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bubbles76 09-01-21 06:34 PM

September 20 - 20 Different Instructors and/or Virgins, Ancient Dustbunnies
Hi! This is a continuation from Karla's "20 Days / 20 Instructors". Some of us enjoyed it so much we're continuing for a new month (or just 20 days if you're so inclined!)

Day 1 - Joy Bauer's Slimdown Workout. Virgin workout, virgin instructor. Not bad, but I have similar workouts to this one that are better, so off to the trade pile it goes.

T2B 09-02-21 12:28 PM

bubbles - I hope youíre safe from Ida yesterday/last night! I canít imagine how scary it was for the people caught up in those storms.

Thanks for starting a new thread.

Yesterday was LITE: Metabolic Blast.

Today is a recovery day so I did P30 FLOW Mobility Basics Stretch Timesaver, 20 mins + Flexibility & Strength Warm-up. I like the flowy warm-up in the Flexibility workout. The timesaver mobility workout is kind of choppy though. I thought I would sleep in, because I was so tired yesterday, but I woke up at my usual time feeling good.

Any recommendations for flowy type stretching?

This month Iíll focus on my dance workouts to get through some virgins/dust bunnies and boost my daily step count.

bubbles76 09-02-21 07:37 PM

Flowy stretching? I'll have to think on that one. I tend to use yoga instead of stretching so I can get some strength and stretching at the same time. I can give some yoga suggestions though :)

Day 2 - Hi Lo Fusion with Rob Glick. Not a complete virgin workout, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get through 15 minutes of this the first time through. I got frustrated with the fancy turns and the space hog nature of it. It's still a space hog but I adapted and took out most of the turns. It was a fun workout that flew by after that. Still I have so many Rob Glick workouts that this one may still stay in the trade bin.

Vantreesta 09-03-21 12:40 AM

Day 4 Alex Crockford 4 Minute Fat Burning Battle Rope Finisher Workout!, YT
Day 5 Patricia Moreno Kickbox: Core Cross Train Punches (13)
Day 6 Movement Parallels Life -RESTORE YOUR BODY | Quick Mobility Routine to MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER, YT
Day 7 E. Kligerman Yoga Therapy for Back Pain SI Joint 1 (15)
Day 8 Crunch Sara Ivanhoe Candlelight Yoga bonus 15-Minute Energizer Workout (15)

Day Core Flow SUP Indoor Rowing Machine Workout Scenery 10 Minute Sunrise Front POV Of The Upper River Hamble, YT
Jenny Ford Zombie Step Aerobics Workout, YT (38)
WWE Triple H Power Series Mobility (14)
Tone It Up 10-Minute Toning Ropes Workout With Ariel, YT
15. Jennifer Kries Pilates Target Specifics Hips (14)
17. XTrainFit J. Hendrix RipT 90 Ript Abs (15)
18. Jackie Warner Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs standing (15)

Catahoula Cate 09-03-21 09:48 AM

Hi! I'd like to join in for September. I've got quite a few ancient dustbunny dvd's that I keep telling myself I'll get going on. The check in will be a very nice and fun motivator!

T2B 09-03-21 02:32 PM

3. LIS: Athletic Training (dust bunny). The music is better than the music in Afterburn, for sure. After the warm up, the cardio burst on the step was very challenging. Basic but intense, and I wasnít using a 10Ē step like Cathe & crew either. I used an 8Ē step and wanted to lower it but stopping was not an option. I was sweating like a soaker hose! :) Good stuff!

bubbles - yoga recommendations will work too! :)

Hi Vantreesta

Catahoula Cate - welcome! :)

AsSweetAsSugar 09-03-21 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Catahoula Cate (Post 2939637)
Hi! I'd like to join in for September. I've got quite a few ancient dustbunny dvd's that I keep telling myself I'll get going on. The check in will be a very nice and fun motivator!

Same here! I'd like to join too, I'm finishing my current rotation tomorrow, and I've got some virgin and dust bunny DVDs that I would love to do this month.

bubbles76 09-03-21 11:23 PM

T2B, the first stretchy yoga that comes to mind is Mark Laham's Yin Yoga. I also really like Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn Monthly Restorative Yoga set. I believe you can get this one outside of the whole six dvd set. It goes by two different names I believe. Nice stretchy yoga.

Welcome Sugar and Cate!

Vannie you've got some goodies on that list. Better get cracking. :)

Day 3 - Dana Pieper's Everybody Fitness Total Body Conditioning - virgin workout, not virgin instructor. This was a fine workout, but a little long for me at 69 minutes. It felt longer. I don't think I got enough strength out of this. May be going to the trade pile, as I'm pretty sure I won't reach for it (although it's a fine workout). I like her other two dvds a lot more.

Catahoula Cate 09-04-21 11:47 AM

Thanks for the welcome! :sun:

Started off Day One with a youtube clip from Upright Health, instructor Matt Shu. Not a dust bunny but a channel I've rekindled an interest in and finding some good content. This one was on posture with some tips about what doesn't work and what does.

Great list Vannie! I would be very interested to know what you think of the Jennifer Kries one targeting the hips.

I'm pulling all my dust bunny dvd's out to remind myself which ones have been sitting there the longest. I hope to make a dent in them this month.

T2B 09-04-21 12:48 PM

Bubbles - thanks for the recs!

ASAS - welcome!

4. LITE: Cardio Party (Scrambled Calorie Crush Mish Mosh). Cardio Party Calorie Crush was a virgin. I had so much fun that I did the Calorie Crush & Stretch (19mins) again. Short, but fun, step!

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