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Old 07-03-15, 01:19 PM  
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Is this normal regarding weight loss?

So I've been "good" lately - for about a month now anyway. I'm counting every calorie (using my fitness pal) working out regularly, and I lost 7 pounds! The problem is that aside from that nothing has really changed body-wise. I should have been doing measurements - I realize that now - but my clothes fit exactly the same. Shouldn't I notice a difference of some type? I think today I'll do some measurements...maybe I'm just not noticing it, but 7 pounds seems like it should be showing in my clothes.

As a little background I'm 5'9", 49 years old, and went from 165 down to 158 as of today. I put my goal weight in as 155 but I think I'm going to have to change it to lower in order to get down to a size 10 which is what I wanted (8 would be great, but I want to be realistic).
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