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Music & Motion Studio

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ph. (03) 9886 6288

Sells CIA videos in PAL format

Reader comments about Music & Motion Studio:

I've only used this supplier once so far. They have a good supply of CIA videos in PAL format. The woman I spoke to was very helpful in describing the different videos, and I received the order a couple of days later. They also have put me on their newsletter mailing list.

Kate Stanton

I have also only bought from them once. The turnaround was very fast, I think my order arrived within three days of when I rang through my credit-card details (although I do live in the same city, so postage shouldn't take too long.) I am still receiving their newsletters, despite not buying anything for about a year now. If you plan to buy a lot of CIA videos, or their instuctors music tapes, it might be worth asking for membership details, as members get discounts. Only one quibble - I'm not sure if it was the VCR I had at the time, or the tape quality, but all three of the tapes I bought have an annoying "wiggle'' in the image, at the top of the television screen. It's only just noticable on the VCR I use now. I didn't try to return them, so don't know what their policy on returns is.

Kylie Walker

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