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JustSandra 12-01-21 09:45 PM

Hi all!

Yogapam: Thanks so much for starting us off this month. :)

Today's Workout: Another Sandra Premix, this time drawn from Margaret Richard's Sculpture Upper Body. Instead of going through all the body parts twice, I just chose exercises that took me through everything once. ;)

Sherry: Good to see you! I have a confession re Get Strong. Although I adore Jessica's weight work, I ended up getting rid of Get Strong as it was a little too much for me (especially my wonky knees). I passed on Lift & Shift as it sounded like the same intensity. That said, I am anxiously awaiting news on Jessica's upcoming DVDs!

Waving to all!

toaster 12-01-21 10:03 PM

Sherry, it's hard to know what to do; obviously there is no right answer. So sorry to hear that there are issues on both sides of the family. (((hugs)))

Paine 12-01-21 10:21 PM

Sherry, yay!!:music: I'm so happy to have you back with us! I've missed hearing about the exercise you have been doing. You don't need to be chatty if you're not in the mood. We accept you just as you are!

Sherry and Sandra, I hope Jessica's upcoming new DVD will have strength work without any compound moves. I am not fond of compound moves.

Beth, I like the preview of that band routine so I bookmarked it--thanks!
I hope your hip/glute resolves quickly for you.

yogapam 12-02-21 12:31 AM

Paine & Sandra - I also hope Jessica’s new releases will not have compound moves. I passed on Lift & Shift as I knew it wouldn’t serve me well. I don’t have Jessica’s Get Strong and after hearing your thoughts I’d pass on it.

Sherry - Sorry you’re dealing with difficult family members, that’s exhausting. :(

Pat58 12-02-21 09:12 AM

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a bust. Started out very well with a nice meditation and yoga, but then I faded fast. Just YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day 5 - Best Yoga to Wake Up plus 5,000 steps.

Tonight is my office Christmas party. I'm looking forward to arriving home from it, LOL.

Thank you for starting our December check-in, Pam.

Hi Sherry, welcome back! I can imagine this is a very sad time of year for you. Good luck sorting out what will work best for you and your son.

Beth, what a bummer about your glute flaring up. A friend on another check-in has been using Annie's Pilates Physical Therapist on YT and it seems that she's got lots of very helpful routines. I'm going to explore her channel soon.

Good morning Sandra, Paine, and all who visit!

toaster 12-02-21 09:29 AM

Pat/Paine - yeah, my glute/hip issue seems to be chronic, similar to Pam. It's not exactly painful and doesn't prevent me from exercising or doing anything else, but it tend to bother me more towards the end of the day. The band workout I linked to was with Annie Pilates PT.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I finished the Human 2.0 30-day movement challenge that I had been doing; I did all 30 days, although some days I did 2, some none. Some of the days felt really good, others were more "meh." I'm going to try to do Katy Bowman's exercise advent calendar this month. I did Day 1 yesterday; she hasn't yet posted Day 2, but here's the link:

Garrie A. 12-02-21 09:49 AM

Happy December! (Sherry, glad to see you back!)

SO and I had a great Thanksgiving. We had dinner with my parents (SO made mac and cheese and I brought a lemon blueberry cake). Last year COVID we don't have the large gathering but it was still nice. SO has met mom before (when he came to help me move) but it was the first time he met dad. My parents loved SO's mac and cheese, and said it was better than the kind you get packaged. (Shh, don't tell Mom but SO used packaged mac and cheese as a base but doctored it up quite a bit that made it come out very nicely.)

I'll be back to chat more but just wanted to pop in for a minute. Waves all around!

Twigs 12-02-21 11:12 AM

Hello all!

I haven't done anything today except for walking around a shopping mall. We don't have many malls here in the UK but there is a large one south of us in Bristol and I like to go there once in a while because they have a couple of nice department stores there. I thought I'd get my Christmas shopping done before it gets too crowded. It was still a bit more crowded than I would have liked. At least people are having to wear masks again in shops.

Yesterday was:
- HealthBarre - Full Body Sculpt
- YoQi Immune System Defense. I decided to subscribe for a short while, so I could get to try Marisa's new classes. This was one really good and it was also filmed in the woods, which made it even nicer.
- Neighbourhood walk

Pam - Thank you for starting us off. I can't believe it's December already.

Sherry - I'm so happy to see you back.:) I've been thinking about you a lot this year.

Pat - Thank you for mentioning Bernie's class. I love his dry sense of humour. I've been neglecting my Yin lately, so I'm really looking forward to trying his class this weekend. LOL re your Christmas Party tonight. Hope you enjoy it more than you think you will.

Beth - Sorry you're having hip and glute issues and you can resolve them soon. I'm thinking of doing Annie's hip mobility drill class this evening. Thanks also for mentioning Katy's Advent calendar.

Garrie - I'm glad you all had a great Thanksgiving and it all went well. I remember meeting the 'parents' and how nervous I was at the time! I love your Mac 'n Cheese story.:love:

Waves Paine, Sandra, Cyana, Karen Jo and anyone visiting today.

Paine 12-02-21 12:15 PM

CS #1401
YouTube: Piriformis Syndrome Exercises Program with Elastic Band Gentle Progression Fix!

I caved and bought CS Season 14 so I'll be slowly making my way through those episodes.

I did the Piraformis YouTube using an elastic band that Beth had posted (thanks Beth!). It was more challenging than I expected! I liked it but a big annoyance for me is when the elastic band rolls into a skinny rope and cuts into my thighs (I don't like that in any elastic band routine).

Margot, I used to love walking in an enclosed shopping mall but I haven't done that since the pandemic.

Garrie, it's nice to see you!

I'm waving to everyone!

Twigs 12-02-21 02:33 PM

Following up with:
- Annie's Hip Mobility Drill for Outer Hip & Lower Back. Some unusual moves. I liked it. It definitely woke up my hips from sitting most of the afternoon!
- Beth's Lunchtime Yoga #4. Love these short routines and always feels good to get some balance work in too. Thanks Beth.

Paine - Hope you like CS14. I l thought the open air shopping malls in California were so cool when we were there. I remember the buckets of colourful umbrellas scattered around, just in case of rain.:cool: I expect if they did the same over here, the umbrellas would have all disappeared after a day!

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