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Old 04-04-16, 11:26 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
Janice Lennard Ballet Barre review

or really, thoughts about Ballet Barre. My leg/knee problem is really quite bad today so I decided to preview this dvd.
So : Review based on viewing, not actually doing

Ballet Barre:
Beautiful studio location, natural light
Janice is alone at the barre
Mostly voiceover but she does speak a few lines
Music: wow, and wow again. lovely :here is some info on the music:
"The pianist is Marina Surgan, principal pianist and manager of musicians for Canada's National Ballet School. The music in the beginning and during the floor exercises is "Beethoven-Piano Concerto Number 5 (2nd movement)" by the Apollo Symphony Orchestra. All Marina Surgan's music is original piano compositions for ballet classes."
Janice taught this class for 25 years in LA, with many notable movie star/dancer clients. Joanne Woodward,Lesie Caron

the first half hour we are at the barre, we warm up in 1st, second , 4th and 5th position. then we work at the barre. Janice uses ballet terms. this is not Pure Barre or any of the Bar workouts that are popular.It is truly ballet. I cannot give a really good review of this part but I hope Mary will have a longer clip.Leg would just not cooperate.
at the 30 minute mark there is a lovely, serene stretch where you can pretend you are a ballerina and you just glide through. I did not want it to end, It is about 12-15 minutes. We start seated and then we are on our backs.
blissful and the music is so beautiful.
I will use the stretch until my leg is better .
voted most serene and best video to dream you are at a real ballet lesson.

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Old 04-04-16, 01:52 PM  
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Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Colorado
That sounds lovely. I'm close to buying all three of Lennard's DVDs despite their length (I don't do full hour workouts very often).
- Laura

"Don't say 'I can't' ... say 'I presently suck at this thing.'" - Matt Meese, BYU Divine Comedy
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Old 04-04-16, 03:21 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: New England
Thank you for the review! That's exactly what I want, real ballet. Plus lovely music and a serene feel - it sounds perfect.

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Old 04-04-16, 03:35 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
I forgot to add it is about 45 minutes, the yoga and pilates are 60 minutes.
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Old 04-04-16, 03:44 PM  
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Thank you - sounds lovely!
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Old 04-04-16, 03:52 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
It really is a lovely ballet class, but I am keeping it for the stretch. When I was ordering from Janice's site, I was just going to get the pilates and yoga, but went with all three because there was a discount and free shipping ( typical!) I thought I would trade the ballet but now I Love it and am keeping it.
The pilates is my favorite, and I am off to do it -right now.

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Old 04-04-16, 04:31 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: United kingdom
I just saw the clip of these over at Mary's and I was excited and inspired when I read that Janice is 70. Also the workouts look lovely.
I am not as flexible as she is and I am 48, but I think I am going to order them .
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Old 04-04-16, 04:47 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: United kingdom

the deal was too good to pass up. The 15% off and the $9.95 shipping internationally made me cave.
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Old 04-04-16, 09:58 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
First, thank you dnna for bringing these workouts to my attention. I ordered the set of three dvds directly from Janice. She was very gracious and worked around the secure site ordering issue. I loved the Yoga. It provides wonderful stretching inside the yoga routine and she is so graceful to watch. The Pilates is quite good. I think I will like it more and more each time I do it, where most Pilates videos I give up on after one or two times.

When I got to the Ballet Barre I thought, "oh no, this is not going to work". I don't have a ballet background and it's nothing like the Barre classes I have tried. The music, as you described, was so very beautiful, but I stopped after about 12 minutes thinking there is no way I can do this workout.

I am glad you posted the description about the final 15 minutes of this one. I will go back and do it tonight. It does have to be a serene way to end the day with the lovely music.

Great purchase!
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Old 04-05-16, 02:13 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Germany
I watched the clip of the ballet barre workout and it reminds me a bit of Sleek Technique's Barre Technique DVD. These are also ballet workouts done at the barre and they feel really good.

ETA: I might have to purchase this DVD
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ballet barre, janice lennard

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