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AsSweetAsSugar 09-04-21 03:34 PM

Bubbles and T2B, thanks so much for the welcome! :heart:

ETA: T2B, I'd recommend Madeleine Lewis' AM & PM Stretch both routines are good, and both have a flowy warm up to prepare the muscles for the stretches, they are around 35 minutes each, I do any of them at any time of the day, it has been a while though, I will revisit them, I also love the power stretch which is 20 minute long, that one makes me sweat a bit.

AM & PM Stretch's preview.

Bonus Power Stretch's preview.

Catahoula Cate 09-05-21 08:36 AM

Day 2: Dust Bunny Lord of the Abs with Gilad. I got this years ago and it was too advanced for me, even with modifying the medicine ball with a lighter ball. Fast forward to now and it's still too advanced for me even though I've gotten stronger. I really like Gilad as an instructor though and think it's a well done video. But it will go to the thrift shop.

T2B 09-05-21 10:39 AM

5. BOSS LOOPS: Glutes & Core. Inspired by Vannieís list, I also did Candlelight Yoga: 15 min Yoga Energizer Workout (virgin). With that title, I thought it would be a flowy, yoga workout. It is not. It was ok, not bad but 2 moves were way too advanced for me because Iím not flexible. Thereís an ATG squat that was held way too long for my comfort, and a sitting on your heels move. I like Sarah so added Candlelight Yoga to my dust bunny, ďto doĒ , pile.

ASAS - thanks for those links. Iíll check it out!

bubbles76 09-05-21 12:55 PM

Cate which Lord of the Abs dvds is this? I'm looking for Phenomenal Abs & Core and Hard Core. I'll send you postage or will trade if you've got either of these.

Day 4 - Rob Glick Power Body Strength Training - this is an ancient dust bunny. Tried it once years ago, and thought it was slow moving. Fast forward to now and I appreciate the pace a lot better! Modified a bit, as I can't do that many push ups in a row. Surprisingly, even with all the lunges and squats, my knees were not troubled. Must have been the slower pace and the fact that I kept it light (used 10 pounds throughout, but there were a lot of reps). This is a keeper! Woke up pleasantly sore, but no knee pain.

T2B 09-05-21 03:27 PM

P.M. Started Patricia Morenoís Cardio Burn Dance - Dance Express. The + is that Deazie is in this workout. I couldnít finish it though. The music is horrible and I really didnít care for the workout. The dance routine is more jazz dance and it could have still been fun if the music wasnít so bad. I started the Cardio Salsa routine and didnít like that either. So next, went with Body Groove Delicious Dance - Bootylicious, 22 mins (virgin). Love, 5 stars, made me smile.

AsSweetAsSugar 09-05-21 04:08 PM

1.) A.M. & P.M. Stretch: A.M. Stretch (dust bunny). Since, I just finished my Killer Body rotation yesterday, I went with a full body stretch, as I am bit sore today, I think I will do stretch/mobility workouts for a few days as a recovery, before doing any strength or cardio.

Catahoula Cate 09-05-21 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by bubbles76 (Post 2939957)
Cate which Lord of the Abs dvds is this? I'm looking for Phenomenal Abs & Core and Hard Core. I'll send you postage or will trade if you've got either of these.

Bubbles76 The one I have is Maximum Abs, heavy ball standing workout if you are interested. My biggest problem with it is that I have a shoulder blade that gets unstable on me(old injury)and the movements with the ball are not right for it.

ASAS love your tag line!

Vantreesta 09-06-21 11:24 AM

Had a good few days with my dad, just not long enough. I wasn't ready for him to leave. Saturday we spent 9 1/2 hours at the MN Ren Fest, most of it with friends, and yesterday we drove down to Des Moines for that fest. Yesterday was beastly hot from the moment we stepped out of the car at 10 AM. Today we're just bumming around. I wanted to go hiking but all the driving and the heat have drained us and feels good to be lazy. I can't get Cyric till this afternoon though and I miss him so much! I had booked the kennel a while back bc I assumed we would be going to my father-in-law's, but it did give us the freedom to stay at the fests longer (cancelling would have still cost me nights on the boarding package bc it was a holiday wknd).

I'm looking forward to getting myself back on track this week. Lots of good stuff has been happening the last couple weeks with camping and time with Dad and friends and everything but I am missing my routine and starting to feel ungrounded again. I'm also excited that I will be putting up my Halloween village this week! Huzzah!

AsSweetAsSugar 09-06-21 04:27 PM

2.) Pilates For Beginners with Kristin MacGee (dust bunny). I did the whole thing (60 minutes), I really like this one.

Cate, thanks! :heart:

Vantreesta, I am glad you had a great time with your dad!

T2B 09-07-21 06:14 PM

6. ICE: Low Impact Sweat + BODY GROOVE: Delicious Dance Flex & Stretch, 33 mins (virgin).

7. BOSS BANDS: Total Body Timesaver #1 + BODY GROOVE: House Party Workout #1. It was one of those long nights where I felt like I slept with one eye open all night. :eek: :asleep:

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