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Diana3271 04-30-22 08:32 PM

May 2022 ~ Walk On & On ~ New Check-In Buddies Are Always Welcome!
What started as a Leslie walk challenge has morphed into a wide variety of workouts and lots of support and encouragement! Join us, if you're looking for a friendly check-in, that's not limited to one type of exercise!

Diana3271 05-01-22 06:02 AM

Good Morning, Everyone!

Steps from yesterday: Steps 10,005

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy.

monterey vidiot 05-01-22 04:06 PM

May already!
Diana, thank you for starting our month!

Next to last day of the 2 weeks of Kathy. Staying Strong Legs was the workout du jour; I might do it sometime, but I wasn't in the mood for cardio-tone. I did the leg chapter of Rejuvenation total body toning, and like it as much as the separate Rejuvenation lower body DVD. Today's workout used the figure 8 band in interesting and effective ways.

Diana3271 05-01-22 08:45 PM

Hi Everyone!

Check-In: JS Standing Abs

Have a Blessed evening!

lynnf 05-01-22 10:19 PM

Happy May -- did a barre 3 strength 30 minutes and some restorative yoga. Lots of deadlifts in this one.

Diana3271 05-02-22 07:38 AM

Good Morning, Everyone!

Steps from yesterday: Steps 6,236

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy. Have a great start to your week!

lynnf 05-02-22 11:01 AM

Hi, I am trying to be more consistent with my checkins. I usually wait to see if I add on, but will report my add ons the next day. So today was a 30 minute barre 3 signature. I have an event at the end of the month, so am trying to take off a few lbs in advance.

seabliss 05-02-22 02:52 PM

Today I did an upper body strength from Heather Robertson. She is releasing a 7-day fusion flow series right now. It looks good, so I will probably start it tomorrow.

monterey vidiot 05-02-22 03:14 PM

buh-bye for now, Kathy Smith -- end of the fortnight
Day 14 of the Kathy Smith Fit over 40. I did an optional workout, TimeSaver Cardio plus the stretch from that DVD, instead of the circuit workout from ageless.

Diana3271 05-02-22 10:46 PM

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is our Ladies meeting at church. There's always one person who does a presentation. The lady who handles the meeting will be out because she is ill. She is actually having surgery next week. She asked me to lead the group tomorrow. I did the outline of the meeting, based on her instruction and printed it out. So the lady who will be doing the presentation is having computer issues so I helped her put her presentation together today. I got nothing else done today, LOL. We also did a lot of talking, good talking about life. So there you go, no workout for the day.

Have a Blessed evening!

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