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Vintage VFer 06-22-21 01:54 PM

Can't find this item lately. And I notice price-gouging...
I didn't want to put the name of the item in the heading of my post as it might make things worse. There are a few articles mentioning it online.

I am having a hard time finding soy milk - anywhere! I've looked in several local stores (Trader Joe's, Walmart, Stater Brothers, etc.) and there is not much to be found. In the cold section or in the shelf-stable section.

I ordered some Silk at a good price from Amazon last week, but checked it again today and it is not available. Some of the prices now on Amazon are 4x the usual plus shipping.

Has anyone else noticed this? I hope it is just temporary as regular milk and most other milk-substitutes make me gag.

Erica H. 06-22-21 02:00 PM

I haven't had a problem but we don't go through much of it.


buffmama 06-22-21 02:10 PM

I noticed a while ago that the other plant based milks seem to have more shelf space. I did have trouble at one point but only tried to get it once. I had trouble finding split peas at one time - cause everyone staying one was making those :confused: Doubtful. :p

difit 06-22-21 02:21 PM

I just came from Walmart and one my local grocery stores. The shelves were of full of plant base milk. Including my brand of soy milk. Same price I usually get.

Hsim 06-22-21 03:22 PM

I bought some of this about a week ago. I never used it before but wanted to try making smoothies in my blender. I shop at Safeway and had no trouble finding it on the shelves.

kat999 06-22-21 03:27 PM

I have actually had a little trouble finding Silk and store brand versions lately, too. My husband can't have too much dairy, but he's also very slightly allergic to almonds, so I always try to get soy. :/

Vintage VFer 06-22-21 03:34 PM

Silk isn't my favorite, but I bought two six box packs from Amazon when it was available last week. I like WestSoy unsweetened much better.

I found this recent article:

"Is There A Silk Soy Milk Shortage?"

It's always something! [rolleyes]

Dena 06-22-21 03:49 PM

No shortage or price gouging here in Northern PA. All the grocery stores in my area (Wal-Mart, Tops, Aldi, Save-A-Lot) have a variety of brands of soy milk available at regular prices (from what I can tell; I buy coconut and/or almond milk).

bubbles76 06-22-21 03:56 PM

I miss my coconut almond milk. Hate coconut milk. Hate almond milk. Yet somehow, the combination of coconut and almond milk is fantastic to me. I can only find it at one store in my area, of any brand.

Paine 06-22-21 04:06 PM

I haven't had a problem finding soy milk at our local markets. I like Westbrae Westsoy unsweetened organic soy milk because there is nothing in it other than organic soybeans and water. Vitacost sells it:

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