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Old 04-01-16, 10:25 AM  
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I loved watching her, but if there is no instruction then I will have to pass as well.
"You humans have the potential to be the most wonderful beings there are - if you can get past all these enormous stupid spots you seem to have in your hearts. It's not your fault. You just don't know how to work your hearts right yet. That's why there are dogs." - Jim Butcher, Zoo Day
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Old 05-27-16, 12:03 PM  
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Thumbs up What a wonderful practice!

I got this as a birthday present to myself and did it today.

I agree with others who said that this isn't really "instructed". Janice does the routine and tells you what to do in voiceover, but not how to do it in detail, if that makes sense. There aren't modifications given, but I already know what kind of modifications I need to do. This is not a yoga practice for anyone new to yoga or who needs a lot of instruction or modifications. I'd call it intermediate; aside from the lack of detailed instruction, there are some poses that definitely aren't easy. Parts of it were challenging but without being exhausting.

Since I have a lot of yoga experience, it was perfect for me. I loved it. Janice is so inspiring and her form is excellent. The practice has a very serene vibe and the music was lovely. I liked Janice's voice, too.

This one's a keeper for sure.

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Disclosure: I have a personal relationship with a fitness instructor who has appeared in some videos.
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