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CharM 03-10-22 12:51 AM

Jessica Smith "Strong + Centered Series" 2022 release
May 19: DVD's available bundle:
$14.97 each or $69.75 for the bundle through June 30 or while supplies last

May 18 Digital store prices are $13.95 each and $63 for the bundle.

- Fusion Flow + Glow:
Fusion Flow Sculpt (30m.)
Full Body Flow (30m.)
Core Stretch + Strength (31m.)
Pilates Ball Core (13m.)

- Walk a 5K:
Fast Walk (43m)
Steady Walk (50m)

- Split Session Strength:
Lower-Body: Build to Burn (45m.)
Upper-Body Series (35m.)
Bonus Core (16m.)

- Total Body Strength Training:
Total Body 48 (48m.)
Total Body 31 (31m.)
Total Body Band (28m.)

Total Body Circuit: Work it!
Session 1 (48m.)
Session 2 (38m.)

- Stretch + Relax:
Rise (18m.)
Release (16m.)
Rejuvenate (18m.)
Recover (14m.)
Relax (16m.)

Equipment used: yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance band, gliders, soft core ball, high step topper w/risers, chair

Denise R. Original thread:

Leonana provided link to workout calendar:

Linda's(fanofladyvols) link to The Big Salad: (I just had to!) LOL

Thanks to ASAS, Carol, bjones, Messe, and MoFirmer for updating us as info came along. :)

CharM 03-10-22 12:53 AM

I'm not trying to step on any toes by creating a new post, just trying to make it easier for myself (and hopefully others!) to find details that we might later need.

jackie7 03-10-22 07:04 AM

Thank you!

owltx 03-10-22 08:40 AM

So excited for these!! Thanks for all the great details.

The time length on these looks so good to me. The stretch one in particular looks like my perfect sweet spot for when I want a longer stretch. The band strength one looks great to me - I love her band work in the 6 mile mix. I hope the walks are different times - sometimes I just want a 15 minute pick-me-up.

donnamp 03-10-22 09:00 AM

Thank you! This is exciting!!


Leonana 03-10-22 09:49 AM


schoolgirl-01 03-10-22 07:14 PM

thank you

fanofladyvols 03-13-22 08:45 PM

Thank you for the summary, Char!!

rhbrand 03-13-22 09:47 PM

Any word on when this will be out?

Or is it out and I missed it?

CharM 03-13-22 10:38 PM

rhbrand Not out yet. The newsletter from earlier this week just said, "coming soon". I'll update the first post.

You're welcome, everyone. Credit goes to all those who contributed the info in the other thread. I cannot take credit for the big salad.

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