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A group for all of you who like classic aerobic workouts from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Each month I'll do a check-in with you all on this challenge. So get your leotard and legwarmers (I got mine already), and do it with me.
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The Belly Busters check-in is a friendly group with a variety of fitness interests. What we all have in common is our interest in having a stronger and leaner core but we don't focus on that; we're interested in all sorts of cardio, strength and flexibility training. We come from all different places, are all different ages, sizes and fitness levels. There are no rules about when to post, but we usually have a weekly thread and chat whenever we have a chance. We discuss exercise and other topics, and are there for each other when support and encouragement are needed. So everyone is welcome to join any time and we guarantee to greet you with a warm welcome.
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The Cronies is a place for women who are mature in age or attitude. The group is highly diverse in that we have ages ranging from 30s to 60s , some are moms, some are single, some are professors/teachers, some have jobs outside the home and some don't. We do our own thing and are happy when life doesn't get in the way too often. Some are training for a marathon, some don't even do vids, you get the picture. Life and exercise are what we report. A new thread is started every Sunday. Some report daily, others whenever they can. Bottom line: we are a diverse group and very supportive of each others goals. Oh, and we're funny as heck. If you'd like to join us, just come on down!
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