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witcheywayz 06-18-03 12:22 PM

ballet barre height
Hello -

I made the cool barre using the threaded pipe at Menards. I used the 36" pipe and when all put together it measures around 41" to the top of the barre.

I am almost 5'4 so is this too high?

I can't use it for LB but I just pulled my step over and used that to get the proper height. (i wouldn't want that short of a barre anyway)


Conni 06-18-03 12:39 PM


I am a former dancer and this is what we were always taught. You should be able to rest your hand on the barre without raising your arm upward, it should follow the natural curve of your arm or it is too high. You should always rest your hand on the barre, try not to clench or lean into the barre, the movement comes from the center of the body, the barre is only there to help you, not for you to become dependent upon. Again, if you have to raise your arm upwards, the barre is too high!

I hope this makes sense.

Crescent Moon 06-18-03 04:09 PM

Hi Witchey. I left my barre at 41" and I'm 5"2'. After I assembled it, I did consider having the pipe cut down a couple of inches, but never bothered and haven't found it necessary either.
It never occurred to me to use a step, but that's a good idea! :)
The store where you bought your pipe from should be able to cut and re-thread the uprights if you should decide that you want a shorter barre.


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