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Old 03-01-21, 05:56 PM  
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No workout buddy for me. I'm alone in the basement all by myself...haha.. but I like it that way. I'm more of a loner anyway in a lot of aspects in my life. My husband and I used to walk often but he's transitioned from an office job to a more physical one where he's on his feet all day so he's really tired when he gets home, which I understand.
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Old 03-01-21, 07:06 PM  
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Originally Posted by Helen View Post
I have two.

My dog buddy (std poodle) has a long rope that we each hold to play tug during cardio workouts (including step) and she'll bring me a ball to toss when she's bored with that - can send it down 2 flights of stairs from the gym - great workout for her too!

My human buddy (woman I met at the dog park) started coming to my house 3x/week in May 2019. Then covid hit & we parted ways. Switched to FaceTime on the phone, set under the TV to view the room. We hit PLAY at the same time so we do the same workout together. Since doing it at home, she wants to workout MORE often. We'll continue this way as she's discovered how great it is not to leave home & has set up a space for it. It's more roomy for both of us this way.

She's ~20 yrs younger than me, so expect we won't be 'breaking up' any time soon. We get together with our dogs & husbands intermittently as well.

Two daughters (now 23) were never willing to workout with me & husband regards sweating akin to going to the toilet - something one does ALONE.
Awww! I love your stories! I've always wanted a standard poodle; they look like big teddy bears! Also, I'm glad you bonded with someone at the dog park and can workout together on FaceTime. That's great! Most people I meet who are physically active talk about how they run on the treadmill or say they HAVE to go to the gym or they won't be motivated to work out.
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Old 03-01-21, 10:52 PM  
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Thanks Wendy.
Human buddy gets me into the gym when sometimes I otherwise wouldn't have, which is exactly why we started up together! We have a regular time slot but we are both equally amenable to changing it if need be.

My poodle looks especially teddy-like as she's a 'red' (reddish brown). Never had one before but sold. Choice of poodle was for the lack of shedding - I can wear black without fear! Last dog was polar white with a double coat. Adored that dog, but whoah!!! the hair!!!
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day."
To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!

To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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Old 03-03-21, 10:51 AM  
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My relative "downsized" from a large 75 pound dog to standard poodles. They are just the right size.
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Old 03-10-21, 03:17 PM  
Jeanne Marie
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I actually have a few!

My main workout buddy is my husband. We run together and do DVD/On Demand workouts every morning. Since Covid permanently closed our HIIT bootcamp class, I have 3 of my closest friends that come to my house every morning at 9am for workout. We have recently upgraded our workout space to make it bigger, higher (raised the ceiling) and just better overall, so I am excited to be able to basically have a small class every morning in my workout room. We mainly do Cathe on Demand.
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Old 03-10-21, 09:00 PM  
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I love hearing how everyone works out, with or without buddy. I mostly work out in our basement workout room alone. It is me time and enjoy doing it alone, so no complaints there. I have intense interactions at work all day so me time is definitely needed.

My husband and I do walks and hikes together though and we have another couple that we hike with on the weekend usually on Sunday since the pandemic started.
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workout buddy, workout partner

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