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AnMrsDe 01-29-22 12:15 PM

Just The Workouts~~FEBRUARY, 2022~~*Everyone is Welcome!*
February, 2022

This month I will continue on with my usual instructors and keep more yoga in the mix. Keeping up with daily meditations is a goal also as well as healthy eating and less snacking!

31- Yvette #163 (45 min. HiiT BOSU Blast); Mady's BPR 479 cal burn
1 - KCM Power Splits (W/O 1 Upper Body - no finisher); W/O 2 Lower Body + finisher = 49 min.); Mady's BPR stretches; 45 min. Yard Work I did my own premix of Kelly's PS - really like this total body combo to get in/out and first time to try her Lower Body workout--a winner! There are 4 sets of Squats, Rev lunges, Front Lunges & D/L's. I did 2 sets of reg. squats, 2 sets of sumo squats; 4 sets of Reverse lunges as is; 4 sets of Front Lunges (used step); 1 set of 1 legged (lift back leg) D/L, and 3 sets of weighted bridges. I used 15's and 25#. This is a pretty basic lower body workout, but I LOVED the finisher! It includes 10 exercises of great balance and mobility work and adding it to the lower body workout, it totally made it superb for me. The music in the finisher, especially, may resort to an annoyance factor the more often I do it and don't mute it, LOL. But overall, I liked this DVD (sans the Raw Bonus). I loved Cardio Fit (everything)! For originally emailing Kelly for a preorder cancellation (and wasn't possible), I am SO glad now that I couldn't!! :heart://After a quick run to the grocery store for necessities, I picked up more pokey balls--sooo many fell since Thursday. At least I got them up before the big snow storm hits tomorrow with a possible 12" of snow...Holy cow! Update: we got 11" snowfall! The last big snowfall was in 2019.
2 - Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast (Calorie Crush); UY (Flexibility) I always forget about these Calorie Crushes! Great cardio before Travis''s been quite awhile since I've done a UY class. I actually could get into full splits today which was cool! (Coming out of it wasn't pretty though!). My LB is so sore from Kelly's workout...esp. quads/top of thighs (all those mobility squat holds! & wtd. bridges?).//Since I was snowed in, I took full advantage and got the grout scrubbed inbetw. the kitchen tiles, woo hoo!
3 - Cathe Live #352 (Metabolic Weights & Loops - 55 min.); Mady's BPR Another great metabolic class (it was a little harder than I was expecting!). Compound exercises, some UB weight work, some LB weight work (and seemed like an excessive amount of lunges!), cardio (with FW band which I LOVED!), and core. Those FW band quick scoots to each side - loved those! I used 12's and 15's and sometimes went heavier than Cathe but on those shoulder presses and she is using 15's and going oh, so fast, I had to really slow them down. (Cathe puts her DB's down and doesn't finish them with the class and then realizes later her error in cueing them too fast. From there on out, she gives lots of modifying tips, LOL). I did the FW jacks on the rebounder as well as some other cardio moves. There are burpees in this too (I used my step). The core segment has kick thru's and p/u & sit up combos, but I got a head start and actually did more sets than Cathe. Great TB class with lots of variety and hits every muscle indirectly, although there wasn't much for direct chest and tricep work. Glad I purchased this one! 420 cal burn
4 - Deepen Your Practice (Vytas - The Hips = 45 min./60 min.); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) Lots of strength & balance challenges in this class and I tend to stay with the initial version. I stopped at Compass pose though, because 1) my joints/flexibility won't comply, and 2) I was getting a bit frustrated and needed to get to Mobility! Vytas was great again with his form pointers but even that couldn't help me in some of those difficult poses, LOL. Cathe today gave me the feeling of restorativeness with her Mobility class and I think at my age takes preference than getting into a certain pose. ;0)
5 - Olivia Lawson (Calorie Killer 5000 Steps Walking Workout @ Home=18/35 min.); Heather Robertson (Intense Strength Supersets//Full Body Unilateral Workout - 46 min.); Mady's BPR Olivia's workout was a nice w/u to Heather's but I found my mind wandering all over the place, so I stopped early! Good one, no doubt, for getting in extra steps if desired. HR's workout was a sweaty one! Supersets with four circuits; 2 strength & 1 cardio exercise (as a finisher to burn out each muscle group just worked), with a :40/:20 format. I used a wider range of DB's than HR - 5's, 10, 12, 15's. Since it's a unilateral workout, I had to make sure I stayed on the correct side and sometimes didn't mirror her. I changed up some moves - i.e. the Kneeling Press and did wide squats touching DB to floor into a tricep press, as I don't allow my knees to kneel then stand while holding a DB above my head. :eek: I liked most of this workout and it burned a lot of calories. Seemingly somewhat metabolic, it also provided great core work during a lot of the total body moves. 388 cal burn
6 - Rest Day

7 - KCM 30 MTF Muscle Up Lift2BFit (Full Body Workout=56 min.); stretch Early morning dentist appt. She found a cavity, darn it! I wasn't even having any issues! At least my insurance will cover most of the filling/appts./I reacquired this dvd again during Kelly's sale. I don't think I ever tried the full body premix which I think will be easier to fit into a rotation than the separate workouts that incl. both UB and LB in each.
8 - Yvette Fit #79 (35 Min. FUN Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing); Mady's BPR Early morning hair appt. This one never has any dread even when done at another time than my usual workout time...that is saying a lot!! I just needed to move and it's fun! Used my wrist weights.
9 - Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility - TS 20 min Premix) This is all I could fit wasn't feeling well today and I had to be "on call" and was over there longer than usual. (She's better on the 10th).
10- Yvette Fit #127 (30 Min. Ankle Weight/Kickbox Combos with Biceps); Yvette Fit #142 (30 Min. All Barbell & DB Workout - UB/LB); Mady's BPR First time for 127 - I didn't think I could do this one, as Y is wearing ankle weights while doing cardio/jumping around, but I used my ankle weights and did all the high impact cardio on my rebounder. I just did tucks, air jacks, frog-like jumps instead of following her which got my HR up more anyway. Wow, doing the jumps on the rebounder with ankle weights makes a huge difference! I hope, though, my knees will not complain... So this class has k/b cardio, high impact moves using the step topper, weighted biceps, core and gets those legs good with the standing leg lifts, etc! I loved that these were standing instead of lying down on the mat. I added on my FAV weight workout on Y's site! Just love this one SO much for getting total body weight work in 30 min. and PHA-style, although a lot of the exercises work at least 2 body parts per exercise (UB & LB) so it is a DOUBLE BONUS!!! For D/L's, I did weighted bridge work and 1 arm rows, both with 25#. I used 12's, 15's, and 20 for most everything else. Shoulder's are fried by the time you're done since they are used a lot indirectly. Core exercises are included at the end but in place of that, I did a few more 1 arm rows to work the back since I got core work in the first workout. Great TOTAL BODY workout today! 445 cal burn
11 - KCM Cardio Fit (All Cardio Premix + Raw Bonus Step W/o = 62 min.) Mimi Solaire Deep Stretch (Back) OMGoodness, I had SO much FUN this morning with this premix!! I had lots of energy (2 cups of coffee and was raring to go!) This is my premix--Kelly just has the All Cardio Premix (33 min.) without the added Raw Bonus as a premix option. It was a BLAST!!! I wore my 2# wrist weights and my HR was up for most of the workout but I like to add in fillers here and there and up the ante a bit. (Instead of her grounded pendulums, I do them Cathe-style and putting a little oomph in the moves to keep up my HR). Love these combos and the step Raw combos and I just used my topper. IMO, this might be her best music on a was really motivating to me today. So this one might go straight to the top of one of my Kelly favs--even above Sculpting Rx! I’m so glad I didn't cancel my order!!//Mimi's stretch is nice when wanting to hold the stretches a little longer. After the stretch, a whopping 509 cal burn. YES!!
12- Five Parks Yoga (Intense Flow with No Planks or Chaturangas - Wrist Free Yoga=49 min.) I revisited this well-rounded, sweaty, heat-inducing class with absolutely no chats or DDogs=perfect! It also has a fantastic sequence of balance challenges on each leg and a boat sequence that goes on forever!- I had to take breaks! I’m going to try to do this class at least once a month…it is such a good one for balance, core and my ailments. I really miss Erin!
13- Rest Day

14- Yvette Fit #144 (60 Min. Cardio Weights Workout); Mady's BPR This one uses lighter weights (5's-15's) & gliders. High/low (more high) and is very shoulder intensive...practically every weighted move works shoulders with/without the lower body. I switched up some of the weight work to include biceps and triceps. During the lower body glider work where Y works shoulders (mostly overhead), I changed those to bicep curls (I think curls fit better in there anyway to keep my back happy). Core gets really worked well throughout. There's a j. jack frenzy at the end in which I did air jacks on the rebounder - 75 to be precise! Yvette is very j. jack happy in this one! Changed up to jump ropes, high knees or kept it more low impact. I think I've done workouts that seemed more fun to me on Y's site, but I appreciated that it wasn't a killer with the weights and core intervals included throughout so it wasn't all cardio! Had to add on an add'l stretch. 458 cal burn
15- Two Birds Yoga (40 Min. Recovery Day Vinyasa Flow) I needed a relaxing practice today to put me in a relaxing mood for the return to the dentist. It was a great choice…it may be one of my favs on her was so relaxing and very few DDogs and fantastic IT band stretches to really get into those hips good. Her dog, Ralphie, is hilarious seeking her attention often and had me LOL!
16- Cathe Live #321 Metabolic Circuit - 47 min.; Mady's BPR It's been since 2020 since I did this one...I really liked it again even though Cathe is by herself in this. I LOVE the format - there are blocks (or groupings) of 2 sets of exercises (UB & LB in each group w/ 12-16 reps) and Cathe moves at a pretty good clip but she does slow down toward the end. Love Cathe's creativity in this! For the last block (and our arms are fried by then, thankfully, she does Drop Sets). I had to get creative myself since my hand/lower back is an issue this time around, so for D/L's, I did weighted bridges and for upright rows, I did pull downs. I could hang tough with the 15's for bi's today since there really isn't a lot of reps. For calves, I did 50 (1 30 & 1 20) instead of 2 30's. I didn't burn many calories this time around either (288), but my HR seemed to be up for most of the workout, is somewhat metabolic and is a good fat burner. Wanting a weight workout that seems a little different, this one is a goodie!
17- 75 min. Yard Clean Up LOL, I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy cleaning up my yard at 7:20 a.m.! Had to get it done before the big snow storm…um, it’s 10:30 and still nuthin’!! Supposed to have another big snow…….but once it happens, there are no pokey balls under it, LOL! I’m going to see if I am up for a basement workout…ETA: well, I never got down to the basement but I stayed upstairs and stretched. Two Birds Yoga (30 Min. Gentle Stretchy Vinyasa Yoga Flow); (30 Min. Soothing & Relaxing Bedtime Yoga) The first one isn't v/o, so it was echoey in the room, but I liked the stretches ok. Love the bedtime yoga when wanting to just stretch while sitting/laying (and watching the snow come down! We got about 6"?).
18- KCM 30 MTF Split Sessions (Full Body Mix-In=alternating UB/LB exercises); (Bonus Floor - just the exercises using the band=6 min.); Mady's BPR Another purchase on a whim during her sale...I should've stayed with my gut feeling about purchasing these older Kelly's. So far, I'm 0-3. :/ I wanted to do everything on the dvd to give it a fair shot. There were so many "innovative" moves that I had to change up about 95% of the workout! I'm glad I find Kelly's newer workouts much more enjoyable and doable.
19- Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Standing Power Walk & Cardio/Indoor FB LISS Workout = 36 min.); Cathe's Perfect 30 (Mobility) I loved this class! The format is :40/:10 intervals and all standing with every other move the "static march" which is very easy to change up which I did. I wore my 2# wrist weights and put in a lot of fast, tricep kick backs and k/b arms, so it really added up. I did Yvette and Cathe fillers and my HR stayed up for most of the workout. That's what I love about Olivia's workouts...they are so easy to ramp up the intensity! Cathe's Mobility felt really good afterward. My aches/pains are feeling better at the end of the week...I'm sure it's due to all the yoga/stretching throughout the week. Sometimes that all I could talk myself in to with all the sorting/going thru the parents' things.
20- Rest Day

21- Yvette Fit #165 (60 Min. High Intensity Step with Light Weights = 65 min.); Mady's BPR Another "Holy HiiT" workout!! This truly is a 50+ min. HiiT workout and even during the "recovery moves", my HR stayed in the 150's and never came down!!! I used the BOSU in place of the step - the first couple exercises I had to do my own thing, but other than that, it worked really well. The other day I thought Yvette is "j.jack happy", but this one took the prize and I didn't even do ONE, LOL!! She includes some light weight shoulder/leg combination moves toward the end (I used 5's and 8's) and at the 58 min. mark, she has us use the FW band for a "finisher" to really FRY the legs (as if they weren't already by then!). I only burned 30-some less calories than Y and I changed it up A LOT! Feeling very accomplished and this workout is a great start to the week with lots and lots of balance work. I just love how I can make her workouts work for my old lady knees and all my other ailments, LOL! :heart: 552 cal burn (after stretch).
22- Yvette Fit (w/u); Olivia Lawson (40 Min. Total Body Standing Strength Workout/Low Impact/No Repeat); Five Parks Yoga (Weekend Warrior Yoga Class) I kept my weights lighter (8's-10's) and this was a good little metabolic workout that was all standing. Core is worked really well, and I'm feeling some DOMS on the 23rd. (Also calf DOMS on the 23rd still prevalent from Yvette's workout!). I did Erin's class before - a goodie!
23- Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); YT (30 Min. Yin Yoga "Detox" with Travis) Needed some stretching today...certain body parts are still sore (see yesterday). I know I did this Travis class before...I looked back and it was the same one I did in Oct. but with a different title. Poses are only held 1:45-2:00 minutes with Deer pose, cow face pose with twists and all seated. This is one of very few of Travis's classes when he skips corpse pose...
24- 45 Min. Yard Clean up; (Later) 15 Min. Blowing Snow off driveway/sidewalks with leaf blower
Ha - yard work in the morning and blowing snow in the evening! This is all I could do knowing yet another day of sorting/packing lies ahead...and this is just the basics mom will need to move into the ALF...I'm really feeling the fatigue!
25- KCM Sculpting Rx (Workout 1/Workout 2 Intervaled Body Parts=38 min.); Travis' Short & Sweet (#2) Love this Kelly premix to get in/out with a major UB burn! I used 8's, 12's, and 15's. Travis' class is a good one for flow and balance hand/wrist was hurting a bit (leftover pain from raking/blowing). ETA: well, more to add to the hand pain, LOL, I did 30 min. of blowing snow off driveway.
26- Cathe Live #169 (Mixed Impact HiiT w/ Bonus Abs=42 min.); Mady's BPR This is a short but goodie HiiT hi/lo workout to get in/out. I haven't done this one since '18, but there are plenty of Cathe's signature (ad nauseam) cardio moves (which I have since become bored with - except for Snow Boards! :heart:). It uses very light weights for a couple exercises (5's) but it was perfect for wanting a light cardio day after a weight day. Lots of core focus throughout and then a floor core segment at end which was tough after all the standing core work! 302 cal burn
27- Rest Day

28- Yvette Fit #18 (60 Min. BOSU Cardio Core Workout); Mady's BPR; Mady's 15 Min. Leg stretch
Yet another gem I overlooked on Y's site! BOSU, k/b, BW, & core exercises make this one so much FUN - had a blast! She uses the BOSU for almost all the exercises - lots of fun moves and balance challenges too. Favorited, and a great start to my busy, busy week! :love: 487 cal burn

allgirlsinaz 01-29-22 12:34 PM

Now that I have transitioned to working from home, I should be able to return to a more normal workout schedule. I will focus on Heather Robertson's HR 12 week 2.0 program.

1. nothing
2. hike-unsure of miles (maybe 3-ish)
3. Chest/Shoulders/Tri's
4. Abs & Glutes
5. Ride with Alina Climbs and Sprints 30 min ride; Back and Bi's
6. nothing
7. Unilateral Legs
8. Cardio & Core; Get Fit with Rick 80's Rock 25 min (trying to add more movement during my lunch break since my job as become very sedentary)
9. 4.27 mile walk
10. Shoulders, Chest, Triceps; AngieFitnessTV Power Walk Power Push 30 min walk
11. Olivia Lawson Fat Burning Walk 20 min
12. Cycling Sophie Beginner Basic Ride 25 min; Unilateral UB Back & Bi's
13. SSoD Mastering Mountains 2 75 min ride
14. Booty Building
15. nothing
16. 3.47 mile hike
17. Back and Bi's; Growwithjo Fast Walking
18. Hiit Legs; AngieFitnessTV 30 min Power Cardio Walk
19. Chest, Tri's & Shoulders
20. Spin with Lars 007 60 min ride
21. Core & Booty; Pahla B Cardio Party
22. nothing
23. RI:ID Fast Ride 25 min; Back
24. Arms; 25 min t/m walk
25. Hiit Cardio, Booty, Abs; 25 min t/m walk
26. Joe Alvarado Dance Hits of 2011 30 min ride; Chest & Shoulders
27. SSoD Cycle Inferno 55 min ride

AsSweetAsSugar 01-29-22 01:03 PM

Febrero :sun:

31- Dance with Lisa 5DLDS: Cha Cha (~dust bunny) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series: Ultimate Leg Sculptor (~virgin 30 min.). Wow Lisa warm up was a workout on its own, then the workout started and I was scratching my head, I had to go check the tutorial a bit and then came back, I did it! I think it is the first time I do it completely without feeling frustrated, I wasn't as grateful for sure, but I enjoyed it. ULS was pretty good and tough, I definitely got a nice leg burn, it is filmed in a lovely beach, 2 thumbs up!
01- Fitness with the Pros: Beginner Low Impact Workout (~dust bunny 27 min.) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Vol. 2: Total Core, Legs & Butt (~virgin 32 min.). The beginner wo of FwtP consisted of three segments: Waltz, Cha Cha and Jive, I almost fall asleep during the first segment lol, but it did warm me up for what was coming, the 2nd and 3rd segments were fun, I found it weird that the jive started with jumping with both legs and then one at a time, since it was supposed to be low impact, overall a nice sweaty workout, I think I have never done the other 2 workouts in the DVD. The Essentrics workout was tough! The standing portion burned my legs a lot! The floor portion was shorter than yesterday's workout and easier, not a bad thing! I liked the abs work too. T2B, thanks for the Patricia Moreno DVD rec, I will check if I can find a copy for a reasonable price.
02- Fitness with the Pros: Intermediate Medium Impact Workout (~virgin 30 min.) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series: Arm Blast & Posture Boost (~virgin 30 min.). The MIW from DwtP was fun, dances included Cha Cha, Samba and Jive, there were some tricky moves during the Jive section, so something to work on, surprisingly I did great during the Samba, ballroom Samba seems more easier to catch for me that street Samba. ABPB was pretty good, there was a nice standing leg series, but the focus was definitely for the upper body, nice leg stretches on the chair at the end.
03- Fitness with the Pros: Advanced High Impact Workout (~virgin 28 min.) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series Vol. 2: Calorie Burning and Lower Body Sculpting (~virgin 31 min.). The HIW had two segments Samba and Jive, this definitely was the hardest of them all, lot of hoping specially during the Jive, but it didn't feel high impact, it was a fun and a sweaty workout. The Essentrics workout was pretty good too, the side lying series was particularly hard... ouch! I enjoyed it all.
04- Disco Abs: I Will Survive Cardio (~virgin 30 min.) + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series: Abs Flattening & Waist Shaping (~virgin 30 min.). IWS was a fun cardio workout, without complicated steps. The Essentrics workout was nice too, I was expecting some triceps push ups, but none of the three workouts from Vol. 1 had them, I am sure I saw a preview with, I just checked VF Reviews and it indeed had them, it seems like they removed them? I used my weighted bracelets for both workouts.
05-25- Unplanned rest. Sick with a bad cold.
26- Disco Abs: Boogie Burn Cardio (~virgin 40 min.) + Get Down On It (~virgin 16 min.). GDOI was a nice little band workout.
27- Tai Chi Balance Workout (~virgin 50 min.). I wonder they were a couple? Easy workout, I liked it, I didn't love it.
28- Cathe's Basic Step + Body Fusion: Upper, Lower & Abs (~virgin 50 min.) + Si6: Slim & Limber.

Tammie M 01-29-22 01:11 PM


2 - Rob Glick Star Trainers: Strength - DeFine + Star Trainers: Ab Blast - ABSolutely Beautiful + Yoga Zone Gentle Yoga for Beginners - Session 1
3 - Rob Glick Star Trainers: Cardio - Cardio Party + Namaste Yoga Season 2: Episode 13
4 - Bernadette Giorgi Foam Roller Core Workout - Foam Roller Workout
5 - Emily Klingerman Yoga Therapy for Back Pain - Chair Yoga & 44 Minute Sessions
6 - Gay Gasper Star Trainers: Strength - Strength Espresso + Star Trainers: Ab Blast - Abs Espresso
7 - Gay Gasper Star Trainers: Cardio - Cardio Espresso + Yoga Zone Gentle Yoga for Beginners - Session 2
8 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Hotel Series: Glutes & Outer Thighs + Bernadette Giorgi Foam Roller Core Workout - Mat Workout
9 - Mimi Solaire Deep Stretch Yin Yoga
10 - Kendall Hogan Star Trainers: Strength - Peak Performance Sculpt + Star Trainers: Ab Blast - Peak Performance Abs + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series - Arm Blast & Posture Boost
11 - Kendall Hogan Star Trainers: Cardio - Peak Performance Cardio + Essentrics Full Body Barre Workout - Floor Tone
12 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Hotel Series: Cardio Lower Body + Ana Caban Pilates Body Band Workout
13 - Ashley Turner Element Stretch, Release & Restore Yoga
14 - Kimberly Spreen Star Trainers: Strength - Strength in Motion + Star Trainers: Ab Blast - Core Blast + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series - Ultimate Leg Sculptor
15 - Kimberly Spreen Star Trainers: Cardio - Power Within + Essentrics Full Body Barre Workout - Standing
16 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Hotel Series: Cardio Core + Exhale Core Fusion 30 Day Sculpt - Week 3, Day 2
17 - Matthew Cohen Tai Chi & Qi Gong Basics - Qi Gong Practice
18 - Violet Zaki Star Trainers: Strength - Strength Zone + Star Trainers: ABSession - Core Blast + Essentrics Body Sculpting Series - Ab Flattening & Waist Shaping
19 - Violet Zaki Star Trainers: Cardio - Cardio Kick Butt + Matthew Cohen Tai Chi & Qi Gong Basics - Tai Chi
20 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Slider Series: Slide & Box + Scott Cole Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts - PM Workout
21 - Scott Cole Discover Tai Chi for Balance & Mobility + Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx Lower Body Series- Hip Quickfix Series
23 - Tracie Long Signature Series Vol. 1
24 - Ilaria Montagnani Powerstrike Volume 4
25 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Bodyweight Basics: Stretch & Sculpt
26 - Charles and Lisa Matkin Healing Yoga for Aches and Pains + Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx Lower Body Series- Lower Back Quickfix Series
27 - Tracie Long Signature Series Vol. 2
28 - Kari Anderson Push - Step + Stretch, Flex & Tone - Madeleine Lewis Stretch

Luv2WO 01-29-22 01:56 PM


1. Essentrics Live with Gail (1/31), Express Leg Toning with Amanda
2. Essentrics Live 20's workout with Gail (#1), PBL Stress Free Stretch Routine
3. Essentrics Live with Gail (2/3), Butt Toning with Meg, PBL Live 45 Express
4. Essentrics Live 20's workout with Gail (#3), YouTube Karen Lord Arms workout
5. Miranda's Arms and Abs / Legs and Butt workouts :eek:, 30 min walk, PBL Bedtime Stretch Routine
6. Karen Lord Morning Pilates Routine and Side Lying Leg workouts
7. Essentrics Live with Gail (2/7), Karen Lord 10 min Full Body, PBL New You Amazing Arms, Band Body Sculpture Class
8. PBL May Makeover Total Body, Legs on Fire, 25 minute walk
9. Barre3 Wisdom, PBL New You Butt Firmer, Poise and Strength Arm workout, New You Stretch Routine
10. Essentrics Live with Gail (2/10), PBL Toned in 10 Full Body, Karen Lord Side Lying Pilates
11. Hiking in Zion
12. Hiking in Snow Canyon
13. Hiking in Leed's, Utah (Red Rock park), PBL SIS Soothing Stretch
14. Barre3 Balance, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Hamstrings
15. PBL Sculpt And Firm Leg Workout, Classic Series: Upper Body, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Back
16. Old Barre3 40 minute with Sadie, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Hips
17. PBL SIS Side Slimmer Workout, Twist And Shout Workout, Resistance Plus Posture workout, 45 min walk, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Rotation
18. Old Barre3 40 minute with Jenni, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Quads
19. Barre3 Shape with Sadie (60 minutes), 20 minute walk, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Neck Routine
20. Ballet Beautiful Total Body, PBL Ultimate Flexibility: Complete Body
21. Barre3 Ballet Sculpt with Candace, Ballet Beautiful Mat Stretch
22. Ballet Beautiful Total Body, Mat Stretch
23. Barre3 Burner with Sadie
24. Ballet Beautiful Total Body (Abs, Outer/Inner Thighs and Arms) and Mat Stretch
25. Barre3 Ballet Fit with Candace
26. Barre3 Lean with Sadie
27. PBL Ab and Butt Sculpture, Extreme Upper Body Workout, 20 minute walk
28. Barre3 Length with Lisa

donnamp 01-29-22 01:58 PM

February ---

1 - CS 1402; LWR - 15 Min Indoor Walk; 7 Min Thigh Workout, 4 Min cool down; dog walk; Jessica Valent 10 Min Hip Routine, Yoga w/ Adriene - 10 min yoga for self care

2 - CS1403; LWR - 10 Min Heart Health Series # 1, 7 Min Workout to Lose Belly Fat; dog walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra Evening Yoga - Day # 3

3 - Ellen - Barre Conditioning, Sleek Side Body, LWR - 1,000 Step walk, 9 min Full Body Sculpt

4 - Ellen - Abs & Arms, Quick Tone; Essentrics - 15 Min Workout for Posture w/ Amanda Cyr; LWR - 10 Min Heart Health Series # 1

5 - CS 1404, LWR - 15 Min Indoor Walk

6 - Jessica Smith - Feel Good Fusion (Strength), Total Stretch - 17 min workout

7 - Jessica Smith - Total Body Balance - Cardio Flow & Cardio Dance Sculpt; Simply Stretch - 11 Min Chair Stretch; outdoor walk, Essentrics Live 2/7 w/Gail (A.M. Routine)

8 - Essentrics Live 1/31 w/ Gail (A.M. Routine); Outdoor walk, Ellen - Power 15

9 - Essentrics Live 2/3 w/ Gail (activation workout), Jessica Smith - 30 Day Set - Toning Walk; outdoor walk

10 - Jessica Smith - Fit in 15 Kickboxing 101, Yoga Fusion Fix - 30 Min Session, outdoor walk, Essentrics Live w/ Jenny - Aging Backwards

11 - Jessica Smith - WS 3.0 - Metabolic Conditioning, WS 3.0 - Simply Stretch; outdoor walk

12 - Essentrics Live w/ Sahra from 2/1; outdoor walk

13 - Jessica Smith - Brain Fitness Fun (WS 1.0), Yoga Fusion Fix - 15 min segment; outdoor walk, CS 1405

14 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Strength (15 min), Total Body Time Saving Standing Strength Circuit (15 min), Post Workout Stretch (15 min)

15 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Ballet, Nicky McGinnity - Ballet Fitness - lower body segment, stretch segment; outdoor walk (short), Sahra's Live Essentrics from 2/14

16 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Interval Sculpt (WS 3.0), Yoga for Back Pain (DVD), CS 1406, longer outdoor walk

17 - Jessica Smith - Barefoot Cardio Core (WS 3.0), Simply Stretch -Floor stretch, dog walk, CS 1407

18 - CS 1408, outdoor walking

19- Out of town/rest day - a bit of walking

20 - CS 1409 - travel day

21 - Jessica Smith - Tone & Flow (WS 3.0), Ellen - Quick Fix; outdoor walk, Essentrics - Live w/ Lauren from 2/15

22 - Stott Pilates - Secrets to Weight Loss Volume 2; Essentrics - Aging Backwards w/ Jenny - live workout

23 - Stott Pilates - ZenGa Flow; outdoor walk

24 - Jessica Smith - Stepping Strength; Jessica Valent -Routine for Scoliosis (20 min); Essentrics Live Workout w/ Gail - 2/24

25 - Jessica Smith - Have a Ball (WS 2.0), Jessica Valent - Hip Flexor Stretch, Routine for Strong Hips

26 - Jessica Smith - Total Body (WS 3.0), Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine, short outdoor walk, Essentrics Live workout w/ Gail 2/10

27 - Jessica Smith - Feel Good Fusion - Cardio (DVD); Jessica Valent - 10 Min Healthy Back Routine, outdoor walk, Jessica Smith - Gentle Yoga - Stability and Mobility section

28 - Jessica Smith - Total Body Balance (DVD) - Sole Sculpt & Core Stretch; outdoor walk, CS 1410

txhsmom 01-29-22 02:09 PM

I'm in!

1 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio Workout with Madeleine 1/12/22 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Workout for Hips
2 Ellen Barrett - Ballet Conditioning - 30 minutes
3 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength Workout with Penny 2/3/22 - 30 minutes
4 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio Workout with Penny 2/4/22 - 30 minutes
5 Ellen Barrett - Abs & Arms - 30 minutes & Sunset Stretch - 15 minutes
6 Rest Day
7 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Everything Circuits with Mindy 2/7/22 - 30 minutes; Jessica Smith - Core on the Ball - 16 minutes
8 Silver & Fit - Flexibility and Balance with Penny 2/1/22 - 30 minutes
9 Unplanned Rest Day
10 Unplanned Rest Day
11 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 2/1/22 - 30 minutes
12 Senior Shape - Cardio Barre - 26 minutes
13 Senior Shape - Pilates Mini Ball Workout - 27 minutes
14 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Everything Circuits with Adita 2/14/22 - 30 minutes; Sadie Lincoln - 10 Minutes to Flat Abs - Core Restore - 12 minutes
15 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio Workout with Madeleine 2/2/22 - 30 minutes
16 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Penny 2/4/22 - 30 minutes
17 Unplanned Rest Day
18 Ellen Barrett - Pilates Power - 30 minutes
19 Unplanned Rest Day
20 Get Healthy U TV - One Mile Power Walk - 16 minutes & Strength for Beginners - 10 minutes; Senior Shape - 10 Minute Stretch
21 Senior Shape - Strength & Cardio - 34 minutes & Bedtime Stretch - 13 minutes
22 Senior Shape - Barre One Weight - 36 minutes
23 Senior Shape - Barre & Fight - 33 minutes
24 Senior Shape - Floor Weights - Chest & Back - 24 minutes & 10 Minute Lower Body Workout - Floor - 14 minutes
25 Rest Day - Sick
26 Rest Day - Sick
27 Rest Day - Sick
28 Senior Shape - Strength on the Mat - 39 minutes


Elsie 01-29-22 03:47 PM


1 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB fourteen; Short outdoor Walk; a little yardwork
2 - J Smith 2-mile Belly Fat Interval Walk
3 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB fifteen (week Five complete!); quick floor hamstring routine
4 - Outdoor Walk
5 - Fitness w Rhoda Mat Stretch .. felt so good
6 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 TB sixteen; Short, Brisk Outdoor Walk
7 - My Yoga Time Yoga snack for Back-Hamstring tension; Short Outdoor Walk
9 - Lift w Cee 40-4-40 seventeen; Outdoor walk
10 - Cathe BB Push-Pull Legs .. Just omitted some rounds of floorwork as pressed for time; a little Pilates
11 - Long Outdoor walk
12 - Outdoor walk
13 - Yardwork; Walk at the Beach; Lift w Cee PPL PUSH wk1; a little Shoulder mobility
15 - Lift w Cee PPL PULL wk1; Neighbourhood Walk
17 - Lift w Cee PPL Legs-Core wk1
18 - Lively Ladies Jog-Walk; Outdoor Walk
20 - Lift w Cee PPL PUSH wk2; Yardwork; Neighbourhood walk
21 - Short walk w DH; my own rotational/Core routine. (It sure is getting tougher & tougher for me to Login here ..hoping the software or whatever isn't dying.)
23 - Lift w Cee PPL PuLL wk2; brisk outdoor Walk
24 - Shoveling; ball massage release
25 - Lift w Cee PPL Legs wk2
27 - Lift w Cee PPL PUSH wk3; Cathe Stretch Max 1; extra lat stretching
28 - Less than ten mins on the HiiT bike

Dontmindthemess 01-29-22 05:19 PM

February 2022



Helen 01-29-22 06:39 PM

cardio: light moderate tough; muscle: light moderate tough; combined: light moderate tough; flexibility/yoga/meditation
Focus = more weights, and not to drop off the wagon now that I'm back at work - hoping to aim for an average of 100min/day (ambitious? but that includes dog walks ;))

01 Tue 119min
45min, dog walk
74min, Cathe - Intensity Series - Imax Extreme
02 Wed 128min -> 247min, avg 124
45min, Tom Holland - Supreme 90 - Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
30min, dog walk
53min, Les Mills - Body Jam 55
03 Thu 99min -> 346min, avg 115
69min, Cathe - Intensity Series - Terminator - Gauntlet
30min, dog walk
04 Fri 87min -> 433min, avg 108
45min, dog walk
28min, Men's Health - BJ Gaddour - Delta Fit - HEAT - Sweat & Stretch
14min, Tony Horton - P90 One-on-One - Apres Ski Stretch
05 Sat 61min -> 494min, avg 99
46min, Cathe - ICE - Low Impact Sweat
15min, dog walk
06 Sun 171min -> 665min, avg 111
45min, dog walk
79min, Cathe - Intensity Series - Terminator - Viper
47min, Cathe - Perfect 30 - Perfect Pump - Basic Mix 05 (Upper + Core + Extended Stretch)
07 Mon 30min -> 695min, avg 99
30min, dog walk, sent home by rain
08 Tue 15min -> 710min, avg 89
15min, dog walk, lucky to get that in, more rain
09 Wed 60min -> 770min, avg 86
60min, dog walk
10 Thu 30min -> 800min, avg 80
30min, dog walk
11 Fri 30min -> 830min, avg 75
30min, dog walk
12 Sat 0min -> 830min, avg 69
not even a dog walk - peristent intermittent showers all day
13 Sun 90min -> 920min, avg 71
45min, dog walk
45min, Cathe - Body Blast - Step, Jump, & Pump - Step & Weights Mix

The week above was BAD.

14 Mon 67min -> 987min, avg 71
30min, dog walk
37min, Cathe - XTrain - Tabatacise - Tabatas 1+2 + Core 2 Mix

15 Tue
Need 513min (8hr, 33min) to make 100min/day (yeah, not going to happen)

16 Wed
17 Thu
18 Fri
19 Sat
20 Sun

21 Mon
22 Tue
23 Wed
24 Thu
25 Fri
26 Sat
48min, Amy Bento - Cardio Pump Step
27 Sun
2 hrs, dog walk
52min, Cathe - STS Shock Cardio - MMA Kickbox

28 Mon

Need 2800 min to avg 100/day, need 130/day for remainder of month (could be some looong dog walk in our future)

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