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bubbles76 11-01-21 07:45 AM

Share the Wealth - November 2021
Request as many as you want, I have mailers (and boxes!). All are in good to great condition. A few may have a few bangs in the case, but I'll let you know which ones upon request. Will accept postage via stamps, amazon credit, or Paypal.

I ship media mail, once a week.
PM is best to reach me.

Still Need Good Homes:

Geri Body Yoga (REGION 2)
Core Flyte Home Workouts Series 2
Amy Bento In The Ring
Supreme 90 Day

Rainbeau Mars Sacred Yoga Practice Beginners REQUESTED
Rainbeau Mars Sacred Yoga Practice Pure Tranquility REQUESTED
Rainbeau Mars Sacred Yoga Practice Pure Sweat REQUESTED
Rainbeau Mars Sacred Yoga Practice Pure Power REQUESTED
Debbie Rocker AM PM Walking REQUESTED
Dance and Be Fit Latin Groove REQUESTED
Dance and Be Fit Brazilian Body REQUESTED
Tonya Larson Pure Pump REQUESTED
Tonya Larson Pure Step REQUESTED
Kickbox Kaliente with Billy Kickboxing DVD set (only has Strike Zone, Kick It, and Hardcore Kickboxing - Janis Saffell, Guillermo Gomez) REQUESTED
Janis McDonald's Ultimate Fitness (from the Body by Janis tv program. Case a little banged up) REQUESTED
Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast REQUESTED
Rodney Yee Power Up Yoga REQUESTED
Gwen Lawrence Yoga for Fitness REQUESTED

Juliepie 11-05-21 03:30 PM

The Firm - Core Cardio 1
The Firm - Core Cardio 2


Dena 11-05-21 04:49 PM

Yoga: Flow Saraswati River Tradition DVD

Have mailer, just need postage.

AprilCleo 11-08-21 03:44 PM

I need a SASE

Jillian Yoga Meltdown
Jillian Ripped in 30
Jillian Extreme Shed & Shred
Slim in Six Mix It Up
Brazil Butt Lift
Ballet Physique Signature Sculpt - Requested
Ballet Physique Amped Up - Requested

Karyn 11-08-21 08:26 PM

CIA 2603 Criss-Cross Cardio w/ Sherri Jacquelyn REQUESTED
just need postage

jusca 11-08-21 10:45 PM

Ativa Mobil It Mini Clip-On 2GB MP3 Music Player - Black

(picture: )

Ships first class. Paypal friends & family. Only need postage.

I found this in my closet. I charged it and it appears to hold a charge after several weeks of non-use. Headphone jack and belt buckle clip still works. All functionality works from brief testing. Mac/Win compatible. Just drag and drop files. Includes charging and data cable.

Juliepie 11-11-21 06:25 PM

Michelle Dozois - Peak 10 Essential 30


moonbeam31 11-17-21 12:54 PM

3 for you!
dropped off at GOODWILL

eventmom 11-18-21 04:31 PM

movie star fitness - valerie waters requested.
I think this can be shipped for normal media mail rate - there are 5 dvds but the box is not in good shape.

I tried to reply to all the pms but my box was filling and I may have accidentally deleted without replying - sorry!

amg 11-22-21 01:07 PM

Will need a SASE for 1 dvd. I have a couple of boxes if you request multiples so would just need postage by Amazon gift card.

Cathe Gym Style Legs REQUESTED
Cathe Gym Style Chest & Triceps REQUESTED
Cathe Gym Style Back Shoulders & Biceps REQUESTED
CIA 2902 Step Surge

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