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Vantreesta 09-28-21 11:54 AM

I just posted my Halloween workout list in the GD but the links didn't work right copying/pasting from a Word document. :(

T2B 09-28-21 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by Vantreesta (Post 2942277)

I just posted my Halloween workout list in the GD but the links didn't work right copying/pasting from a Word document. :(

Thanks for sharing! :) I made cookies last weekend and thought of you!

28. rest day…. I’m starting my LGI8 rotation tomorrow!

ASAS & Cate - do you have Cathe’s Beginner Low Impact Step workout? I think this one is great for introducing you to all of Cathe’s step moves. I plan to do it sometime this week to refresh my memory. Cathe spends more time breaking down the moves.

Bubbles - hope you had an easy day; no OT. :)

AsSweetAsSugar 09-28-21 06:01 PM

T2B, I don't have Low Impact Step, but it is on my wish list :) I have Basic Step, on Cathe's website she recommends to start with BS and then follow it up with LIS. Both look fun on preview. I can't wait to see what workouts you will plug in during your LGI8 rotation, I will be taking notes!

Bubbles, have fun with your BR rotation! I still don't know what I will do next month.

Vantreesta, that workout list is huge, you have a lot to play with for the whole month!

Catahoula Cate 09-29-21 09:57 PM

T2B I don't have Low Impact Step but have Basic Step. I have not done it in a while(on dust bunny list) but I do remember liking it. What is a LG18 rotation?

This evening I did my Day 10 dust bunny. Sadie Lincoln, Studio Shape Barre3. I did the Arms and Core segment. This is a dust bunny that needs to stay active! I really enjoyed it. Also was a gift from a wonderful friend so all the more special. So I did meet my goal of 10 dust bunnies which was really good for me. A busy month(next month will be pretty busy too) but I really needed to get back into dvd's and this check in was a great motivator and great company! :sun:

T2B 09-30-21 12:49 PM

Cate - Great job on getting your 10 dust bunnies!

LGI8 = Look Great in 8. ASAS started a thread about it a month ago. 8 weeks, repeating weeks 1 -4, with a different focus each week.

T2B 09-30-21 03:28 PM

29. ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + Burn It Up. These are really good workouts with really good music. It’s been awhile since i did these workouts but still not in the dust bunny category.

30. INTENSITY SERIES: Cardio & Weights (dust bunny). It’s been a very long time since I did this one. The circuits consist of a step segment, followed by a lower body combo exercise and then an UB exercise focusing on 1 UB body part. I used to hate the Buttercup song but after years of hearing it while shopping in Kohls and recently in that Geico commercial, the song has faded into the background. :) Love the Elvis song though.

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