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AsSweetAsSugar 09-11-21 07:51 PM

6.) Gilad' Sculpt & Tone Workout (virgin) + Short Stretch. It was more challenging than expected, and not 60 minutes but close to 70 minutes! I used 8s for lower body, back and first round of biceps (had to drop it to 5s), I used 3s for the shoulders, at first I thought it was too light, but I soon was glad they were 3s and no 5s! I used 5s for the rest, and I could have probably used 12s for lower body, I might try it next time. I loved the workout! My upper body was on fire, and I was feeling those leg extensions by the end.


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2940544)

Thanks to you for sharing, I enjoyed seeing your village, I now understand why you were so busy! :music:

Vantreesta 09-11-21 08:44 PM

ASAS, I look forward to it every year! I'm glad hubby is okay with it going up so early. As much work as it is, I want to enjoy it as long as possible! My dad let me borrow his camping table this year and I am so thankful; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to put everything up! I will enjoy putting the rest of my decorations up next week but my plan is to do a little each day and not skip workouts and chores.:)

T2B 09-12-21 04:39 PM

Vantreesta - I tried the link but still need to be logged in to view at VF roost. Iím glad everything is up and that you get to enjoy it as long as possible.

ASAS - Iíve never done a Gilad workout. I donít have any of his workouts. Someone should recommend at least 1, preferably metabolic. :)

Hi Cate & bubbles!

11. BOSS LOOPS: Glutes & Core Mish Mosh #4 - Double Standing Lower Body Strength with Low Impact Cardio, 43mins. This may be my go to premix going forward. Two times through gets in there really good. Second time through I had to move my band higher to lessen the burn. Iím going to use the floorwork & core as an add on to short cardio workouts.

12. STRONG & SWEATY: Total Body Giant Sets - Before starting I was tempted to do a timesaver but Iím glad I did the whole thing. Used heavy weights too which felt great. Another sweaty workout.

P.M. CIA 2902 All Cardio Latino Xplosion - Quick Xplosion Mix (virgin). Carlos is one of background talent in at least one of Gay Gasperís workout that Iím aware of. Mix consists of w/u, Athletic Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, Soca, Cool down (Hip Hop), Abs & Stretch. I skipped the abs. The athletic salsa has some squats and lunges but I skipped those and just did side to side steps to keep the beat. I liked this. Not Zumba level music but fun enough. Not a lot of break down but easy enough to pick up. A few sections of actual jumping but still moderate and easy to keep low impact. I like Carlos, he seems like he has a great sense of humor. Iím definitely going to do this one again. Adding it to the LGI8 stack. Categorizing it as steady state cardio.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-12-21 06:28 PM

7.) Gilad' Step Aerobics (semi-virgin :p). I bought it recently, but this is my second time doing it. Awesome workout! Simple choreography, yet interesting and fun, I love it!!

Vantreestra, that is nice of your DH, he probably enjoy it as much as you do! And that was sweet of your dad to let you borrow it! Have fun with the rest of the deco!

T2B, I have got three Gilad DVDs recently, so far the two I have done are winners! I can't wait to try the third one soon. Latin Explosion sounds like a fun workout!

Waves to Cate and Bubbles!

Vantreesta 09-12-21 09:15 PM

T2B, that stinks, I was sure the Tapatalk forum was visible to anyone who stumbled across it. I don't have to be logged in to read. Just logged out there and like you said, couldn't see anything. I wonder if smthg changed or if I just never tried to look without logging in. I wonder if I can do it at TF.

ASAS, I do think hubby kind of enjoys the village but mostly I think he just sees how happy it makes me! I'm crocheting spiders to put on the front door, hopefully on a big yarn web. :D

Catahoula Cate 09-13-21 06:47 AM

Good morning everyone!

I may have to moderate my goal to 10 Ancient Dust Bunnies this month as I'm only on Day 3. Our company(a friend of DH's) kept me busier than I thought I would be even though he's a very easy guest. But I've gotten caught up with getting back into our routine. So last night I tried Ancient Dust Bunny Petra Kolber's Liquid Grooves. A combo of dance, yoga and tai chi. Lots of sun salutations, chair pose and tai chi arm movements. It was nice and a good one to do in the evening. I probably won't do it often but I'll keep it.

ASAS, you've got me inspired to look into other Gilad workouts again. I really like him as an instructor. I just need to be careful not to get into the really advanced workouts.

bubbles76 09-13-21 07:24 AM

Waves everyone!

Sugar as many times as I've done Tap Less Step More, it is still challenging, choreography wise :). Not as much as a Seasun Zieger workout though. More along the lines of Amy Bento, but with much better cueing. Like working out to a Amy Bento workout with Christi Taylor cueing lol! The music is fantastic though, so it motivates you to keep trying.

T2B, you simply must try a Gilad workout! I'm not sure which of his would be considered metabolic, since I mainly go to him for straight forward strength training. He is gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the workouts are straight forward.

Day 9 (Friday) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Strength Workout Volume 1 Workout 2 with Chrissy. Total body. I liked this one with Chrissy better. She covers triceps, but still skips inner thighs and calves. This workout was higher rep, low weight as well, with pulses and count changes.

I skipped the weekend, but plan to get back to working out today.

Vantreesta 09-13-21 09:16 AM

Have I seriously only done one of the workouts on my list so far this month??? I guess I have been more distracted than I realized!

Catahoula Cate 09-13-21 09:37 PM

Day 4 Dust Bunny Barbara Benagh's Yoga for back care. This is 6 segments of which I've done most but had not done the De-stress and Restore. Supposed to be relaxing, concentrating on breath and relaxation. It was not. Way too many props and repositioning them. I even had my props handy and I couldn't relax with refolding blankets and repositioning them and yoga blocks. The other segments I've done a while ago I couldn't connect with them that well either. I really like Barbara Benagh's Yoga for Stress Relief dvd which is fav. Problem with this one, Yoga for Back Care, is it just doesn't compare. Glad I tried it but into the thrift shop box and I'll just stick with Yoga for Stress Relief.

bubbles76 09-14-21 06:02 AM

Cate I like Liquid Grooves too :love:

Day 10 (yesterday) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Strength Workout Volume 2 Workout 1 with Jenny. Virgin workout and instructor. I liked this one too. Quick and to the point. I really need to hunt down any remaining Gym Box Discount Workouts that I don't have.

Vantreesta 09-14-21 07:57 AM

Bubbles, are those DVDs? I don't think I've ever heard of them. :eek:

Vantreesta 09-14-21 09:23 AM

Day 2 yesterday Yesterday I really did not want to do the workouts I had planned so I compromised with half fun, half planned. I did Misty Tripoli's Bootylicious off Delicious Dance for the first time, which was fun. Then I did 5 rounds of a desk jockey WOD from March. My pull up bar is down right now so I can get in and out of the Halloween closet so for the hanging knee raises I just held myself up on TheRack like it was a dip station and did them that way. It hit the abs the same but lacked the hang benefit. Then I did another virgin, WWE Stephanie McMahon Fit Series -Lower Body+Stretch. I know I hadn't done the lower body section, but since I had done the upper body it's possible I did the stretch too. I couldn't find the index card for it in my quick search so I can't say for sure right now. The workout was 2 rounds of the following exercises: goblet squats, reverse lunges, deadlifts, quadruped straight leg raises (with your chest on your thigh, which was kind of weird) and donkey kick circles. First round was 8 reps, second was 12. Not a bad workout but my biggest gripe is that she leads you through a couple minutes of warmup and THEN demos the exercises. Drove me crazy to have to just stop when she should have demoed before the warmup!

AsSweetAsSugar 09-14-21 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2940850)
Bubbles, are those DVDs? I don't think I've ever heard of them. :eek:

I was wondering the same!

Cate, I like Gilad as an instructor too, I don't know why I didn't try his workouts before! :eek: he is great!

Bubbles, thanks so much for the feedback on TLSM workout! I haven't try Amy step workouts (I feel intimidated by them), but I agree that Christy's cues amazingly well. Would you say it is harder or easier than Totally Cool Step 2? I haven't get past of the 15 min. mark on that one yet, and still makes some mistakes withing those 15 minutes :o I love her Fit to Dance workout, easy to catch choreography on that one (for me).

bubbles76 09-14-21 06:50 PM

Vannie the Discount Workouts with GymBox are DVD-Rs. If you've seen a GymBox workout on youtube, then you know how these are set up. I don't think the DVD-Rs are the same exact workouts but then I haven't done all the ones on youtube.

Sugar I think TLSM is more difficult that Totally Cool Step 2 :o. I get tripped up on TLSM warm up every time, but then it's pretty good after that.

Day 11 (today) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Step Workout Volume 2 Workout 1 with Jenny. Virgin workout. I liked this. It was basic, but sweaty. 30 minutes, in and out :)

Vantreesta 09-14-21 07:06 PM

Thanks, Bubbles! I had never heard of them so I'll check YouTube. Thanks!

Vantreesta 09-14-21 10:07 PM

Is it thegymbox?

Vantreesta 09-15-21 11:16 AM

I posted my village pics at Total Fitness where they can be seen by anyone. :)

I really really want to get back to a good routine. I feel like a helium balloon that lost its tether! So I decided I want to just go ahead this week and finish all the decorating except for my cemetery in the yard since hubby needs to mow still. That part won't take long to do the first week of October. If I can get everything up maybe my brain will shut up about the excitement and just enjoy it all so I can focus on other things!

T2B 09-15-21 12:23 PM

13. P30: Low Impact Hiit. Good stuff.
14. rest dayÖ Boss Bands Total Body was on the schedule but couldnít force myself out of bed. I may add this to the end of my rotation. ButÖ if Iím honest, Iím kind of tired of doing the new Boss bands/loops workouts. One more week. Ha. I go into the office on Mondays & Tuesdays so I should just go ahead and make these rest days. So busy! Ugh
15. FIT|SPLIT: Low Impact Cardio | Metabolic Conditioning (dust bunny). Long time since I last did this workout. Lots of things I had forgotten, nice little sweat situation.

bubbles - please recommend some Gilad weight workouts - high reps & splits but not too dated looking. Canít wait to try TLSM.

ASAS - Iím adding the Gilad workouts that you did to my list as well.

Vannie - OMG! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love it!

Vantreesta 09-15-21 12:49 PM

T2B, thanks for looking! Clearly you can see I DON'T have a problem at all! :D This time of year hubby comes home and just shakes his head. I asked him last night if he felt like what's behind door #3 when he comes home, wondering what new additions will be up! I may post some more pics as I go. Yesterday I made a yarn spiderweb on the front door and added spiders I crocheted. So much fun!

bubbles76 09-15-21 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2940920)
Is it thegymbox?

Yes, that's them!


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2940980)

bubbles - please recommend some Gilad weight workouts - high reps & splits but not too dated looking. Can’t wait to try TLSM.

ASAS - I’m adding the Gilad workouts that you did to my list as well.

Vannie - OMG! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love it!

If you like shorter workouts you can string together, I really like his Quick Fit System but it's a bit dated as far as outfits. I also like his 15 Targeted Express Workouts. I haven't done all the workouts, but I have previewed. I have done his Ultimate Sculpt Series although it's been awhile since I've completed them - Cuts & Curves, Core & More, and Power & Grace. I may reacquire them at some point. For sentimental reasons, I like his Elite Forces workout, but that's cardio.

Day 12 - Gym Box Discount Workouts Advanced Strength Workout Volume 1 Workout 2 with Jenny. This was an hour long, high rep workout. It's basically her Beginning workout, but with more reps. Sweaty betty afterwards!

Vantreesta 09-15-21 07:42 PM

Thanks, Bubbles!

T2B 09-16-21 04:47 PM

16. recovery dayÖ SI6: Slim & Limber (dvd virgin). I have S&L on VHS but I donít recall ever doing the stretch. I know this is one of ASASís favorite stretch. I like it a lot. :D

Bubbles - thanks for the suggestions! I have Giladís 15 minute Express in my cart at Collage. Waiting for the next sale, lol.

Vantreesta 09-16-21 05:26 PM

Slim & Limber is one of my favorite and most-used stretch videos too! Other faves are the stretching from Strong Knees and TurboFire Stretch 10.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-16-21 07:26 PM

Bubbles, thank you very much for the feedback on TLSM, I think I will past on that one for now, I know you are better than me at complex step choreography, if is tricky for you, it might be probably impossible for me :p

T2B, you are totally right! It is one of my all time favorite stretch routine!

Vantreesta, did you post new pictures? I want to see those spiders :)

Cate, waves!

I haven't been able to workout since Monday, I got an eye infection on Sunday, and on Monday it was worse, I feel tension on my eye if I do too much effort, so I decided to rest, hopefully I will get back to it soon.

T2B 09-16-21 07:48 PM

Vantreesta - Adding Turbo Fire Stretch10 to my list. :)

ASAS - I hope youíre being treated for that eye infection. Itís good that youíre taking it easy.

Vantreesta 09-16-21 09:06 PM

ASAS, I haven't posted any new pictures yet. I have three spiders to add eyes on and hang on the web then I'll take and post a pic. :) Hope your eye is better soon.

T2B, I hope you can get it! If I remember right, that stretch is on most of the discs in the set but I can't swear to that without checking.

I found a new to me YouTube channel that I've been spending (wasting?) time on in the mornings instead of getting off my butt to workout. They're not follow along workouts but I want to try some of them. In some they use less conventional equipment like a Bulgarian training bag and Core Momentum Trainer. They look fun!

bubbles76 09-17-21 06:17 AM

Sugar no problem!

Day 13 (yesterday) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Step Workout Volume 2 Workout 2 with Jenny. This one was very basic, almost too much, and repetitive. She did turn the step vertically about halfway through the routine, which made it a bit more interesting. I would have to be in the mood for something very basic in order to do this one. Luckily for yesterday, I was :). Didn't sweat much with this one, as I didn't incorporate a lot of power moves. I used one set of risers. 30 minutes, in and out.

Catahoula Cate 09-17-21 09:44 PM

Vannie, the village looks great!

Bubbles, I had forgotten about Gilad's Quick Fit System. I have Shoulders & Arms and have not done that one in a long time. Maybe my next dust bunny video to do.

Today for me was Day 5 dust bunny. I did Jill Miller's Shoulder Shape up. I like maybe half of the exercises...the other half are either too advanced or just too creative. But the ones I like are worthwhile enough to keep the video.

ASAS, I hope your eye infection is better. Waves, T2B!

T2B 09-18-21 11:52 AM

Vannie - I looked, you are correct! :)

17. Strong & Sweaty: PHAT Timesaver Premix # 3 (1A, 2A, 1B, 2B), 30 mins. Still sweating like crazy but not as grueling.

18. RWH: Low Impact HiiT One + COUNTRY HEAT: Trail Ride (virgin or dust bunny). Not sure if I have done this CH before, they all kind of blend together. I want to like these workouts but theyíre kind of boring to me. Lots of step touching, watch meís and basic moves. I bought CH thinking it was more dance that flowed like a dance aerobic workout. These are more like 8 count moves, done 8 and 4 times and then more step touches, watch meís, repeat. I donít even mind the country music but Amber and the format annoys.


AsSweetAsSugar 09-18-21 11:12 PM

Thank you all for the well wishes! :heart: // Each day my eye looked worse (I had a painful inflammation on the upper eyelid) than the day before until last Thursday where it was starting to get inflamed in the lower eyelid as well, I almost looked like I was punched! :eek: I kept calling each day for an appointment since Tuesday, and finally got one for this morning (Saturday), my eye started looking better yesterday, and today it looks like when it started (minimal inflammation). Anyways, the doctor confirmed that I had an infection, and prescribed an antibiotic for the infected eye, I algo got a new treatment for the itchiness, since the one I got at the Pharmacy didn't help much. I am feeling better already :sun:

Waves!! I hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Eta: Vantreesta, you have three spiders already! You did it fast!

T2B 09-19-21 03:32 PM

ASAS - glad you were able to see someone for your eye and that itís getting better.

19. BOSS BANDS: Total Body Timesaver #2 Upper Body, 46mins + TURBO FIRE: Stretch 10 Class (virgin). Well actually, Stretch 10 is 12:27. Lol. I really liked it and can see myself using it a lot. :). Boss Bands Timesaver 2 still has a at least 10 mins of lower body work so this makes the perfect timesaver to get the flavor of the full workout. The back, bicep & triceps segments are really good. Jen is extra hammy in the biceps section.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-19-21 04:01 PM

T2B, thank you! I am glad too, I was getting worry about it.

3-in-1 Total Body Fitness with Desi Bartlett (dust bunny) it has three 20 minutes or so workouts, I did all three for the first time, I'd usually do cardio or strength plus the flexibility segment. They are filmed outside near the beach.

8.) Cardio. The cardio is nice and fun, kind of a Leslie walk in intensity, but with more interesting choreography, I kept everything low impact, there were a little hop here and there, that would make it a bit more "intense".

9.) Strength. This one is nice too, for a light day workout, first circuit she did several exercises for the lower body, next upper body, she then combined both, then second circuit, similar pattern sometimes, there was quite a bit of triceps work, at the end she combines everything together from the top.

10.) Flexibility. I like this one too, it is relaxing, she uses a towel for some stretches, I used a stretch strap instead.

bubbles76 09-19-21 05:28 PM

Sugar, how'd I miss the part about your eye?? I'm so sorry you've been dealing with that.

Cate I have Shoulder Shape Up also and it's a virgin for me too. I've got to check it out now.

Day 14 (Friday) - Firm Total Body Toner. Dust bunny. This wasn't a bad workout. It covered all areas, and the reps weren't too high. This just isn't the kind of workout that I want to do anymore. I felt that there weren't enough reps and sets for me to get stronger, which is my ultimate goal.

I think I'm going to start taking off the weekends, at least for awhile. I've been going hard 6 days a week for so long, and I have been dreading my workouts. I think if I dedicate the weekends to just rest or yoga then I'll spark some more joy into my workouts. I mean, once I start working out I look forward to it, but it's just the getting started that's been hard. However, last weekend when I took the whole weekend off I felt so much better when I tackled my workout on Monday. We'll see how it goes. It's been years that I have only worked out five days a week.

Vantreesta 09-19-21 07:50 PM

Hey, guys! I've been a bum this wknd but did spend a lot of yesterday outside walking around at a tractor show and flea market with my hubby and father-in-law. Gorgeous day for it and I bought a cool ring made from a sugar spoon and a wire scorpion to be friends with the one I already have. :p

ASAS, I already have like 9 spiders, I think, on the web but I made 3 more that still need eyes. Hoping to finish those tmrw and post.

Katie, thanks! You know me, Halloween celebration can't start too early and no such thing as too much! :D

Bubbles, I think taking wknds off sounds like a good plan. You can always do smthg spontaneously (like Misty!) if the mood grabs you but not feeling obligated can be very freeing.

T2B, I misunderstood when you said you were putting TF10 on your list. I'm glad you already had it and didn't have to acquire it! Yeah, just over 12 minutes instead of 10. If the workout doesn't match the time they say I always wish they wouldn't put the time in the title! So misleading.

So last night I laid out a workout plan for the next 4 weeks and then realized I was planning for October and didn't include the Halloween workouts I have planned so I may just have to start over since I plan too much all the time anyway. Argh. Good thing I love planning!

Catahoula Cate 09-19-21 09:58 PM

Vannie, the tractor show and flea market sounds like fun. BTW, love the profile photo of Cyric on TF.

Bubbles, I'll be interested to know what you think of Shoulder Shape Up. Do you have any other Jill dvd's?

This evening, I did Day 6 dust bunny, Gilad Quick Fix Shoulders and Arms. It is one of two VHS I still own from back in the day. Actually my first workout purchase ever and from vintage Collage. I really like it and used to do all the time. I hope they've made it into dvd version because when I rewound it, the VHS player messed it up at the end. I had to rewind the very last part by hand. Not sure if it will play again but if not, it sure has lasted a long time.

ASAS, glad your eye is doing better.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-20-21 06:35 PM

Bubbles & Cate, thank you! :heart:

Vantreesta, you are not kidding with those spiders!

Today's workout was Leslie's The Tone Every Zone Walk (dust bunny). I did all three, I think it is the first time I do them all together. 11.) Upper Body, 12.) Lower Body, 13.) Fast walk + Short Stretch (my own).

Waves to all!

Catahoula Cate 09-20-21 09:06 PM

ASAS, great accomplishment on the Leslie workouts.

For Day 7, I did dust bunny Ellen Barrett's Slim Sculpt. This was a fav Ellen of mine and then I got out of habit of using dvd's. I still like this one and will try to keep it out of "dust bunny" status.

Vantreesta 09-21-21 12:03 PM

Just posted the front door pic, ASAS!

AsSweetAsSugar 09-21-21 12:33 PM

Cate, thanks! That Ellen Barrett's workout you did yesterday looks fabulous! Are you streaming now these days, instead of using DVDs?


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2941595)
Just posted the front door pic, ASAS!

Thanks for letting me know! I read your comment and went to check it out right away. Good job, it looks great!! You are very crafty!!

Vantreesta 09-21-21 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by AsSweetAsSugar (Post 2941600)
Cate, thanks! That Ellen Barrett's workout you did yesterday looks fabulous! Are you streaming now these days, instead of using DVDs?

Thanks for letting me know! I read your comment and went to check it out right away. Good job, it looks great!! You are very crafty!!

Thank you! I enjoy it and love when a mental picture actually works out like I see it! :)

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