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kat999 06-12-21 12:43 PM

Check-In: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and Body Shred
Hey, all! I got great advice on my questions about Body Revolution and Body Shred, and my copy of BR came today so I immediately got down to business!

I'm going to go ahead and do the whole 90 days mostly as prescribed (workouts only, not the d*et stuff), and each week I'm going to increase the weights I'm using unless it proves too difficult. This week I'm taking it very light and using 1, 2, and 3 lbs., and I'll increase to 2, 3, and 4 lbs. next week.

I may do some active recovery or other workout on rest days (or yoga or something), and since I didn't start on a Monday but a Saturday, I'm just checking workouts off in the booklet as I complete them.

Today was Phase 1, Workout 1, and it was all very familiar and pretty easy, although I honestly cannot do pushups even off my knees and tend to use a "box" style that was shown in an old FIRM video and which Jillian explicitly says not to do here but oh well. :cool: Otherwise, I didn't really have to modify much of anything, which was a relief. It was kind of nice to see all of her older video backgrounders together in the same video. The set is not that great, IMHO, but she is more motivating than meanspirited here, which I appreciate.

All in all a VERY solid 32-minute workout that burned 187 calories for me and got my heartrate up to my max without feeling like I was going to die.

ETA: The plan for this check-in is to get through the 90 days of Body Revolution and then move on to the 60 days of Body Shred. I actually have just over 20 "pandemic pounds" I'm trying to lose, so I'm hoping this jump starts me! :)

geojill 06-12-21 05:59 PM

Itís funny that you mention body revolution, because I just repurchased it and plan to start tomorrow or Monday.

kat999 06-13-21 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by geojill (Post 2929117)
It’s funny that you mention body revolution, because I just repurchased it and plan to start tomorrow or Monday.

That's awesome! Please check-in and follow along!

Today I did Phase 1, Workout 2, and this one really connected with me, because I love biceps, abs, and light cardio. 36 minutes total, and I burned more calories than I did with Workout 1. Jillian is especially hard on Mimi in this one, which was hilarious. All in all, very encouraging, helpful, fun, and with zero dread for any of the moves.

I actually had some DOMS this morning after having done the first workout, and I cannot remember the last time that happened to me. I'm still only using 1, 2, and 3 lbs. (mostly 3s for this one), and yet I was surprised that I felt the burn. I think the real benefit of this system is the no rest, circuit style, and the high intensity relative to the length of the workout.

I've been trying to decide what to do on rest days for active recovery and I think I'll go for a mix of power walks to get in some steady-state, low-impact cardio and, if the weather is working against me, some gentle yoga or fusion (maybe a light Ellen Barrett or something). I want to make sure I do take the prescribed rest days and not overtrain muscles (i.e., I'm not going to do a FIRM or even a different JM video on those days), but I also do want to get in some steps and reach all my Apple Watch goals every day, even if I'm working at a much, much slower pace.

All in all, I feel great so far, zero dread, loving it.

Oh, I should mention that Workout 2 is when she starts using the cable device, and my set didn't come with that, so I just swapped in a Thera-Band. Any kind of stretchy band or cable or even a stretchy jump rope or yoga strap would probably work. In a pinch, I could also see using light dumbbells and just mimicking the move itself. For Workout 2, you just use it wrapped around your feet, seated upright, and you do a rowing motion.

Even with that easy modification, I am still going to check and see if the actual JM cable is available anywhere on Amazon or ebay, just in case using the real cable system seems more necessary later.

ETA: The cable doesn't really seem to be available, and I found some old threads on here that indicate it's not really necessary, so I'll keep modifying with my Thera-Bands and dumbbells, depending on what the move calls for. :)

kat999 06-14-21 09:18 AM

CARDIO DAY! Today was my first time doing the Phase 1 Cardio workout. I dug it! It's extremely simple in terms of circuits/repetitions, and I didn't have to do too much modification. Running man is just not going to happen with the way my legs work, though, so for that I subbed in running in place. The suicides I also find kind of tough, but I know that with some practice I'll get better at them. I was kind of bummed that this workout is only 26 minutes, because my Apple Watch exercise goal each day is 30 minutes minimum. The calorie burn overall was also not as good as it was for Workouts 1 and 2, but the per minute calorie burn was actually higher (due to the shorter run time/higher overall intensity). I think on days when I do the cardio disc, I'm going to add in even just a 15-minute power walk, and that'll take care of getting me my personal goal.

Jillian was super motivating in this one to the point where I almost teared up a little bit, which I know is so silly, but it really got to me. She is so encouraging in this set, and I still love how she interacts with her backgrounders to provide a little brevity and fun.

As expected, no weights here, which is great because honestly my legs and obliques are really feeling the past two days of starting this set.

In old threads on BR, I found that many folks here skip Phase 1 and find it really easy. I do find it easy, too, but I think there's something about coming to a slightly different pace--even if you're intermediate to advanced, and even if you're familiar with other JM workouts--that kind of shakes your body up and shocks it a little.

The rest of this week is apparently going back through the 1, 2, Cardio cycle again, which may feel repetitive, but I'll try to mix it up a little by increasing my intensity level and trying to modify a little less.

Feeling really good! I'm kind of obsessed! I also wish this set was still in print; based on that funny Vulture article from last year it sounds like it's still available in app form, but I wish she was still selling the DVD kit. I'm SO glad I found this before it got even harder to get! :sun:

kat999 06-15-21 09:50 AM

Back to Workout 1, still on the first week of Phase 1. This time around, I modified up in intensity a little bit, using weights for moves that only the advanced backgrounders used weights for, and using slightly heavier weights for weighted moves. And yet weirdly enough I burned fewer calories this time than I did my first time through. I also was slightly alarmed that my HR went up past my personal "comfort zone" upper limit (I try to always back off if it reaches 170, and this session raised it to 176 at least once). Then again, my home gym was really, really warm today, so that could have had something to do with it.

My copy of Body Shred finally made it here, so I'm going to read through those materials today. It's still a long time before I get to that set, but I'm happy that I'm all ready for it! :sun:

As far as results, it's so early, but I am down .8 lbs. since I started. A very small win, but I'll take it!

kat999 06-16-21 09:11 AM

And today I returned to Workout 2 of Phase 1. This time I used some weights along with the more advanced backgrounders and tightened up my Thera-Band for the cord moves. I burned 10 fewer calories than I did my first time through, so I'm pretty sure next week when I'm still in this phase, I'm for sure going to heavy up my weights. Fortunately today I didn't experience the scary super elevated heart rate that I did yesterday (I think that was only elevated that high for a second).

Results so far: my weight bounced back up .2 lb. from yesterday, but I'm sure that's just water, really. I do notice that my heart rate is lower at rest than it ever has been in the whole time I've been using a HR fitness tracker. I'm sleeping a little better some nights, too, and even though there hasn't been a hugely dramatic weight loss, I feel like my waist is a little more defined. Very subtle, and not yet noticeable in how my clothes fit, but there is a change.

kat999 06-17-21 09:10 AM

Today was Cardio 1 again! Whew! That is a sweaty 26 minutes. I know some folks get bored doing the same cardio multiple times but there are still some moves that are a little tough for me, so I want to master them (suicides in particular). I plan to keep doing this one next week, too.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day and I had said before that I was going to do "active recovery" but now I feel like I actually need a full day off to kind of reset and reboot before I start Week 2. I plan to increase weights in the next week, too.

Results so far: weight is the same as yesterday. I don't see any new changes aesthetically. Physical changes include continued lowering of my BP, my resting heart rate, and the solidity of my sleep is really great.

kat999 06-18-21 09:04 AM

Rest day today! I start Week 2 tomorrow, and will continue with repeating the first week of Phase 1, but this time I'll be increasing my weights by 1 lb. for light, medium, and heavy, and I'll be trying to modify less and do the advanced move(s) whenever possible.

I actually didn't weight myself or take my blood pressure this morning, but I continue to notice a lower resting HR, and I did have a not insignificant weight loss so far.

One thing I think I'm going to do is occasionally do a second workout in the evening, probably just light cardio, at least once per week. I was reading a blog written by someone who did Body Revolution and she did spin classes and jogging on top of the workouts, particularly in the early phases. I do feel like I may not be burning as many calories overall as I would like, and I would like to accelerate my weight loss a little bit.

But so far, I'm really happy with the program, it's sustainable, it's challenging without being too difficult or making me dread it, and while there is some repetition it's better than 30 Day Shred, where you were supposed to do each of the three phases ten days in a row. Oof! No thanks! ;)

Helen 06-19-21 04:59 AM

Hi Kat,

Started reading your posts, originating with the question about Body Shred compared to Body Revolution, and read the whole review comparing the two.

I have both sets and have only done workouts here & there from them, never followed a rotation. I'm REALLY bad at rotations - get tired of repeating workouts & tired of the same instructor VERY quickly.

Nevertheless, I've decided take up your invitation to check-in with you on the rotation/s. Hope that is ok with you - thought you might enjoy some company on the journey. :) I'll be a week behind, so having your comments will be useful. :D

Today = Saturday, & did Phase 1 - Workout 1
lighter weight = 2.5kg (5.5lb), heavier = 5kg (11lb), and like you, shall increase that next time, as handled those with relative ease.

Even followed it up (an hour later) with Cathe's CTX 10-10-10. Did NOT do any of the 'make it harder' versions, since it was a first time.
NEXT time however, I shall add modest weights to the squats, but not yet committing to do them plyo style.

PS - I'm Helen at Tapatalk as well, avatar is a hand-drawn doodle kind of thing in blue scrawly circle, with a red dot in the middle of it

kat999 06-19-21 12:23 PM

Helen, you (and anybody else!) are obviously more than welcome to join in this check-in! Good for you for also doing another workout after! I'm still gauging whether I want to do that or not.

Today is the start of Week 2 for me, and I was back to good old Workout 1. I increased my weights by one pound for each of light, medium, and heavy, and I used weights and modified up to harder version of many of the exercises. I was back to burning 187 calories this time (which was what I burned the first time through Workout 1 a week ago, but since then each successive session with it the burn went down). I chalk that up to 1) increasing weights and 2) increasing intensity.

Now, "with that said" (as Jillian loves to say), my heart rate went WAY too high this time. This happened once before, but not quite as high as it went today. Today I had a record high of 190 BPM, and while it did quickly lower to 183, it didn't get back down below 170 (which is where I always aim to keep it, below 170) for about 4 minutes. So I think tomorrow I need to be more mindful about checking my Apple Watch report of HR during every single exercise and to immediately take a water break or lower my intensity if it's at 170 or above.

Results so far: I broke through my plateau after taking a rest day yesterday and have now lost a total of 4.2 lbs. That indicates to me that, at least for now, I'm not going to skip rest day, because it seems like my body needed it in order to readjust. :sun:

I finished working out about ten minutes ago and my HR is back down to 97 and continues to fall back to a reasonable resting rate, but I do think that the no-break-constant-circuit method may be a little rough on my cardiovascular system and I need to practice restraint. I urge anyone else doing this system to monitor their HR if they have a fitness tracker that does so.

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