quick Strength Workout (My Own). One set of everything, 15 reps each. Better something than nothing.
18- Classical Stretch Vintage Collection Vol.2: Oceanside workout (~virging 30 min.).
19- Outdoor Walk ~ 35min.
20- Clean Max: Extreme Premix + Tara's Body: Latin Party Workout -Part 3 (YouTube) 30 min. + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. LPW was a lot of fun with great music.
21- Rest day.
22- Outdoor Walk ~ 20min.
23- Zumba 101: Dance, Dance, Dance! + CSS10: 1003 Spine Stretch for Posture.
24- Nada. Tired & lazy.
25- Tara's Body: Christmas Workout (YouTube) 20 min. + Quick Strength Workout (My Own). One set of everything, 12 reps each, with 12s.
26- Just Dance 2022 ~60 min. With the family. I won almost every song, and my DD was starting to get a little annoyed, since she now almost always kick my butt on video games, then her dad won a couple of songs (she won against him yesterday and the three songs I did myself), and she said... this is starting to be whatever! lol poor little thing, her dad was so proud, he usually gets the less of points of we three. We had lot of fun together and got a great cardio workout!
27- The Total-Body Fat Torch (virgin) + Quick Stretch (My Own). I used 12s, it had one circuit of four exercises (burpee to bicep curl, squat to rotational twist, push up to man makers, and one side loaded lunge to shoulder press, then change side) repeated three times, then a finisher with three exercises (push up to shoulder taps, squat jumps, burpee), 30 seconds each.
28- EABB's Mobility & Bone Strengthening: Mobility.
29- Nada. Tired & lazy.
30- Zumba 101: Dance, Dance, Dance! + KS' PWWL: Cool Down Stretch.
31- YouV2: Sculpt Shack. I used soft weights and got a little sweat going.
"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them!"

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Sonríe a la vida y ella te sonreíra siempre!
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1 - Ellen - Total Body Tune Up; Jessica Valent - Hips and Legs on the mat; dog walk, CS 1217

2 - Angie Fitness TV - Holiday Power Walk, Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine, Yoga w/ Bird 30 Day Challenge Day # 1; Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis Workout w/ Resistance Band

3 - Essentrics - Toning for Beginners - Standing & Barre

4 - Lucy Wyndham Read - Winter Wonderland Workout; 2021 Advent Challenge Days 1 and 2 (15 min Walk and 7 min arms), Yoga w/ BIrd - 30 Day Challenge Day 2, Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis workout w band

5 - Jessica Valent - 12-12-12 Workout; Scoliosis Routine

6 - Rest - COVID booster side effects

7 - Ellen - Mighty Mat Pilates - lingering side effects

8 - Silver & Fit - Advanced Yoga w/ Stacey Lei 12/2/21

9- Unplanned day off - exhausted from fighting the medical system!!

10 - CocoLime Fitness - 20 Min Morning Tone & Stretch; 25 Min Stretch for Morning Energy, 15 Min Thinner Thighs on the floor

11 - Angie Fitness TV - 2 Mile Holiday Power Walk (Live # 286), CocoLime Fitness - 30 Min Strength and Stretch

12 - Cocolime Fitness - Standing Tone & Stretch, Level 2; 10 Min Tone & Stretch - Chronic Fatigue

13 - Cocolime Fitness - 20 Min Low Intensity Cardio, Ellen B/Amy Allen - Yoga Delight

14 - Ellen -Super Fast Body Blast; Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine

15 - Caroline Jordan Medley - 10 min cardio/strength, 10 min abs, 10 min upper body, 10 min lower body, 10 min stretch

16 - Reps to the Rhythm - 2 Holiday Walks (You Tube), Cocolime Fitness - Deep Stretch

17 - CS 1219; Cocolime Fitness - 30 Min Cardio & Toning

18 - Ellen - Fusion Flow

19 - Cocolime Fitness - MITT #5, 15 Min Stretch - Hip Flexors; Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis Program w/ Band

20 - Lively Ladies - Enjoyable walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra - 25 Min Yoga for Tight & Sore Muscles; Ellen - Sleek Side Body

21 - Senior Shape w/ Lauren - Christmas Walk/Dance; Pilates Mat Toning for Abs, Butt & Thighs

22 - Ellen - Serene Strength, Pilates Mix & Yoga Mat Work

23 - Yoga w/Adriene - Lower Back Love, Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Low Back Pain and Spasms Relief program

24 - Body Wisdom - Yoga for Every Body - Practice for the Spine; Man Flow Yoga - Spinal Decompression Practice, Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis workout w/ band

25 - Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners - Complete Floor Practice

26 - Jessica Smith - Walk & Talk - Motivation; Jane Adams - Gentle Yoga - Core Strengthening; short dog walk, Element - Pilates for Beginners - Target Toning -Lower Body Segment

27 - PowerFit Harmony - Move it!; Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners - Lying practice for flexibility; Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis Workout w/ Band

28 - PowerFit Harmony - Strong Push; Classical Stretch Aging Backwards for Beginners - Pain Relief; Jessica Valent - Stronger Glutes on the Mat; Sarah Beth Yoga - 20 Min Bedtime yoga for low back tension

29 - PowerFit Harmony - Core Body Balance; Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio - Madeleine - 12/22/21; Sarah Beth Yoga - 20 Min Yoga for Sciatica

30 - Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength - Penny 12.18.21; Man Flow Yoga - Yoga for Sciatic Pain Relief and Prevention

31 - Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio - Madeleine 12.29.21, Man Flow Yoga - Beginners Yoga for Sciatic Pain; dog walk, Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis Routine w/ band
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just the workouts

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