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karjoy 01-01-22 09:23 AM

Total Max Mixers January 2022
Hi guys. Starting us off with a new month and a New Year! I wish you all the best
as we start 2022.

Yesterday a small group of us who are semi/maybe marathon training ran a 10 miler. This group runs pretty fast and it truly sucked in the heat and humidity. But we had put out fluids for every 3-4 miles which helped. Today I will do some strength training on my own. I have been neglectful of that lately.

I was so sorry to hear about the passing of Betty White. I could say so many wonderful things. I will be watching lots of Golden Girls reruns!

Happy New Year to all!

JBliff 01-01-22 12:49 PM

Hi all. I took a rest day yesterday. Just felt tired out -- I guess from having company for 4 days! We didn't even stay up until 12 like we usually do for New Year's Eve.

Karjoy - Thanks for getting us started. I was sorry to hear too that Betty White had passed. She was always very funny and joyful.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

Cher 01-02-22 07:03 AM

Happy New Year to everyone!

We got 5 inches of snow overnight and it’s still snowing so I think I will get outside and help DH clear the driveway. I need to get some fresh air and get some physical activity in. ;)

Karen - I was so sad to hear about Betty White too. Just loved her! I was thinking of watching some Hot in Cleveland episodes.

JBliff - Joseph and I stayed up until midnight as usual. DH went to bed about 11:00 which he normally does every NYE. My mom went to my aunt’s with her other sister and husband so I called her at midnight and was in bed by 12:15. :p

Waves to Vannie & Gibbee!

JBliff 01-02-22 09:33 AM

My workout yesterday was S&S PHA + 35 minutes of yoga.

Cher - I wish we got some snow here! It was 75 degrees yesterday and will be 68 today. That's great you were able to stay up until 12!

Waves to all. Have a good day.

karjoy 01-02-22 04:00 PM

Yesterday I did upper body with Cathe band, my much loved piece of equipment.
Itís about 80 degrees outside:mad: so I am going to walk on my treadmill in a little while while listening to a podcast. Our front is supposed to come through this evening and we will have colder weather for a while. We are under a tornado warning.

Iím kinda dreading going back to work tomorrow. Our level of COvID is dangerously high and this is Florida which means a free for all. Thank goodness we donít allow ANY symptomatic people in the office and they are all done by telemedicine. I will be wearing a KN95 mask all the time.

Cher so glad to see you posting again. What a workout clearing snow must be! Good to be out in the fresh air for sure even when it is cold. I didnít make it to midnight but I never do. :D

Jbliff are you going to get some snow do you think? I guess you will get colder air too.

Vannie I pray you are not frozen solid or snowed under.

Waves to Gibbee

Vantreesta 01-02-22 08:26 PM

We played D&D with friends all day today. I'm gonna have to force myself to get my yoga done tonight and that will probably be all I do.

Last night I did day 1 of my chiropractor's squat challenge, Cher's Hot Dance, day 1 of CVG's Movement Challenge (workout tester, two tabatas: mountain climbers, burpees, bicycles and air squats), and a Kassandra bedtime yoga practice.

Cher 01-03-22 08:15 AM

I did a decent workout yesterday. Started with a 15 minute Leslie walk, then did Cathe’s Lower Body add-on from her Basic Step dvd, then decided to do the ab section too since I got a new stability ball. ( I bought Cathe’s stability ball and wow, it is a lot nicer than my old one). Then I added an 11 minute Chair Stretch from one of Jessica Smith’s stretch DVDs. My legs are SO sore this morning! DH said he didn’t need me to help shovel snow so I did my workout instead. ;)

Weighed myself this morning and I gained 3.8 pounds since my dad died. I guess that’s not horrible since the holidays were also in that month. Back at WW at counting my points again today.

JBliff - Are you getting snow today? I saw a storm down your way but not exactly sure where you are. It’s only 10 degrees here this morning!

Karen - Ugh, I don’t envy you going back to work and having to deal with all that.

Vannie - Did you get in your yoga?

JBliff 01-03-22 01:46 PM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was 50 minutes on the elliptical + about 18 minutes of yoga on my own.

We got snow today! I think we got about 7-8 inches total. It looks beautiful outside, and of course everything is closed. Virginians don't do well with snow :D.

Cher - I have a stability ball from Cathe that's lasted forever and it's nice and thick too. Good job on the workouts, and good thing your DH didn't need help shoveling!

Karjoy - I saw Florida broke the previous one-day record for cases last week and the governor is MIA again?

Hi to Vannie and Gibbee. Have a good day, everyone.

karjoy 01-03-22 09:48 PM

Jbliff I figured you would get some snow but 7-8Ē is a lot! I bet it is pretty. I have a friend in DC and I think they got anout 8-10Ē too.

Cher good workout! Yeah I think I would rather do your style workout than shovel

Cher and Jbliff you guys just talked me into getting a Cathe stability ball. I love her Cathe bands. They have lasted me for years.

Iím beat. One hour on the treadmill today. Waves to Vannie and Gibbee.

JBliff 01-04-22 10:28 AM

My workout yesterday was Travel Fit + 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Our HOA hired a company to clear the snow and they did a terrible job. They barely cleared the parking area and left the walkways covered in snow. DH ended up going out about 3 p.m. and cleared the walkways for about 4 of the houses. Our parking lot looks like a skating rink this morning.

Karjoy - DC and northern VA always gets more snow than us and I'm not complaining ;). The main N/S highway to DC got all snarled up last night and some people had to spend up to 19 hours in their cars stuck in traffic trying to get to northern VA.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

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