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Old 01-02-21, 09:30 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
Rain boots for walking? or something else?

I've been looking for something to wear on rainy day walks but haven't had much success.

What works for you?

Are duck boots and rain boots supportive enough? I've never actually owned a pair and wonder what to think.

In recent years all the sneakers I've had that fit well are made of that breathable mesh stuff. Good shoes, but not dry enough or warm enough on a rainy winter day.

Any advice welcome.
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Old 01-02-21, 09:36 PM  
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I live in California, so perhaps not the best to tackle this, but.... what about hiking boots -- either "hi tops" or a low profile pair? I wear Merrills that look like sneakers when it rains and my feet stay dry, though it's not as if it's a downpour.
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Old 01-02-21, 09:48 PM  
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Location: Snowman Land :) MN
I also wear hiking boots if I walk in the rain. Mine are Merrell too.
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Old 01-02-21, 09:55 PM  
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Location: West of Chicago in the Illinois Corn Belt
There are some boots that are a cross between hiking and run/walking. I have a pair that are more low top vs higher hiking boots. They are waterproof. They are nice because hiking boots for just walking can be uncomfortable. I think mine are Columbia. I wore them today for my walk after our ice/rain/snow yesterday. My feet stayed dry.
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Old 01-03-21, 07:40 AM  
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I'm going out today for a 1 mile walk in the rain. I have what I call "garden boots" (I bought them at a big garden shop/nursery). I prefer them over hiking boots if I'm going to be on asphalt or packed dirt. For hiking trails, I stick with hiking boots as I need the traction if the trail is sloppy and muddy.
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Old 01-03-21, 08:11 AM  
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I splurged on a pair of sneakers with Gore-Tex. They're not great for steady rain (water will seep in around the ankles) but not too bad. At least I won't get wet immediately.

It really depends on how long you'll be walking and on what surface. I have waterproof hikers, but they're too stiff for asphalt. If I'm just going to the store or library (less than two miles), my casual shoes will be fine.
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Old 01-03-21, 10:14 AM  
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Location: NE Pennsylvania
I also have a pair of Merrell hiking boots. They’re water resistant or waterproof, not sure. But they’re very supportive and comfortable. I don’t have occasion to wear them a lot but I love them.
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Old 01-03-21, 10:18 AM  
Join Date: May 2015
Definitely recommend footwear with GoreTex. I also wear Merrell mid hiking boots for wet weather walks (and also walking in areas with standing water/sinking land). The boots go up to the ankles, basically, but are pretty light-weight and feel more like sneakers. I have a pair of low trail runners that are also treated with GoreTex, and they work fine in the right conditions. If you're looking at heavy rain and/or lots of standing water, I'd recommend looking into light-weight hikers, though.
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Old 01-03-21, 03:28 PM  
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Location: Chicago burb
What a timely thread. I've been looking at rain boots for a couple of months now. I have winter boots that are waterproof, but with the fuzzy interior they don't work when it is warmer out. I've tried just straight rain boots, but they aren't very comfortable for long walks. I had not thought about hiking boots, but it looks like something I should look into. I do like Merrell shoes, so that's what I'll look into first. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Old 01-03-21, 04:00 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
Skechers Bobs has some cute, very highly rated rain boots on QVC.
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