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AsSweetAsSugar 09-11-21 07:51 PM

6.) Gilad' Sculpt & Tone Workout (virgin) + Short Stretch. It was more challenging than expected, and not 60 minutes but close to 70 minutes! I used 8s for lower body, back and first round of biceps (had to drop it to 5s), I used 3s for the shoulders, at first I thought it was too light, but I soon was glad they were 3s and no 5s! I used 5s for the rest, and I could have probably used 12s for lower body, I might try it next time. I loved the workout! My upper body was on fire, and I was feeling those leg extensions by the end.


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2940544)

Thanks to you for sharing, I enjoyed seeing your village, I now understand why you were so busy! :music:

Vantreesta 09-11-21 08:44 PM

ASAS, I look forward to it every year! I'm glad hubby is okay with it going up so early. As much work as it is, I want to enjoy it as long as possible! My dad let me borrow his camping table this year and I am so thankful; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to put everything up! I will enjoy putting the rest of my decorations up next week but my plan is to do a little each day and not skip workouts and chores.:)

T2B 09-12-21 04:39 PM

Vantreesta - I tried the link but still need to be logged in to view at VF roost. Iím glad everything is up and that you get to enjoy it as long as possible.

ASAS - Iíve never done a Gilad workout. I donít have any of his workouts. Someone should recommend at least 1, preferably metabolic. :)

Hi Cate & bubbles!

11. BOSS LOOPS: Glutes & Core Mish Mosh #4 - Double Standing Lower Body Strength with Low Impact Cardio, 43mins. This may be my go to premix going forward. Two times through gets in there really good. Second time through I had to move my band higher to lessen the burn. Iím going to use the floorwork & core as an add on to short cardio workouts.

12. STRONG & SWEATY: Total Body Giant Sets - Before starting I was tempted to do a timesaver but Iím glad I did the whole thing. Used heavy weights too which felt great. Another sweaty workout.

P.M. CIA 2902 All Cardio Latino Xplosion - Quick Xplosion Mix (virgin). Carlos is one of background talent in at least one of Gay Gasperís workout that Iím aware of. Mix consists of w/u, Athletic Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, Soca, Cool down (Hip Hop), Abs & Stretch. I skipped the abs. The athletic salsa has some squats and lunges but I skipped those and just did side to side steps to keep the beat. I liked this. Not Zumba level music but fun enough. Not a lot of break down but easy enough to pick up. A few sections of actual jumping but still moderate and easy to keep low impact. I like Carlos, he seems like he has a great sense of humor. Iím definitely going to do this one again. Adding it to the LGI8 stack. Categorizing it as steady state cardio.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-12-21 06:28 PM

7.) Gilad' Step Aerobics (semi-virgin :p). I bought it recently, but this is my second time doing it. Awesome workout! Simple choreography, yet interesting and fun, I love it!!

Vantreestra, that is nice of your DH, he probably enjoy it as much as you do! And that was sweet of your dad to let you borrow it! Have fun with the rest of the deco!

T2B, I have got three Gilad DVDs recently, so far the two I have done are winners! I can't wait to try the third one soon. Latin Explosion sounds like a fun workout!

Waves to Cate and Bubbles!

Vantreesta 09-12-21 09:15 PM

T2B, that stinks, I was sure the Tapatalk forum was visible to anyone who stumbled across it. I don't have to be logged in to read. Just logged out there and like you said, couldn't see anything. I wonder if smthg changed or if I just never tried to look without logging in. I wonder if I can do it at TF.

ASAS, I do think hubby kind of enjoys the village but mostly I think he just sees how happy it makes me! I'm crocheting spiders to put on the front door, hopefully on a big yarn web. :D

Catahoula Cate 09-13-21 06:47 AM

Good morning everyone!

I may have to moderate my goal to 10 Ancient Dust Bunnies this month as I'm only on Day 3. Our company(a friend of DH's) kept me busier than I thought I would be even though he's a very easy guest. But I've gotten caught up with getting back into our routine. So last night I tried Ancient Dust Bunny Petra Kolber's Liquid Grooves. A combo of dance, yoga and tai chi. Lots of sun salutations, chair pose and tai chi arm movements. It was nice and a good one to do in the evening. I probably won't do it often but I'll keep it.

ASAS, you've got me inspired to look into other Gilad workouts again. I really like him as an instructor. I just need to be careful not to get into the really advanced workouts.

bubbles76 09-13-21 07:24 AM

Waves everyone!

Sugar as many times as I've done Tap Less Step More, it is still challenging, choreography wise :). Not as much as a Seasun Zieger workout though. More along the lines of Amy Bento, but with much better cueing. Like working out to a Amy Bento workout with Christi Taylor cueing lol! The music is fantastic though, so it motivates you to keep trying.

T2B, you simply must try a Gilad workout! I'm not sure which of his would be considered metabolic, since I mainly go to him for straight forward strength training. He is gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the workouts are straight forward.

Day 9 (Friday) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Strength Workout Volume 1 Workout 2 with Chrissy. Total body. I liked this one with Chrissy better. She covers triceps, but still skips inner thighs and calves. This workout was higher rep, low weight as well, with pulses and count changes.

I skipped the weekend, but plan to get back to working out today.

Vantreesta 09-13-21 09:16 AM

Have I seriously only done one of the workouts on my list so far this month??? I guess I have been more distracted than I realized!

Catahoula Cate 09-13-21 09:37 PM

Day 4 Dust Bunny Barbara Benagh's Yoga for back care. This is 6 segments of which I've done most but had not done the De-stress and Restore. Supposed to be relaxing, concentrating on breath and relaxation. It was not. Way too many props and repositioning them. I even had my props handy and I couldn't relax with refolding blankets and repositioning them and yoga blocks. The other segments I've done a while ago I couldn't connect with them that well either. I really like Barbara Benagh's Yoga for Stress Relief dvd which is fav. Problem with this one, Yoga for Back Care, is it just doesn't compare. Glad I tried it but into the thrift shop box and I'll just stick with Yoga for Stress Relief.

bubbles76 09-14-21 06:02 AM

Cate I like Liquid Grooves too :love:

Day 10 (yesterday) - Gym Box Discount Workouts Beginning Strength Workout Volume 2 Workout 1 with Jenny. Virgin workout and instructor. I liked this one too. Quick and to the point. I really need to hunt down any remaining Gym Box Discount Workouts that I don't have.

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