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bubbles76 09-07-21 06:32 PM

Cate thanks for the offer. I have that one, but haven't tried it yet. I have some shoulder issues, so thanks for the heads up. I will have to be careful when I try it.

T2B, I think I had the same reaction to that Patricia workout years ago lol!

Vannie I have plans to go to the RenFaire in Tuxedo, NY hopefully this month and one in MD in November. I cannot wait! I don't know if we'll spend 9 hours at the faire, but chances are very good we will.

Day 5 - Did not work out Sunday, but Monday (Day 5) I completed Tom Holland's Total Body Workout - Workout 1. This was a dust bunny and a goody. Didn't realize how many squats and lunges were in this one, but no pain. I did substitute some goblet squats and deadlifts though.

Day 6 - Michelle Dozois Body Fit 360 Volume 3 Athletic Conditioning - this workout makes my knees ache. Yes, there are modifications, and I did most of the modifications, but if I have to modify so much, why bother with this workout. Plus she cues right.on.the.move which I just don't like. Ugh, this one may be going in the trade pile. I only did the 40 minute workout, didn't bother with the 20 minute one.

Vantreesta 09-07-21 11:07 PM

Day 1 9/7 Barry's Boot Camp Cindy Whitmarsh Mission Specialist Abs

I had forgotten how much I like Cindy. I'm pretty sure this was a virgin. I never inflated their "Transformer" oval shaped ball so just used my regular stability ball. I normally don't care for a lot of abs-only workouts but I liked this one.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-08-21 06:36 AM

Cate, how heavy is the medicine ball they use in the workout? Just curious, since in the preview he say to use a heavy ball or dumbbell, but he recommended 2-3 pounds db to start, but he never mentioned how heavy was his ball.

T2B, I didn't sleep much either :eek:

3.) Body Target BalanceBall: Upper Body (dust bunny). A nice gentle workout, but I still felt a little burn.

4.) Body Target BalanceBall: Abs (dust bunny). This one was quite challenging, and there was one move I couldn't do at all, so I stuck with the first version.

Catahoula Cate 09-08-21 10:33 AM

ASAS Gilad doesn't say how heavy the ball is. The preview does say a heavy ball or light dumbbell but when he get's started in the warm up, he refers to the ball they're using as a medicine ball. My impression is that medicine balls can vary greatly in weight. But I think a person could use whatever ball they want too...a soccer ball, basketball, etc.

I'm not doing a good job at getting many dust bunnies done recently. We've got some company for a few more days but I still might get one done today.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-08-21 04:18 PM

Cate, thanks for the feedback, I was hoping he would mention the weight he was using as a reference.// Enjoy your guests.

Vantreesta 09-08-21 05:31 PM

Well I ended up not working out today. :( I had to run errands and then just was honestly too excited to start my village! I had some cleanup to do and then set up my platforms, pulled out all the tubs of stuff and laid the ground cover out. Tmrw I will do smthg for a workout and then dig in to building!!

T2B 09-08-21 05:34 PM

bubbles - I rarely get rid of any of my workout DVDs but I seriously considered trashing that DVD. It went in my Goodwill pile.

ASAS - hope you got some sleep last night! !

During Mary’s Labor Day Sale, I bought:

Si6 Keep It Up (my Si6 series is complete)
Zero to Sixty Adrenaline Rush
2801 All Cardio Step
2802 All Cardio Latin Xplosion
2803 Tap-Less Step More
2804 Athletic Step Jam

So…not sure why I didn’t buy Greg’s last CIA series but now I have it! :) This is it! I’m not buying anymore workout DVDs. My library is complete! ;):cool:

8. LITE: PHA2. No time to do anything else today! I wanted to try Latin Xplosion! And I wanted to hang with my BFF, Misty! No time! Work, work, work!

T2B 09-08-21 05:37 PM


You’ll have to share a snip of the completed village! :)Sounds intense and like a lot of work!!

Vantreesta 09-09-21 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2940328)

You’ll have to share a snip of the completed village! :)Sounds intense and like a lot of work!!

Can you do a photo album if you're not a supporter?

AsSweetAsSugar 09-09-21 04:21 PM

5.) Body Target BalanceBall: Lower Body (dust bunny).

T2B, thanks! I slept better, but not too many hours. Hoping to catch some good long sleep tonight. What about you? Nice list! I recently got Athletic Step Jam, and it looks fun, I can't wait to try it out. I also liked the music on Tap Less Step More, but that one looked out of my ligue, so I didn't order it, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that one.

Vantreesta, I saw your question on the other thread, but I didn't want to hijack, so I am replying here... I liked the set, and the clubz are nice to hold, and seem very well made, nice quality. The workouts are very challenging and have a high sweat factor. Some of the exercises reminded me Jillian Michaels' combination moves, but using the clubz instead of light dumbells, the recovery workouts are a workout, just less intense than the others, still you get a nice sweat going. They have a warm up but not cool down, also the workouts are set up as three blocks of 10 minutes or so, sometimes you see new people on the next block, so they weren't filmed on one go, it reminds me a bit of KettleWorX, but not choppy as the latter, and the exercises goes for time and not for reps. The calendar has 6 days a week (Cardio - Power - Recovery - Repeat - Off), every phase is done for two weeks. But, I just did them three times a week, and one week each phase, that way no dread for me and I could mix in other things in between. There are some high impact (like jumping lunges, burpees, one leg burpees), I sometimes did regular lunges when I didn't feel like jumping, and used my bosu for the burpees. There were some nice exercises that felt good on the shoulder (swimmers, and another where you pass the clubz behind the head while squatting). I did wish they included one or two DVD with traditional clubs training. HTH

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