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Old 01-16-21, 06:06 PM  
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Location: South Jersey
Welcome Cola!!

Luv2WO I love reading your check-in!

amg I hope youíre enjoying your pupper. Iím sure your son and the dog will fall in love with each other before the weekend is over.

AnMrsDe Iím so sorry that your hip is hurting. Iím sure your frustrated but it sounds like youíre getting a ton is stuff done. The job is going good but Iím really tired after work in the afternoons, once I sit down I literally fall asleep. It might take a while to get used to the hours.

Waves to everyone and have a great weekend!!!

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Old 01-16-21, 08:22 PM  
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amg, thatís so awesome! What a great time to adopt a pet too.

Chrys, Iíve also been cleaning out my sewing room! I recently organized all the fabric and added description tags. It is such a wonderful feeling to get that done!

Welcome Cola!! Ooh, your hikes look interesting! What channel are they on?

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Old 01-18-21, 09:23 PM  
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Dontmindthemess - Aw thanks! I love reading your check-in too!

amg - How is the new dog fitting in? I bet your son is so happy! We have an HOA that doesn't allow pets so my son had to settle with 2 fish - haha!

AnMrsDe, Chrys and Beth - Way to go organizing! That is something I should do but never make time for. Maybe I can do a Spring cleaning in a couple of months.

Cher - Glad your cousin is home and doing better.

My foot is better so I am going to try to add more standing workouts. Right now I am going to work out to feel good and try to not get injured. UGH!

Have a great week everyone!
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Old 01-20-21, 02:02 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Thanks Jane and Beth!

Luv2WO - Our dog Mickey is doing great with me and my son. Yesterday was the 1st day my son left for school and Mickey was super excited when I brought DS home. They played together for 30 mins before Mickey was totally worn out. Our only problem is that Mickey is afraid of men (thinking he may have been abused at his 1st home and his 2nd home was only with a singe lady and small dog)so he barks at DH when he comes in the house or comes around a corner in the house. We are working on building trust there slowly but I know Mickey is still trying to adjust to a new home so we are being patient. I feel like every day we make a little progress.
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Old 01-20-21, 09:54 PM  
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Hi, ladies. I still have a kidney stone but was able to go to work for a half day today. I am drinking tons of water to get it to pass.
amg, Mickey sounds awesome. It takes time to build trust, but it is so worth it.
Luv2WO, I'm so glad your foot is feeling better.
Beth, what a great idea to label your fabric.
Jane, it is hard to adjus to a new job and new hours.
Vantreesta, I don't have a window where I workout either. It's why I watch the news when I'm on the treadmill
Cola, getting extra steps at night is a great idea!

Chrys Dayley
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Old 01-21-21, 07:40 AM  
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Location: Michigan
Amg, glad to hear Mickey is adjusting! Hopefully he learns to trust DH soon.

Chrys, hope that stone passes soon for you.

Luv2WO, good to hear your foot is feeling better.
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Old 01-21-21, 11:33 AM  
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Chrys, gosh, I hope you're not in much pain with the stone and hope it passes very quickly!

amg, glad the doggie is working out! We've had my cat for 9 years and he still won't sit on DH's lap (only mine!) So weird cause DH is so kind to him.

Luv2WO - glad to hear your foot is better! It's great we can find ways to work out around our ailments, huh?

Vannie, Hi!

Jane, great job on getting in the workouts - Yvette takes a lot of energy, LOL! I am missing her workouts but probably feel it's best to take a break from her intensity for now.

T2B, Sagi was great to work out with last Monday. I bet pairing Beast with Ruthless is a great combination. I know I loved pairing it with P90X3 since those are bodyweight workouts and they all complemented each other well. Great job so far...I love the Bulk Phase for sure! Your Keoni walking workouts sound like fun too!

Cher, it is great to read that your DS found a job! It is so hard with all that's going on....kudos to him!!

Cindy, your consistency is great this month - even when you've been sick! Keep it up, girl!!

~~~Waves to all~~~ Stay well, everyone!
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Old 01-22-21, 12:53 AM  
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bex and cindy hope you're feeling better!

Pat what did you mean that you didn't feel safe in the gym ?

allgirlsinaz I looked up that Caroline ..she's intense!

tangerine I think you have already met your monthly goal..yayyy!

Cher congrats on the job success for

Tammie M hope all is well with you!

T2B your workouts blow my mind...go get it!!

amg aww a puppy... great job saving one from a shelter

AMD happy to read you're finding a safe way to rehab

Cola you're officially the walking queen!

cdayley we should toast some cranberry juice or something when that stone passes..I'm sorry you're dealing with it.

dontmindthemess your persistence to keep trying workouts until you found the right workout was admirable...I might have quit after number two. Good for you!

Luv2wo I did ask you and thanks for getting back to me. I haven't tried either of those instructors but plan on acquiring them one day. I'm sorry that subscription resulted in tweaking your foot. At least you tried something new and know it won't work for you. Did you end up subscribing to CS? I did not but have plenty to keep me busy.

Cher congrats on your son finding a job..not easy these days at all!!

Mell you do, like several here, a very good job of balancing your exercise. That's my ultimate goal this year.

Dancing queen so do you have minutes per type of exercise goals each month? I'm wondering if you established those times as some sort of ratio or something?

Vantreesta popping in like a prairie dog..haiii !!

Hugs to all ❤️
Linda-- (Watulan Bell Mistress, a.k.a. Queen Modify, and proud member of the Watula Fan Club

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Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

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Old 01-23-21, 07:49 AM  
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AnMrsDe - sorry your hip has been bothering you but sounds like youíre getting better after taking things down a notch for a bit. I love Sagi! Iím really enjoying the workouts again. It had been a very long time. Ruthless is great, too! Itís nice to revisit. I wear my wireless headphones so all I can hear Steve screaming sometimes is Ruthless! Lol. Lots of extra core work too.

Cher - glad your son has a job. Yeah! Nice workouts too! I just thought of something random, do you think the Girl Scouts will be selling cookies this year? Itís about that time of year for the girls. Last year I remember buying cookies from our GS right before the pandemic lockdown started.

Linda - I looked at one of the Body Grove workouts briefly and my first thought was Ďshe got me goodí. I stopped watching after about 2 minutes because when previewing I can always find something to not like when Iím watching vs doing a workout. Maybe this is one time I should have stayed on the cliff. To be continued, I plan to try at least a few of the workouts soon.

Jane - Keoni is so cute. I support him because heís young and doing something positive, and fun, with hopefully an income potential for him. I love the music. Iím on the wrong foot sometimes but I just roll with it and keep going. I think I have all his signature moves down so Iím not thrown off as much as when I first started.

tangerine - I liked one of the Party Hits workouts better than the other one, too! Iím envious of your Leslie love. Sadly I had always had issues with my left hip flexor if I did too much Leslie. A couple of years ago, I did too much Leslie and my left hip flexor bothered me for months. I havenít had any issues since completely stopping Leslie. I think itís the marching in place, 4 steps up and back that gets me and never really moving across all planes. Glad to see you enjoying the workouts!

cola - Welcome! Great workouts! Like you, I do many workouts throughout the day to get my step count up. I do my main workout first thing in the morning and easier workouts through out the day. Are you doing rebounder workouts or just bouncing on your rebounder? Curious since I am looking for something to try while using my new Jumpsport.

Chrys - hope youíre doing better.

beth - hope your allergic reaction has completely cleared up.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Shout out to our missing folks!
formerly TheTerminator2B
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Old 01-23-21, 08:06 AM  
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T2B, funny you mentioned GS Cookies......My little cousin who is a GS just called me asking if I wanted to buy yes, they are selling them this year!

Waves to everyone else!
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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just the workouts

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