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Old 07-13-16, 09:52 AM  
spotted zebra
Join Date: Apr 2004
Originally Posted by Lucky Star View Post
I only have the first DVDs from 1900 and 2000, so a lot of these clips are new for me. Good deal!
I'm also glad to hear you finally got your package, Zee!!
Thanks Lucky Star. I know Margaret has some fabulous indoor programs too, like her classic Sculpture which I hope to include in rotations. And yet I still gravitate most towards her shorter, outdoor programs. I love the nature sounds on these and the quiet and stillness. It's so Zen.
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Old 07-13-16, 05:38 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2002
I didn't get that one, got the 'plain' My Body of Work. Noticed your Unplugged lineup didn't include calves in any of them. Margaret seems to be one of the few who even bothers with calves. I have thin legs (ectomorph) and her weighted calves exercises in other DVDs have helped me. I will never have bulky calves but mine have more shape than they did before.
"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled." Mark Twain
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Old 07-13-16, 05:51 PM  
spotted zebra
Join Date: Apr 2004
That's true. But no calves in these doesn't bother me. It would be fairly easy to tack on some calf work for anyone wanting to. IMO My Body of Work Unplugged is a great way to experience both series prior to committing to buying the whole lot (x2).
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margaret richard, my body of work unplugged, unplugged

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