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Old 10-24-12, 03:53 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Texas
Gold's Gym Remix Kickboxing with a Pulse

I was at Walmart today and saw this new Gold's Gym set called Remix Kickboxing With a Pulse, so of course I had to pick it up. I don't know exactly when it came out, but it says 2012 on the back of the case. I cannot find any information about it online so not sure where else it is sold.

Anyway here is the overview of what it is to those that are interested (I will try it out later this afternoon to give a more complete review):

Gold's Gym Remix Kickboxing With a Pulse - a set with four 30 minute workouts on 2 DVDs along with 2 two pound ankle weights and 2 one pound weighted gloves. Unfortunately since it was sold as a set it was kind of pricey at $29.

The description on the DVD says the fun of dance with the intensity of kickboxing. So if you like kickboxing that has really great music and is more dancey this is a good fit.

The four 30 minute workouts are titled:
-Kickin Beats
-Powerful Punches
-Total Body Pulse
-Pump'd Cardio

I briefly previewed all the workouts and the music is good, really upbeat, motivating, fun club style music. There is a different instructor in each workout. I am not sure who the instructors are just by looking at them. It looks like you are constantly moving in these workouts kind of similar to dance but with punching and kicking moves. It looks like there is a lot of variety to the moves, so good for those that have exercise ADD (like me!).

Someone did post a short review of it on Youtube if you want to see what it looks like:
(it just shows the case, not the actual workout)

Off to try the workout!
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Old 10-24-12, 04:41 PM  
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txfitmom, your post prompted me to take a look at Walmart's DVD offerings online... WOW!!! They have pretty much everything except Beachbody and Cathe (although they do carry her stability balls and some other equipment). There are 988 listings if you search "Fitness DVD". I, so far, have come across:

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Patrick Goudeau
Seasun Zieger
Christi Taylor
Amy Bento
Jessica Smith
Pure Barre
Keli Roberts
Tracey Mallett
Tracey Staehle
Mindy Mylrea
Kathy Smith
Joyce Vedral
Anni Mairs
Tracey Effinger
Stephanie Levinson
Mel B
Cardio Karate DVDs
Urban Rebounder set incl. Rebounder
Ballet Beautiful
CIA workouts...

You get the point!

All of these along with the expected Jillian, Bob, Crunch, Leslie, Denise Austin, Gaiam, Firm, 10 Minutes Solution, Tracy Anderson, etc.

The big thing is, they are at really good prices. I never knew they offered some of these instructors.
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Old 10-24-12, 06:09 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Texas
Wow they carry more than I realized as well. I knew they had KCM and a few others, but had not looked on there lately. The prices are good and you can get the items sent site to store for free shipping. I need to try it sometime. Unfortunately dh usually does the shopping in there since I am so busy and if I sent him to go pick up a fitness DVD order he would hide my credit card!

Just did the Kickin Beats workout from the Golds Gym Kickboxing with a Pulse set:
-30 minutes total length, it is set up in 5 minute segments (no chapters on the main menu for these, but you could skip through them with your remote) with a total of six 5 minute segments, there is different music at each segment

-the first segment which I guess is intended to be a warm-up actually moves really quickly through various kicking moves, seemed almost too fast for a warm-up

-there are two background exercisers that show modified moves, either more intense or less, however I found that the less intense modifier did not always show an appropriate modification or none at all

-the instructor was okay, but nothing amazing, she cued okay, but seemed a little late to cue a few times, so I had to catch up to watch she was doing

-overall fairly easy choreography, nothing too hard to follow

-in the second segment it moved at a really fast pace with all of the kicking, I felt it was way too fast for me, but might be doable for others that are pros at kickboxing workouts

-third and fourth segments were a little more dancey and had more punching moves

-fifth segment I found challenging, again it was a little more fast paced

-the last segment was mostly plies into lunges to the side and a few different dance/kicking type moves, more mellow than the previous segment

-at the end, no official cooldown, just a note on the screen to cooldown on your own by walking in place, etc

-in between segments there were instructions on the screen to put on ankle weights if desired (I did not use them for the workout)

-this particular workout in the set did not use weighted gloves, although I am sure you could use them if you wanted to, it focused more on kicking and lower body moves

-workout was set in a warehouse type place with concrete floors and brick walls, no annoying equipment to look at in the background!

-I would rate this workout as an intermediate level, but it easily can be taken up to a higher intensity by jumping around more or wearing the ankle weights, etc

-there were mountain climbers in one of the segments, not for very long, and there is a modification to remain in a standing position and do a similar move, so that is what I did

-wish the music had been louder or had an option to play it as music only
-wish there were chapters for the 5 minute segments from the main menu or an option to possibly program a unique workout combination
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Old 10-24-12, 06:50 PM  
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Location: Wendell, NC
I think I want this Unfortunately, I was not able to find it on the website, of course! Maybe I will check out my local store to see if they have it.
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Old 10-24-12, 06:57 PM  
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Keep us posted as you do the rest. My Walmart does have this kit and I am intrigued...
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Old 10-24-12, 07:02 PM  
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Location: N.J.
I've been curious about this set also. I believe about a week ago, another member, Diana, asked if anyone had heard about this. It sounds like a good deal considering all that's included,
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Old 10-25-12, 07:57 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Oregon
I havn't opened the box yet and I have decided to return mine. My gut just tells me this was an impulse buy on my part. I love KickBoxing but the more I think about it, the dance part has turned me off. And, not to be mean or sound like a snob or anything but I like to stick to known, established video instructors. I know that sounds unfair but that's how I feel. WOW, havn't had an impulse DVD buy for quite awhile now, hope my "sickness" isn't coming back to me, at $30.00, it's not worth opening the DVD and previewing to see if I like the workouts and I so don't need the gloves or ankle weights
~Judy~ a.k.a juberann
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Old 10-25-12, 08:00 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Oregon
Plus, awhile back, I bought a few of the Gold's Gym workouts when they were on Clearance for $3.00 and didn't keep any of them. Didn't even bother to list them on a Trade list, they ended up in my Goodwill bag
~Judy~ a.k.a juberann
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Old 11-03-12, 07:34 AM  
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txfitmom Did you get a chance to try any of the other workouts in this set?

Anyone else get this set?
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Old 11-03-12, 07:36 AM  
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Originally Posted by Diana3271 View Post
txfitmom Did you get a chance to try any of the other workouts in this set?

Anyone else get this set?
I have not tried any of the others yet, been busy with school. If I try another one this week I will post a review.
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