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sherry7899 12-02-21 05:04 PM

Thank you so much for the warm welcome back and support. I really appreciate it.

I am getting the internal 500 error, so I'll keep this short.

today's workout:
Cathe KPC (except for the stability ball section)
Yoga with Bird morning stretch for sore muscles


Paine 12-02-21 05:52 PM

Margot, I actually prefer walking inside an enclosed mall rather than the open air malls so that I'm protected from the elements (rain, wind, sun/heat and frigid temperatures).
That's funny about the buckets of colorful umbrellas. I have never seen that at any of the open air malls I have been to in California. I would guess that the umbrellas would get stolen nowadays.

Sherry, oh I forgot about Yoga With Bird, thanks for the reminder. I like the look of the practice you did today so I bookmarked it. :)

Yesterday I found more honeynut squash at Sprouts Market.

toaster 12-02-21 09:45 PM

Margot, glad you liked Lunch Special #4! I'll have to try to get in another some time, but filming hasn't been a priority this week. I haven't done that one from Annie yet but did do another of hers today.

Sherry, you know we are happy to have you any time! I have luckily avoided the error of late, although I try to remember to copy my posts before I hit "post" so that I can repost if needed.

Today I strung together a workout routine from several of the rehab-type and glute activation ones that were posted on the GD thread - I did Jessica Valant, Annie Pilates PT, and Caroline Jordan. I finished with Kate Vantucci's "Pretty Little Ditty" yoga practice - my version was NOT very pretty, LOL! :D :o

yogapam 12-02-21 10:08 PM

A quick fly by….
~My friend’s Essentrics class
~7 km walk, my longest yet, over 12,000 steps for the day :D
~MELT: hip pain map
~Thoracic acupressure & Yin quad & hip stretches :heart:

Waves to all!

sherry7899 12-03-21 06:25 AM

Garrie, I have been trying to reply to your post in the holiday gift exchange thread, but every time I try to post I get an "internal 500 error." It is still happening today. I will keep trying :sun:

Pat58 12-03-21 09:46 AM

Good morning everyone!! The Christmas party was actually very nice. I was surprised how much I enjoyed seeing the extended office "family" and it was in a beautiful restaurant. To prepare for the calorie overload, I accomplished:

~ yes2next 10 Minute Indoor Walking Workout for Seniors
~ LWR's new Winter Wonderland Workout
~ LWR 7 Minute Lower Body Workout
~ Yoga With Bird Yoga for Lower Back Pain
~ 7,542 steps

The yes2next workout was good for the office - it is geared towards gentle movement for seniors, and I was able to pep it up at my own pace yet it was low key enough where I didn't get winded or sweaty at work.

Lucy's new Wonderland workout was fun!! Only 7 minutes and a mood lifter with lots of animals.

Is anyone here happy that it's FRIDAY????? :)

Garrie, it sounds like Sherry was an amazing Secret Santa for you! :)

Whoa I see we're having 500 errors again :mad:

ETA: got it through, yay!

Everyone have a wonderful Friday.

Paine 12-03-21 11:52 AM

CS #1402
10 Minute Solution Pilates on the Ball:
Pilates for Abs segment
Pilates for Flexibility segment

The garden scenery in CS 1402 is pretty. Several years ago, I used to do an episode of CS 5 days a week and I felt good doing that so I should try to do CS more often.

The 10 minute Solution Pilates on the Ball for Abs was too hard for me!

Sherry, when I get the "internal 500 error", sometimes I'm able to post if I break up my post in several short posts. I don't know why it will accept a short post vs a longer post.

Twigs 12-03-21 02:24 PM

Hello everyone!

Today's workouts:
- Body Groove Funk (15 min) :love::music:
- HealthBarre Zoom Class - good but really hard!
- YoQi Immune Support. Great practice, filmed beside a lake. I loved seeing the ducks swimming by.

Paine - I find it much easier to slot in Essentrics/CS more often when they are around 20 minutes long. I have some practices that I know will benefit me but then forget to do them, as I always seem to be chasing something new!

Pat - Glad you enjoyed the party after all. :)

Beth - It was the final part of Kate's 'Pretty Little Ditty' that was beyond me. Far from being graceful, I was more like a giraffe on ice. :D

Waves to all!

Pat58 12-04-21 08:34 AM

Good morning! I started a couple challenges yesterday. Let's see how long each one lasts. :D

~ LWR Advent Calendar Day 1, 15 Minute Walking Workout
~ Yoga With Bird Challenge Day 1, Everyday Morning Yoga Stretch
~ 5,697 steps

Margot, I'm cracking up at your giraffe on ice! :D

Paine, I had that 10 Minute Solution disc - that must be why I traded it.

Waves to all! I hope your Saturday is a great one.

toaster 12-04-21 09:29 AM

Pat, I should try one of your challenges; I already gave up on Katy Bowman b/c her moves are too complicated for me to fit in on the fly (like in the office).

Margot, LOL about your giraffe-like stature! I've done all of the moves that Kate included (like fallen triangle), but her unique transitions made it tricky! I don't mind since I love playing with that kind of practice and am willing to laugh at myself. The Yogea practice that I posted to earlier this week is similar in that it has some different types of transitions (which is why you have to really listen when she says L-R), but it's all floor and I think much more accessible.

Paine, I was thinking that I should do CS more often too, although I do lose patience with Miranda sometimes. :o I want to try to focus on episodes that help with what Sandra calls "old lady syndrome." ;)

Sherry, I know those errors are annoying! Sometimes they happen for me if I leave a VF tab open on my browser and then come back to it without refreshing, but it's pretty unpredictable.

Pam, hope your hip is continuing to improve.

Happy Saturday! :sun: I'm leaving to teach yoga soon. One of my classmates from my YTT told me that she might try to come; I'm excited since I haven't seen her since pre-covid (although she just had a baby, so it's possible she might not make it).

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