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sciencelady 05-22-22 08:13 AM

Crone Cronies - I Love It When My Pet Walks By Like They Have Somewhere to Be. 5/22
The Cronies is a place for women who are mature in age or attitude. The group is highly diverse in that we have ages ranging from 30s to 60s, some are moms, some are single, some are teachers/professors, and some have jobs and work outside the home and some donít. We do our own thing and are happy when life doesnít get in the way too often. Some are training for a marathon, some donít even do vids, you get the picture.

Life and exercise are what we report. A thread is started every Sunday. Some report every day, others whenever they can.

Bottom line: we are a diverse group and very supportive of each otherís goals. Oh, and weíre funny as heck. If youíd like to join us, just come on down.

sciencelady 05-22-22 08:27 AM

Good morning!

Adelija did another prom night last night and looked beautiful again! She's still sleeping in - frankly, I don't know what time she got in. My heat is back on as the temps outside are cold. Today planning on putzing around doing some weeding. I might go take a walk in the park also - I liked the path I might be living near in the future.

Laura, Even though you were 3 degrees cooler, I'd still be a melted sweating mess at the temp in the 90's :eek:. Sounds like Polly still thinks of herself as an independent kitty. As far as Downton Abbey, trying not to spoil it, but they closed off many characters stories in such a way that I don't think there will be much of another movie to come.

Paula, Hope you feel better! I didn't see your post Saturday morning. Nice sewing machine for your quilts. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for dropping in Vantreesta! How are you doing?

Waves to all!


Laura S. 05-22-22 03:00 PM

Thanks for getting us started, Anita. I'm sorry about the theme given Gus' passing recently.

Today has been a quieter day than I've had for a while, which has been nice. We attended church virtually this morning. After lunch, I took ice cream cake over to Mom and Dad's and stayed and had a slice with them. Then, I went to the library and ran an errand.

Today is cooler, only 90 degrees as a high! :sun::music: A cold front is coming through here and tomorrow will be a high of 77 and the few days after that will remain cool. Yay!

Paula - I hope you feel better today!

Anita - Have you learned anything more about the possible new place? It's good there is a path you like near there. It sounds like Adelija had quite a weekend.

Paula 05-22-22 08:57 PM

Good evening. No workout today. I am feeling some better but still dragging.

Anita, Thanks for getting us started. It does sound as though Adelija had quite a couple of nights. She's going out with a bang. Are you moving up the time when you will move?

Laura, sounds like a nice low key day with the folks.

I'll try to be more chatty tomorrow.

sciencelady 05-23-22 07:32 AM

Good morning!

Planning on going for a walk, getting groceries and working on cleaning out the inside of my car - no more Gus hairs in back :(. More weeding as I walk through my backyard and a trip to the compost site also. Maybe Spades tonight?

Laura, you have such hot weather that ice cream would be nice! :yummy: Adelija had a wonderful weekend of fancy dress balls - she's debating whether to keep the dress for the trip back to Latvia or leaving it as she'll likely not wear something like that for quite a while and would buy a new dress if balls were ahead. I could go either way, but if donated, I'd have to pay for the cleaning. I'll be going to an information session on the place Wednesday evening. I already got some money in to hold a place in the line - I'm 52 (place has 60 condos), but I assume lots of people have their names in multiple places.

Paula, Hope you continue feeling better! :heart: The move date is still quite in the future - ground hasn't been broken on that building yet. But I do believe I'll be 62 when it opens which hopefully will still qualify me for my signup (I'm 60.7). Gus was a factor in staying in this house - I wanted him to live a long and happy life here, but he passed soon at just turning 10 :(. Financially, it shouldn't be a problem buying into the place - I'll see costs in the meeting Wednesday - I'm a bit worried with the rising costs of construction now also. If this doesn't work out I can still be looking, but frankly, I'll be happy when I get away from leaf raking and snow shoveling!

Waves to all!


Laura S. 05-23-22 06:27 PM

It was a nice day, quieter. I went to the YMCA with Dad this morning and visited with him and Mom after the workout. Today is actually Mom's birthday and I thought it silly that I'd see Dad but not her on her birthday. :p This afternoon, I picked up an order at Walmart and I cooked liver and onions for DH for dinner.

The high today was supposed to be 78, which was probably about right. We experienced a thunderstorm and torrential downpour in the late afternoon. Fortunately, Polly came in before it started. Tomorrow, we won't get out of the 60s.


If this doesn't work out I can still be looking, but frankly, I'll be happy when I get away from leaf raking and snow shoveling!
Anita - Don't forget the mulching! ;) It's not a good time to be building anything. I hope that their costs don't spiral out of control. They might not open until you're 63!

Paula - I hope you continue to feel better - much better! Sorry you've been so sick.

Paula 05-23-22 08:25 PM

Good evening. I continue to feel better so I did a short floor workout. Didn't do much, hung around the house (I can't be far from a bathroom) and sewed.

Anita, given the rising cost of building anything I would take any costs presented with a grain of salt. I know our little bathroom remodel was subject to delays and increased cost. I guess lumber has gotten really high. Maybe if they plan to use a steel frame for the building it might go quicker - but I don't know about the availalibity of steel either. I've heard housing prices are going to come down again, maybe buying into an existing place would be more affordable? I'm sad Gus didn't get a few more years, 10 seems young for a dog his size. Back when I was working I found a "home dry cleaning" product you used in the dryer. It was good for items that weren't deeply soiled. If Adelija decides not to take the dress, you might see if you could find that - would be less expensive than taking it to a dry cleaner.

Laura, We need some of that rain here. We did get a little drizzle yesterday. Happy Birthday to your Mom. My Dad's birthday was the 21st - he would have been 100, feels strange to think about that - he was 36 when he died. Sounds like the weather there is all over the place.

sciencelady 05-24-22 07:35 AM

Good morning!

Today should be a quiet day - planning on taking a walk and pulling weeds. My workout will be bending, lifting, kneeling, pulling and walking :D.

Laura, hope your mom celebrated a good birthday! :music: I'm not sure I'd like liver and onions, but I'm sure you made them well! I'm fine if the co-op isn't ready till I'm 63 - luckily, I'm living in a very nice house and I've got the funding to take care of the new building while still in this one.

Paula, yes, I'll have a balanced view of what they present as costs right now in the meeting tomorrow. I've still got my name in on existing places - it's just not as easy to plan on moving when you're waiting for a death or move to assisted living to vacate a space. I was hoping Gus would get to 12-13 years, but what happened to him pretty much cut him off of a good life ahead - putting him to sleep was a responsible thing to do. It also freed me for a future move. If Adelija leaves the dress, I'll take a look at it's condition and needs for cleaning. My dad would have turned 100 in February - my brother and I toasted a drink over the phone in his memory.

Waves to all!


Paula 05-24-22 07:48 PM

Good evening. Still feeling sickly but did manage to work out for 15 minutes before I totally ran out of steam.

I didn't get much done today but did manage to get to Costco and get stuff we badly needed and filled up the car with gas. Other than that I didn't do squat. As soon at I got home from the Costco run, I hit the bed and didn't move until dinner. Right now I'm watching TV with DH and it's the most active I've been since I got home. We're watching The Lincoln Lawyer series on Netflix, we just discovered it and are enjoying it.

Anita, sweet that you and your brother toasted your Dad's 100th. We (my brother, sister, and I) texted about it. We should have raised a glass to him.

Laura S. 05-24-22 08:13 PM

It was a busy day. I had two training sessions this morning, the first virtual and the second in-person. After lunch, I had an infusion. This evening, I'm tired from the infusion and am kicking back and watching TV.

Paula - I'm glad you're doing better and am sorry you're wiped out by a little bit of activity. Hang in there. We watched The Lincoln Lawyer and thought it was very good as well.

Anita - It was nice that you and your brother could mark your faither's 100th. We didn't raise a glass, but DH and I reminisced about is father's 100th back in March. You are well situated while you wait for a place to live.

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