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yogapam 12-31-21 11:27 AM

Good morning!

We are up at the mountain and itís beautiful but cold, lol! :eek: Iíve posted a picture of the hill lit up last night in my profile. Iím relaxing with my coffee after DS1, DIL, & the girls are off to ski. The girls are in ski school. DH and I are going out later to walk and snowshoe.

Yesterday we walked uphill from the parking lot to the chalet, definitely a workout in the snow! Thereís no parking by any of the accommodation, everyone parks in a central lot and walks. It would be impossible to keep that many roads clear. I got in a stretch at bedtime.

Pat - I hope your DH is okay!

Have a ball at your class Beth!

Beth & Margot - I liked some of Kateís practices but found her a bit too goofy at times.

Cyana - I like the idea of a fire ceremony.

Waves to all!

JustSandra 12-31-21 01:25 PM


No workout today as I'll be on the job this afternoon. However, I just got back from a brisk 1.5-hour outdoor walk -- taking advantage of our dry weather after all that rain!

Beth: Glad your test came back negative! I've had no success finding Covid at-home tests in either local stores or through Amazon. However, I just found out our library will be distributing some to the public. Am planning to get one for myself, just in case.

Linda: So thankful you finally got a definitive diagnosis, and that the antibiotics are already helping. I do remember when Meow Meow first came into your life (didn't she spend time up in the rafters?) and how she needed a while to settle in.

Cyana: My niece is doing a New Year's Day yoga workshop that involves fire. I gave serious thought to going, especially since I've never been to one of her classes or workshops. :o However, I know the students at the studio do not wear masks, and right now I don't want to take a chance.

Wishing all my Barefoot Buddies a happy and safe New Year's Eve! See you all again in 2022. :D

cyana 12-31-21 02:34 PM

Today (so far):
Qi Gong for Anxiety - Lee Holden :heart: (I think I could do this one every day)
YT - 15 Minute Indoor Walk - LWR. Posted 12.20.2021 (As I've noted previously, I really appreciate the multi-directional moves in her work-outs)

I was going to do one more short work-out, and was about to fall asleep on my feet, so hopefully I'll get one more thing in later today.

Pat - I hope your DH feels better soon. One of my young (30's and fit) co-workers had the Moderna booster a couple of days ago and yesterday she said she felt worse than she did when she had COVID. :( I've been using a lower dose of CBD at night recently and have wondered if I should try ratcheting it back up. I feel like I take enough melatonin to fell a moose. I hear you about needing a swimming pool for the burning ceremony! ;)

Pam - That is a beautiful picture! :cool: Stay warm and have a wonderful time.

Sandra - I debated over going to the fire ceremony at the studio this afternoon, but it's in a small, fenced-in area out behind the (equally small) studio. I thought it might not be wise to be up close and personal to a whole group of people. It's good that you'll be able get a free test kit at the library. I have one on back-order from Amazon and probably should've ordered several since there are none in the stores.

Paine - I wish I had fresh black-eyed peas, but felt lucky to find the dried variety, as the Whole Wallet doesn't always have them. Especially since people take their black-eyed peas seriously for New Year's Day! :D

I previewed Kate's neck practice that Margot linked to. When she couldn't think of the anatomy word I kept saying "Clavicle! Clavicle!" at the screen....not that that she could hear me, LOL!!! :o

Twigs 12-31-21 02:46 PM

Happy New Year's Eve everyone

Today's workouts:
- HealthBarre Full Body Sculpt
- Karin Abs & Back short segment
- Walk to our local Fishponds
- Yoqi Winter to Purge

Beth - Your DH's feet. :D Enjoy your TV marathon. My DH is into Sci-Fi. Over the years, through osmosis, I've started enjoying these type of shows myself.

Pat - So sorry to hear your DH had such a bad reaction to his booster. Hope he's feeling much better now.

Pam - I had a look at the photo of where you are. It's looks stunning. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Edit: I forgot to say I love your new avatar.

Sandra - It's a shame you can't attend your niece's workshop but I wouldn't go either at the moment if no-one is wearing masks. I heard on the radio today that they estimate one in every thirty people in England were contagious the week before Christmas.

Paine - Fresh black-eyed peas sound good. I've read on the forum that they're a tradition for New Year's Day. I've often wondered what kind of meal they're put in? Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

Cyana - Good luck with your fire burning ceremony. I have a large old baking pan - nothing fancy - and usually a fire extinguisher standing by.:D I decided at the very last minute to cancel my MFML subscription. I'll probably regret it in a couple of months but thought it'd be nice to try something new.

Linda - It's great to hear the antibiotics started relieving the pain so quickly. I had a kidney infection a few years ago and they're not fun at all! I'm glad Meow Meow is taking good care of you.

Waves to Sherry, Karen Jo and Garrie

yogapam 12-31-21 02:57 PM

Back to post some workouts….
~BellyFit Release & Reset
~Long walk in the snow exploring the village, lots of vertical so got my cardio in.
~Kate Vantucci Hands Off (YT) :love: - This an awesome wrist free standing flow, I loved it!

Margot & Beth - You inspired me to revisit Kate and this one will definitely be a fave. Pat, I think you’d like this one. Here’s a link:

Planning to don my snowshoes after lunch. :)

Twigs 12-31-21 03:03 PM

Thanks for the link Pam to Kate's practice. I just previewed it and it looks just up my street too. I've bookmarked it for tomorrow.

Happy snowshoeing. :)

yogapam 12-31-21 03:04 PM

Wishing everyone a veryÖ..Happy New Year! :music:

toaster 12-31-21 05:00 PM

Pam, thanks for the link! I've seen it before but never tried it. It looks like she has slowed down her pace of posting a bit. Yoga practices have become like books - I am so behind and there's always more, LOL. It' was actually "warm" here today, in the low 50s (F); DH & took a walk after my yoga class.

Margot, my mom always liked Sci-Fi - she's a big Star Trek fan, and also Doctor Who, which I never got into. I would like to get back into reading more scifi too.

Sandra, our town gave out free tests the weekend before Christmas, but we didn't want to take them away from those who might need them more than us. DH was able to pick up a few at our local grocery store that same week, and they had plenty then, but every place has sold out since. I'm surprised that your niece's yoga studio is not requiring mask - we did go without them for awhile here, but we've been back to wearing them since just after Thanksgiving.

cyana, so sorry about the ongoing insomnia of late! Does the CBD oil seem to help? I wonder if you stopped the melatonin for a bit it might give you a boost (but wouldn't want things to get even worse).

Pat, oh no about your DH! Hope he's feeling better by now. My DH had a worse reaction to his 3rd Modern shot too (he was a bit dizzy and weak), but it passed pretty quickly.

My ball class went very well today - one person told me that it was the best yoga class she had ever been to! :love: There were a lot of moans and groans during the back work, so I think that was a good sign. ;) There were 10 total in the studio plus 4 on livestream. I'm going to the New Year's Day class tomorrow, which will have live acoustic guitar music.

Tonight will be relaxing at home with appetizers for dinner (which my one co-worker calls a "Mermaid Dinner," after the Mermaids movie with Cher).

Wishing all my barefoot buddies a peaceful start to 2022!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Paine 12-31-21 05:24 PM

I sure hope 2022 is better than 2021 for all of us.

Pam, it can be strenuous to walk in thick snow. The mountain picture you posted is beautiful! You have a great avatar!

Margot, my mother grew up in the south. For New Years Day it was a southern tradition in her family's house to have a black eyed peas, turnip greens, cornbread and ham. I was never fond of turnip greens though.

Beth, that is an awesome compliment on your yoga class!

yogapam 01-01-22 11:32 AM

I started a new thread:

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