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TinaT 03-13-17 03:37 PM

Update from Mary @ Total Fitness
I just finished chatting with Mary about Fitness Favorite productions. Many of you probably already know this, but it's worth repeating. Once the majority of all workout are sold out, they will not be ordering in more. The only titles they plan to keep on dvd will be Classic Volumes 1-6. All others go to streaming.

Many titles are not available at FitFavs, but just about everything is at Mary's site. Yet, the titles availabe at FF are good prices. For those of you like me, who have bought, sold, traded off, etc ...who might want some of these on dvd, go place your order. Mary said once she is out of stock she cannot get anymore. :(

Another end to an era coming......(dvd vs streaming).

TinaT 03-13-17 04:07 PM

Over @ FitFavs, the original Fitprimes are now $2.99, along with what is left of Fitprime/Kickbutt titles. Wow!! Many titles of the FIRM are $9.99. Great prices, but if what you want is out of stock, check Mary's site.

I feel a little panicked over the dvd versions going away. :eek:

yogapam 03-13-17 04:35 PM

Are they strictly going to be streaming as in a monthly or yearly subscription or do you mean downloads you can purchase individually? I am okay with downloads as living in Canada, shipping costs for dvds from the US are very high. I like my dvds too and suspected this was coming so I've purchased quite a few used older ones recently very cheap on

TinaT 03-13-17 04:40 PM

They appear to be downloads. There are 3 right now in that category at FitFavs. I'm sure more will be coming soon. Many titles are out of stock there, and soon to be at Mary's site.

bubbles76 03-13-17 06:14 PM

Yes I planned on getting a few at FitFaves for my birthday, along with maybe, possibly Sleek Technique. I keep going back and forth on that one :).

TinaT 03-13-17 06:48 PM

I ordered 4 from FitFavs yesterday and 5 from TF today. And my WL is full of others I hope to acquire before they're out of stock.

Taramisu 03-13-17 09:00 PM

I never thought I would say this, but I may grab a couple of the Firm Basics before they disappear. I had them years ago on VHS, but never on DVD. I think I deemed them too easy after a while and sold them off.

I need to think about it though, will probably wait for a sale. I need to remember in 80% of cases where I have unloaded a workout and reacquired it again, I end up getting rid of it again. This is a cycle that I really need to stop. It has added to a lot of wasted dollars for me other the years, I am kind of over it actually.

Thanks for the heads up on this.

TinaT 03-14-17 09:07 AM

I have also spent more than I care to admit on reacquiring dvds. :o Different seasons of life has led me to making "knee jerk" decisions for sure.

All I know, is for me, who loves having the actual dvd vs streaming, this is a no brainer.

PhyllisG 03-14-17 09:19 AM

I was an original Firmie and did their workouts exclusively for years and then moved on to Cathe and others. Last year I reacquired some of the original Firms plus compilations. I tried them and then ended up trading all of them. I just could not go back there for whatever reason. I hope I learned my lesson.

Jewels5 03-14-17 11:10 AM

I have a bunch of FitPrimes I'd be willing to trade (still sealed) if anyone is interested. I bought them thinking they were such a great deal but lost interest. Too many workouts!:o

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