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AsSweetAsSugar 09-21-21 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2941601)
Thank you! I enjoy it and love when a mental picture actually works out like I see it! :)

You're welcome! // That is awesome, isn't it?! :sun:

bubbles76 09-21-21 06:35 PM

Day 15 - Firm Hi Def Sculpt with Annie. This is a dust bunny from many years ago. I think I did it once, and it didn't appeal to me. Now, I really like it! It's a keeper. So funny. Years ago, I loved Total Body Toner. Guess our tastes change over the years.

Day 16 - Rob Glick More Amazing Cardio Combos. This was a dust bunny that I was test driving before it goes on the trade list. I made the right decision. Although it's a fine workout, it just isn't for me. I've got so many of Rob's that I love that I am not going to hold onto a maybe.

Vantreesta 09-21-21 07:37 PM

Bubbles, I love Hi-Def Sculpt! I think it's my favorite of that set.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-21-21 08:48 PM

Today's workout Kathy Smith's Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner (virgin): 14.) Workout 1+ 15.) Workout 2 & Cool down stretch. Fun workout! I was so tired that I almost skipped it, but once I started, I kept going. Workout 1 is an add on format, you learn some "steps" and put them together, and keep adding them on until the end, workout 2 is a different format, you learn some steps and repeat them several times, then you learn some new steps and repeat them several times, and so on, you never put them all together. The stretch was very good for a 7 minute stretch.

Waves to all!

Vantreesta 09-22-21 09:32 AM

Day 3 Kathy Smith Matrix Method Power Walk for Weight Loss Walking part 2 --I'm almost positive I did this full workout when I got it ages ago. Kathy was obviously in a great mood on this one! :p It was kinda goofy but I enjoyed it for smthg different.

I think I may post in the GD a list of the Halloween workouts I'm planning to do next month in case anyone else is interested in them too. I suppose that will take some time since I should probably post the links as they are all on YouTube.

Happy first day of fall! Best season of all, in my opinion. The leaves are changing here, more up north than here at home but I do still see some color. This morning it is 46 with a predicted high of 67. Vannie and Cyric are happy campers! :)

Yesterday I finished the front door spider web and spiders and posted a pic on TF. I also hung up witch hats that will be lit up and ghosts on the front porch. Last year the ghosts were in a tree, which looked cool, but I spent the whole month untangling them and trying to keep the from sticking to the tree. I decided to try the porch this year. Basically all of October is windy here. I'm hoping today will be calm so I can spray paint my Halloween tree. I'm also looking up how to make a crystal ball and witch broom. :D I suppose I better get some stuff crossed off my to do list today before I indulge in more decorating though!

T2B 09-22-21 04:06 PM

20. X10 Low Impact
21. BOSS LOOPS; Glutes & Core Timesaver # 2 (no Glutes floorwork or core)
22. rest day

Yes - first day of Fall! Love this time of year! It was 54 degrees this morning. Very nice today! Brisk breeze for a change. !

Vannie - Love the new picture! Great job!

Hi to all!

Vantreesta 09-22-21 04:50 PM

Thanks, T2B!

bubbles76 09-23-21 11:35 AM

I think I have both those Kathys! I know the Matrix Walk is a virgin, but can't be sure about Cardio Fat Burner. It's definitely a dust bunny if I don't remember doing it :)

Day 17 (yesterday) - The Firm Hard Core Fusion. Uh, this felt all over the place lol! Not a keeper for me. I didn't start enjoying myself until about 40 minutes in.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-23-21 02:08 PM

Vantreesta, I like the Matrix Walk a lot, even the screen with the scenery, hats and all lol, the bonus stretch is pretty good too.

Bubbles, you should give them a try sooner rather than later :) I thought TCFB was a fun workout.

Yesterday was an unplanned rest day. Just tired, I thought to workout in the evening, it didn't happen.

Today's workout KS' Lift Weights To Lose Weights (virgin): 16.) Upper Body + 17.) Lower Body + 18.) Abs & Si6: Slim & Limber. LWTLW was more challenging than I thought it was going to be after previewing, I used my foldable bench, for upper body I did track 1 lighter weights and reached failure a few times. For LB, I did track 2 (weights plus ankle weights), Abs was a crunch galore, the good thing with Kathy is that she always work the back as well. Great stuff! My only complaint is that during the leg lifts she did more reps on the second leg, I did less to make it even.

Waves to all!

T2B 09-23-21 05:06 PM

23. XTRAIN: Super Cuts Timesaver First Part, 28 mins & ELLEN BARRET 7 Day Workout Challenge - Day 4: 15-minute Quick Cardio (virgin). Quick Cardio is just ok. Probably wont do that one again, not exciting and I have to say Ellen in those white workout clothes gives me anxiety if I focus on her too much. Probably because Im a sweat all over type of person and white shows everything! :)


This check in is not supposed to be adding to my buy list! Stop it! :sun:

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