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Old 09-25-21, 08:13 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Margaret Richard

Who still uses her? I have a couple of her dvds and I think I'm going to dust them off. I love my compound moves but maybe I need to switch it up a bit and do some isolated moves for awhile.

I appreciate Margaret's slow and controlled tempo. Her routines are a great way to work on form.

What's your favorite MR workout?

I like "Beauty To The Bone" and some of her Unplugged Series.
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Old 09-25-21, 09:06 AM  
summer breeze
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I'm a big MR fan. I like most of her dvds but I am partial to the unpluggeds, particularly the 1900 series. I think it's a little more challenging. I like her All My Best dvds too. They are 4 30-ish minute routines compiled from various of her dvds.

I splurged on her streaming and even though I love the body electric shows on there I haven't used it all that much and it's pretty pricey even at a discount. But they're around 25 minutes similar to the unplugged format.
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Old 09-25-21, 09:46 AM  
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Love Margaret! Can't pick a favorite though. I've got all her workouts.
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Old 09-25-21, 10:31 AM  
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That's a tough question because there's so much variety and it depends on how you want to work your body

Home Improvement is a wonderful lower body workout whilst Sculpture has a very good upper body workout. My favorite all around workout would be Good 'N Strong. On the days where I don't have much energy, I like the Good for You workouts.
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Old 09-25-21, 09:48 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
You ladies have reminded me of all great routines she offers. I was fine with the two dvds I have,... until I read your replies. LOL
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Old 09-26-21, 04:15 AM  
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just this week i received her Fitness Becomes You from an ebay seller. also traded for Good N Strong on the awesome VF exchange.

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Old 09-28-21, 06:33 PM  
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I did her All My Best, Vol 1, both parts, today. I really enjoy her work

I do my own little write ups on each work-out so that I can look back and see what it's like. This one was about :03 per body part which is what I wanted today.
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