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Old 03-08-08, 08:19 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: CANADA
Shaun T Hip Hop Abs Vs Rockin Body

So I followed some links from this morning's BB e-mail and I end up looking at Shaun Ts abs over my morning coffee. What are the levels and amount of impact for both of these sets. I'm a perpetual experienced beginner, low intermediate. Is Rockin Body meant to follow HHA or can you do which ever one you like. It seems like Rockin Body has more for the price.
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Old 03-08-08, 08:38 AM  
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I can't answer your question but QVC sells Hip Hop Abs. They have 2 different sets; one for $60 and one for $40, free shipping. QVC has a 30 day return policy and you can avoid potential problems of ordering from Beach Body.
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Old 03-08-08, 10:40 AM  
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I would say you definitely don't have to do one before the other - both sets are good for beginner thru intermediate. But IMHO, Rockin' Body is a little better. Shaun shows more "oomph" as an instructor, seems more natural and seasoned. There IS a surreal factor -- they work out in front of a live audience. I can't quite decide if I like it or not, but it certainly adds a special feel to the workouts!

On the other hand, kelsey makes a GREAT point about being able to avoid ordering from Beachbody. It's always a big hold-your-breath-that-nothing-goes wrong with BB.

I must admit, though, my CS experience with BB hasn't been bad. I sent them an email to complain about getting overcharged for shipping, and lo and behold, they took the charge off within a few days (although I found that out only by checking my credit card balance; they never bothered emailing me back :rolleyes: )
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Old 03-08-08, 05:05 PM  
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I don't have Hip Hop Abs, but I went ahead and got the entire Rockin' Body which arrived this week (with 25% off coupon -- thanks Kenny!). I've been battling various colds lately and just don't feel very motivated, except for fun dancy stuff, so I took the plunge. I think I'll be very happy with my purchase.

Now, IMO nothing beats Les Mills' Body Jam in terms of music, variety of styles, and complexity for dance workouts, but I've only been able to acquire a few of these.

For Rockin Body, so far I've done the intro video (15 min), Party Express (25 min), Disco Groove (35 min) and Hard Core Abs (10 min), and I've previewed House this Party (45 min) and Hip Hop (47 min). I like the intensity of these -- I consider myself low-advanced cardio-wise but like I said, I've been sick. During the Disco one, I had to pause a few times to catch my breath and "absorb" the choreo. At 41, I consider myself way too old to "get my groove on" in public, so doing this in my living room is great. I would say the intensity of these (the longer ones anyway) is on par with Turbo Jam Cardio Parties, although with any dance workout, it is as hard as you want it to be when you add the "flava".

Shaun T is probably not to everyone's taste, but I like him just fine. I found no problems with his cueing -- I understood all the moves even if I wasn't able to perform them all, and he is motivating and energetic. The choreo is tons of fun -- you DO feel like you're at a party! The weak link by far, though, is the music. Disco Groove had some recognizable songs, but otherwise it's just typical non descript hip-hoppy stuff.

Other elements that may not be to everyone's liking (but I personally didn't mind at all)
- the workouts are performed on stage with a live audience.
- the set is quite dark -- for a club atmosphere I suppose.
- The background dancers are all perky pretty people in flashy skimpy outfits.

Bottom line -- these aren't serious, get-in-hardbody-shape workouts (no matter what the infomercial might say), but they are LOADS of fun if you're into club-style dancing. I'm going to stay with the rotation for as long as I'm enjoying them. I would say that even with the 25% off code, at $90 including shipping & tax I probably over-paid, but I saw some nice deals on ebay last week before I received my package.
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Old 03-08-08, 05:24 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: CANADA
Where do you get 25% off codes?
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hip hop abs, rockin body, rockin' body, shaun t

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