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luvcritters 12-11-21 02:46 PM

Tai Chi Fit Flow and recumbent bike

Sherry, your cat woke you about the time I go to sleep.

sherry7899 12-11-21 04:42 PM

Today was a Sarabeth yoga practice and my own 15 minute upper body workout. That is all I had energy for. Tomorrow is a planned rest day, and I did not want to take two in a row.

Is anyone doing the Zoom call tomorrow?

yogapam 12-12-21 12:19 AM

Today was a rest day of sorts, DH and I took advantage of the morning sunshine & went for a walk.

Sherry - I plan to join the VF zoom.

Waves to all!

sherry7899 12-12-21 09:34 AM

Pam, it will be so nice to see you! I have only done one Zoom meeting, and to be honest I am TOTALLY uncomfortable with being on camera. I hate it, but it's a chance to "meet" people on here, so I will do it. :love:

toaster 12-12-21 10:49 AM

It looks like the Zoom thing was something that came up as part of the gift exchange? I didn't see anything on it...but I get kind of Zoomed out after doing it for work all the time. :o

Sherry, you will be fine on the Zoom. Especially when there are multiple people (really, any more than 4-5), you can't really look at each other on screen anyway, so no one is really noticing you! You could put it on "speaker view" so that the person who is talking is in a larger view (which also helps to ensure that your eyes will appear to be making eye contact rather than looking off to the side of your screen).

Paine, are you glad you purchased Season 14? I still want to make an effort to do more CS; I was thinking about pulling it out today, maybe one of the episodes you have recommended in the past. ;)

Pat, I liked the couple of 7-minute routines I have done from LWR (I think arms & back); I'll have to try more of them.

Margot, hope your back is feeling okay today!

Linda, glad you are hanging in there with us; I hope the sense of community here might make this month a tiny bit easier for you. :heart:

cyana, I hope you haven't had to work this weekend!

Hello to Sandra, Garrie, Karen Jo - did I miss anyone?

I'm not posting my whole exercise week but thought I would highlight a few things.

I've felt kind of "meh" towards exercise since Thanksgiving. I've been consistent every day, sometimes even doing little stretching things at work, but for the most part, I've done shorter routines and not a lot of strength work. I did do a short (20 min) upper body KB routine on Friday; the DOMS kicked in last night and I am still feeling it! :eek: I haven't kept up with 100 KB swings/day (although I did that 1 day this week), but I am still trying to make sure I get in some KB work every week, even if it is short, including a Human 2.0 routine I did Thursday, I think.

I found a new yoga YouTube channel, Heart & Bones Yoga, that seems to have a nice focus on health & anatomy. I did a couple of psoas-focus practices that I really liked, and I want to try more. In fact, just looking now, she has a lot of shoulder stretches & mobility stuff, so I will probably choose one of those for today. Here's the link:

Yesterday I had a "DVD love" day - no YouTube, just did the mat routine from Ana Caban's Total Toning Pilates and then The Bar Method Super Sculpting, the first one. I stopped after about 38 of TBM; after we were on the floor, I really didn't want to get back up again! :p I think that one of the main reasons I am turning to YT more than DVDs is because I really don't enjoy doing just one workout for a full hour! I love my KCM 30MTF series and still use those regularly. I wish more DVD instructors had focused on the idea of putting together DVDs with 20-30 minute routines that work well to stand alone.

Actually, I think that's why I had gotten away from Pilates for so long! I could never really find a Pilates DVD that was just what I wanted. I like Ana Caban, but the Total Toning Pilates DVD is the only thing I kept of hers (I don't use it much, but it's just in a cardboard sleeve, so takes up no room, haha). I just gave away my one other Pilates DVD, Jules Benson...wait - is that one Total Toning & the Ana Caban a different name? :confused:

Anyway, I like doing Pilates on YouTube because of the ability to pick & choose. Probably my favorite right now is The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long, but I also like SeniorShape Fitness, Jessica Valant Pilates, and Annie Pilates PT. I'll try others too - does anyone have any particular favorite Pilates videos? I like ones that are 10-20 minutes in length, focus on core (full body okay too), and are at maybe a low intermediate level or less (I find Pilates routines get pretty tough anything above that!).

Okay, guess it's time to bring this little missive to a close and go exercise! Hope everyone has a good Sunday. :sun:

Paine 12-12-21 11:18 AM

Today is a rest day.

Sherry, I didn't sign up for the Zoom session. I have never participated in the Gift Exchange at VF and I'm shy to a fault.:o Let us know how it went for you!

Beth, I've only done 4 CS Season 14 episodes so far so it's too soon to tell if I'm glad about the purchase or not.
You missed mentioning Carolyn. I hope she is doing well.
It's been so long since I've done The Bar Method--I need to pull one of those out.
I don't like doing an exercise video or a YouTube workout for 1 hour! It's too long and fills me with dread. I'd rather do shorter segments and then add on if I want more.
For pilates some of my favorites are:
The floor workout from Jessica Smith's Gentle Yoga Plus Pilates
Mari Winsor's Lower Body Pilates
Winsor Buns & Thigh Sculpting
Perfect Pilates Body with Andrea Speir
I have a few others I like but I don't do them often.

toaster 12-12-21 11:24 AM

Ahh thank you - Carolyn, I hope you are well too!!!

I hadn't done TBM in a long time either. I was thinking about getting rid of my 2 Super Sculpting routines, but I'll probably hold on to them for now at least. RE Pilates, I meant YouTube favorites since I'm not likely to purchase any new DVDs. :o

yogapam 12-12-21 11:43 AM

Beth - I go in spurts with Pilates. I like to add on 15-20 min here & there. I’ve always enjoyed Robin Long’s challenges. I still have a few DVDs, Tracey Mallett’s Pilates Super Sculpt was always a favourite, but I so seldom do DVDs these days.

Sherry - I look forward to seeing you too! :heart:

Pane - I’ve done a couple of the CS season 14 episodes, but found them kinda meh. I will try more at some point, but right now I’m into the ETV live series Maude is doing.

Waves to all!

sherry7899 12-12-21 12:49 PM

Hi Linda! I am a morning person and definitely not a night owl!

Paine, I am really shy also, but I'll do it for VF. I'll let you know.

Thanks, Pam!

Today is a rest day, but I went on a half hour walk because it's really nice out and I want to take advantage of that. I may go out for a shorter walk later before it gets dark.


cyana 12-12-21 02:37 PM

Happy Week-end - I wanted to pop in and say hello before the week-end is over. The weekly trip to the farmer's market was interesting yesterday. I discovered one of my farmers is taking a full-time off farm job, and I have to wonder if their farm will be winding down operations within the next year or so. They've had problems hiring and keeping good help and apparently they pay a reasonable salary based on our conversation yesterday. This is pretty terrifying, as they're my number one source of fresh produce. So, whenever you have a chance, contact your state and federal legislators and agriculture decision makers to encourage them to support small farms and healthy food. Hopefully that doesn't get flagged as political, as healthy food and healthy farms are totally non-partisan. There was a new bison farmer, which was exciting. We bought some jerky (the samples were yummy). His herd is grass fed and grass-finished. It was quite interesting chatting with him. Apparently bison are quite skilled jumpers who require high fences in addition to being VERY LARGE. :eek: We've gotten grass-fed bison through mail order and the local market that was bought out by the Whole Wallet, but it has been increasingly difficult to locate the last several years. I would imagine it's somewhat like ostrich - not everyone is up for managing these critters. You can be trampled by bison and eviscerated by ostrich - not exactly pleasant thoughts! One rather funny part of the discussion - they'd come up with a blend of ground bison, heart and liver to sell as dog food, but the CrossFit people apparently buy it all, LOL!

In the new things department, I received a pair of work-out tights from CVG, a company I'd never heard of until I was reading the Black Friday Special thread and Vantreesta mentioned them. I like supporting small businesses and thought I'd give them a try. They had some great Black Friday specials and I love the print on these tights. They are more compressive than some other options, so I plan to wear them while standing at my desk as well as for working out. Here's a link to the one I got: . Since I have a long torso, the high waist was greatly appreciated, as I don't want to be the Plumber's Butt exerciser, LOL. I only wish I'd bought more at the Black Friday price!

I tweaked my back this AM (grrrr), so I immediately hooked myself up to the TENS unit and have had it on all day. I'm hoping to do some stretching later.

Sherry - That was a great deal for you on Body Groove - I hope you enjoy it. I'm sure Garrie was over the moon at his Secret Santa gift. :cool: I hope you enjoy the Zoom call.

Paine - Funny JSP story - keeping in mind we order our Whole Wallet groceries on line and they bring them out to the car. Last week, I thought "Whoa, these potatoes look weird." They were the purple flesh sweet potatoes and not JSP's at all! :p

Pam - I thought your air fryer looks really interesting. I went down a You Tube rabbit hole yesterday, watching air fryer videos and I don't know whether it helped or muddied the water. :o However, I DO think I need one!

- I wasn't familiar with Heart & Bones - will have to check that out. I like LWR for short no-dread work-outs. I find some of the short Team Body Project videos are also good for the no-dread aspect.

- I agree Sweet Oil is the most likely candidate. I'm glad to hear your ear has improved. I'm not sure what magical properties fried bologna has, but my aunt was convinced I needed it, LOL!

Margot - I got a kick out of your HIIT unintentional work-out. :D

Pat - Hearing people talk about cooking veggies in their fryers was the first thing that made me think "Wow, I need one of these!"

Need to run - waves to Sandra, KarenJo, Garrie and hope Carolyn pops in over the holidays.

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