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bubbles76 09-25-21 09:42 PM

Hi everyone! Another quick drive by, as I'm going to be working all weekend :(

Cate - I think I have Jill Miller's Shoulder Shape Up, Core, and Lower Body workouts. I also have her Athletic Stretches. All virgins :o. I need to get to them. You've also inspired me to pull out some Ellens. So many workouts, so little time!

Day 19 (yesterday) - Discount Workouts By Gym Boss Advanced Strength Volume 2 Workout 1 with Ashlynn - Virgin workout, virgin instructor. One hour workout. Spent between 3-5 minutes per body part, per exercise. Higher rep, plenty of pulses, low ends, and count changes. Hit everything. My knees were feeling cranky so I didn't do the pulses and low ends for lunges. I kept doing two up, two down. Also, I got bored doing all the ab work, so I ducked out of the workout 7 minutes early. I'm pleasantly sore in all the right places. Keeper!

Catahoula Cate 09-26-21 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by bubbles76 (Post 2942024)
So many workouts, so little time!

Bubbles, So very true!!!!

ASAS I remember the EB Crunch series and looking at some clips. I should revisit some of those. Do you have a fav? Both Skinny Sculpt and Slim Sculpt are from her Studio series and then Grace and Gusto are from her EB Live series. I think I quit getting more of hers at that point because they were getting a little repetitive but I'm glad I've got two of her Studio series. The jury is still out on Grace and Gusto. My only step is Cathe's Basic Step which I really like but is in dust bunny category which I hope to do soon. Would not be a bad idea to have another step though so I'll check into the Kari Richards one.

Waves all!

AsSweetAsSugar 09-26-21 01:54 PM

Cate, I remember loving Crunch Fat Burning Pilates and Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates. I'll check if I can find a cheap used copy of the ones you mentioned.

I recently got Cathe's Basic Step, it is on my virgins pile, I can't wait to try it out! Other DVDs I have tried and I love with basic step choreography are:

1- Kathy Kaehler Basics Workout Class
2- Gilad Step Aerobics
3- Kathy Smith Step Workout (it is also on YouTube but with French audio)
4- Jenny Ford Step by Step 1 (also available on YouTube)
5- Kendall Hogan Crunch Fat Blaster The Next Step (I think I saw it on YouTube as well).

I just thought I'd post them in case you would like to check them out.

T2B 09-26-21 02:31 PM

24. P30: Perfect Flow: Strength & Flexibility Timesaver, 20 mins. Last day of my 4 week rotation.
25. rest dayÖ
26. LITE: Cardio Party - Timesaver #3 (hi/lo only) + Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow (virgin). Lots of content on the yoga dvd. Thereís three A workouts & three B workouts and a Pose Guide segment with detailed instruction on 23 poses.. I did the first A workout which is 38 minutes. Starts with standing yoga exercises for about 18 minutes. I really liked the standing part and how it flowed but some parts were too challenging because Iím not very flexible. I could keep up until all of a sudden a blanket appeared and the instructor went into a shoulder stand, (didnít even think about trying that). After the shoulder stand, I was able to finish the workout. Seemed like a lot for the supposed easiest workout on the dvd. Great instruction though. I think, instead of looking for flowy stretching maybe Iím looking for gentle vinyasa yoga?

ASAS - I agree the Gym Box/Gym Boss workouts sound really good. My next big buy may be at Maryís Black Friday Sale but I really should just stop buying, except for Cathe. I have way too many workouts. But I call it my library. A library is never obsolete, right?

Sounds kind of weird to be bouncing and using weights at the same time! :)

bubbles - sorry that you have to work this weekend.

Cate - Iím going to try to do better next month with doing some of my unused/dust bunny workouts. My next rotation is a lot more flexible than the one I just finished.

Vannie - good suggestion from your hubby! I thought RenFests were only around for a few weeks? Surprised itís still happening. Iíve only gone to 1 so what do I know. :)

AsSweetAsSugar 09-26-21 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2942081)
I have way too many workouts. But I call it my library. A library is never obsolete, right?

Sounds kind of weird to be bouncing and using weights at the same time! :)

You're right :) // Congrats on finishing your rotation!! // I have an Urban Rebounding Compilation DVD with a similar workout, but instead of dumbbells, they use 1-3 sandweigths. The one I did also only use lightweights, the instructor used only 1 kg. I don't find it weird since I like it for change :)


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2942081)
bubbles - sorry that you have to work this weekend.




Today's workout Rebound Fitness' Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline Workouts: 21.) Beginners Rebound Progression (virgin) + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. Nice workout, I did the more challenging version of each exercise and I got a great workout, my legs were burning during the first circuit, I also liked the one leg balance exercise, at the end we worked the core, exercises included: crunches, crunches with legs extended and bridges, this was repeated three times, then back work with bird dog exercise, first arms only, then legs, and then arms and legs, all this was done on the rebounder, it ended with a two minute standing stretch which was on the floor, and water breaks included!

T2B 09-27-21 01:21 PM

Howdy!!!:sun: Mondays still suck, just saying! :)

27. CIA2303: Step It Strong w/Keli Roberts, 52 mins (virgin). Interval stepping with weights. Fun, steady state step cardio. 4 step intervals followed by weight segments and then a 5th step interval which are all the step combos put together. The step segments are not too long, basic choreography. Uses one set of heavy weights & 1 set of light weights. I enjoyed it a lot.

1st step interval

2nd step interval
alternating lunges on step with knee ups, then with shoulder presses
Deadlifts and deadlift/rows

3rd step interval - step is more lower body focused with squats off the ends of the step
side to side lunges with heavy weight.
side to side lunges with curl press
Lunge off step with bicep curls

4th step interval - again more lower body focused with hamstrings off the side of the step, over & overs with pulsing squats at the ends of the step, revolving doors.
lateral raises
Lateral raises with a one legged squat move.

5th step interval - all the combos put together and then a step cool down.

Slow & Strong Full Body, 25 mins. I skipped this part but I wanted to know what it entailed and if it would be useful for the LGI8 rotation. Verdict: As part of the complete workout, yes, but as a separate, stand alone weight segment, not enough. :)

Singe arm rows and biceps curls and a front shoulder press move
Dumbbell flyes, then single arm dumbbell flyes with leg lifts
Pullovers, abs (reverse curls, ab curls, bicycles, long lever ins/outs)
Lower back, glute, hamstring combo move on step
Swimmers on step

AsSweetAsSugar 09-27-21 03:17 PM

Hi everyone!!!

Today's workouts: Rebound Fitness' Hiit Rebound Compilation 1: Power Bounce (27 min.) + Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline Workouts: 22.) Balance Core & Strength (virgin). I used 3s for PB today, and it was definitely more challenging. BCS was good, there were quite a bit sun salutations that flowed into deep squats (goblet squats) and one leg balance with torso twist, others exercises included windmills, chest and hamstring stretch in windmill position, one leg deadlift, tree pose (balance challenge), downdog with leg lift, core work in plank position (hands on the rebounder, feet on the floor) towards the end, and then back to the rebounder for a four minute stretch. Nice workout, the rebound add a bit of instability so it makes everything a bit more challenging, I liked the instructor as well. This workout is 44 minutes long.

T2B, that workout you did today sounds great! Too bad it is not easy to find without paying a pretty penny. :eek:

bubbles76 09-27-21 07:52 PM

Cate it's been awhile since I've done my Ellens, but I liked Yogini the best :) I will need to revisit them to see if that's still the case. I haven't tried her Crunch workouts though.

Sugar and T2B thanks for the empathy :). It was a crummy weekend working. I refused to work more than an hour overtime tonight, but I probably should have. I've be going to bed early tonight so I can get a lot of work done tomorrow.

Tonight's workout (yes, I'm on time to report!):

Day 20 - Jillian Michael's Body Revolution Workout 1. Virgin workout, but not virgin instructor. I will (hopefully!) be doing a modified rotation. I will be subbing in different cardio, but doing the circuit workouts as laid out. We'll see how it goes. I won't report when the weeks repeat, but since I will be subbing in different cardio I'll report that.

Catahoula Cate 09-27-21 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2942185)
Howdy!!!:sun: Mondays still suck, just saying! :)

T2B My Monday wasn't too bad but this still made me laugh! :)
Your Keli Roberts interval looked like a jam packed workout. Nice job!

My Day 9 Dust bunny was Ellen Barrett's Grace and Gusto. I did like it better than I remembered. Not a fan of the matwork but the standing portion was good. I think I will keep it! :)

ASAS Thanks for the share on the Steps....I'm thinking of another Gilad anyway so maybe I'll check his out.
But this one you mentioned with French audio could be a fun way to do a new Step and learn a new language at the same time. :D I know a little French but not that much. :) "3- Kathy Smith Step Workout (it is also on YouTube but with French audio)"

Bubbles It's been a while since I've done my Ellen's too. I'm glad I pulled them out of the dust bunny archives. They felt pretty good.

Waves Vannie!

AsSweetAsSugar 09-28-21 11:52 AM

Cate, that sound like a good plan to me! :sun:

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