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Violet 03-07-12 06:21 PM

Intense butt workout, low impact - Suggestions?
My butt is flat! One of my goals is to perk it up and make it bigger. I am looking for really good and seriously intense butt workouts that are also low impact. I own some equipment like dumbbells, a barbell, ball, and a few steps.

What videos do you recommend?

Kyra 03-07-12 08:58 PM

I recommend this. I was basically looking for an improvement in performance from this, and was pleasantly surprised to see, well, visible changes, too. I never had much of a butt before I did the program, but I do now!

runnermom 03-07-12 09:56 PM

Thanks for that article Kyra. I have been wanting to strengthen my glutes to help an injury I have and this program sounds perfect. How long did you do each phase?

naturallove 03-08-12 06:59 AM

Kyra-That is an excellent article, thank you so much. I really like Bret's approach very much and it makes sense. I'm recovering from surgery now, but I want to talk to my outpatient PT (when I get there) about optimal glute activation when the time comes.

ETA: Moderators, this thread probably should be in GD, no?

Kyra 03-08-12 07:40 AM

runnermom, I'd say I did each phase for at least 3 - 4 weeks, IIRC. I didn't rush and moved on when it felt right to do so, meaning it felt like I was starting to overextend the exercises as presented.

naturallove, I think it's a great extension of PT. For me the program dovetailed well with post PT activities for an IT Band issue.

Debbie S. 03-08-12 10:59 AM

NL, I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

Bret has a book coming out:

I do like the fact that he stresses NOT to skip a phase, which is a natural tendency for some.

Violet 03-09-12 05:45 PM

Thank you Kyra! That looks like really good advice. I've been doing the bridge with my son on my lap, to keep him entertained while I exercise at home. I'm going to add a new routine to do at home on my Jefit app on my Android.

How about videos? I've been browsing and looking at a few. What do you think? Are they good for lifting and making a round butt? Are they low impact?

Cathe's Butts and Guts, Gym Style Legs, Pyramid Lower Body
The Firm's Standing Legs

Violet 03-13-12 11:59 AM

Does no one have any video suggestions or comments on videos in my last post? I made this thread asking for video suggestions, and I appreciate Kyra's suggestion very much, but I would also still like some suggestions for videos. :)

runnermom 03-14-12 08:45 AM

Tracie Long just came out with a new one Figure 30:Butt that is supposed to be good. However there are a few high impact moves that you can modify. Also tonique mat has a nice long bridgework section if you can stand it. Hope this helps.

hulabug1 03-14-12 01:59 PM

I just ordered Cathe's Butts and Guts as I've read some really good reviews about it and I, too, wanted a good butt/lower body workout- plus, I might be crazy but, I LOVE firewalkers and this dvd has them :)

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