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yogapam 12-01-21 12:52 PM

Barefoot and on the Mat: December 2021
Hello December!

This check-in is for ANYONE and EVERYONE who enjoys ANY type of barefoot workouts, including yoga, Pilates, Classical Stretch/Essentrics, kickboxing, kettlebells, barefoot cardio, whatever - we welcome all! We are a friendly group of diverse ages and backgrounds. Post your workouts or not, we don't care...we'd love to have you join us in any capacity.

“How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before its afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?”
~Dr. Seuss~

yogapam 12-01-21 12:54 PM

I didn’t see a December thread so started us off, hope that’s okay. I stole Pat’s excellent intro from last month. ;)

ETA Vantreesta, I haven’t used Insight Timer for ages so I can’t answer your question, but I’m sure someone else may be able to. :)

toaster 12-01-21 02:27 PM

Pam, thanks for reminding us that it is a new month! I will check in more later...

Paine 12-01-21 05:12 PM

I walked 2+ miles today.

Pam, thank you for starting our December thread!

Beth, thanks for the link to register for that class--I signed up! :D

I'm waving to everyone!

yogapam 12-01-21 07:12 PM

Hello again, back to post my dayÖ.
~Taught Essentrics on zoom
~Longer Neighbourhood walk with lots of hills - so far so good with my hip
~MRís Unplugged Episode 1901
~MFML: Love Your Lower Back: Gentle Yoga

Waves to all!

sherry7899 12-01-21 07:21 PM


I'm going to try to start checking back in. I have been exercising but not posting. I'll start with today's workout:

Jessica Smith Get Strong DVD "Strictly Strength" workout (bought this off VF Roost and finally tried it. I found it challenging)

Yoga Upload-20 minute restorative program with a bolster (you tube)

20 minute outdoor walk

I'm not really chatty yet, but I'll try :love: This month is extra difficult for me. I hope everyone has been doing well.

yogapam 12-01-21 07:25 PM

Sherry - So nice to have you back with us! You donít have to chat, we are just happy youíre here. Sending you big (((hugs))).

toaster 12-01-21 07:52 PM

Sherry, I've been thinking about you. Are you and your son going to have family/friends around on the anniversary date of Frank's death?

Paine, I signed up for the class too, but it's a little late to do my time on Sunday (especially since it's so long); maybe I'll do the replay next weekend.

Pam, looks like you are easing back into workouts; glad your hip has been okay so far!

My hip/glute area actually started bothering me on Monday after being fine while I was away. :confused: I've been doing workouts mentioned on the GD thread about glute pain.

I did this band routine yesterday; it was tough but I think it helped!

Today I did this butt routine from Jessica Valant Pilates; it was a lot of all 4s, but short, LOL:

yogapam 12-01-21 08:07 PM

Beth - I hope the hip/glute exercises continue to help you. I havenít looked at that GD thread, but I continue to do the glute focused exercises my PT gave me 2-3 times per week. He has upgraded me to more difficult ones. Itís been a long haul! When it becomes chronic, as mine did, itís not a quick fix. But Iím on the right track and feel confident that will continue. Iím so glad to get back to longer walks. I am going to be picky about my workouts going forward as I donít want a relapse.

sherry7899 12-01-21 08:14 PM

Thank you Beth and Pam.

Beth, I don't know yet. It is on a Monday, so doubtful. We have very, very small dysfunctional families on both sides. My sister in law is a self absorbed drama queen and being near her on that day would be the worst thing possible. The only one I can really count on is one of my sisters and she's going through serious medical issues right now. I'm not sure what my son wants to do. We have discussed it but have not figured it out yet.

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